motor oil / synthetic / for automotive applications / anti-corrosion
motor oil

Designed for cars and light trucks with high-revving engines, Havoline with Deposit Shield® Technology offers seven different SAE grades to help ensure the right match for your car or truck. Customer Benefits Offers excellent antiwear ...

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Havoline (Mfg.)
synthetic oil / for pneumatic tools / anti-corrosion
synthetic oil

Operating temperature: -45 °F - 0 °F

ATL004W Air Tool Lubricant, Winter Grade, 4 oz. (12 Pk) Product Information Description Air Tool Lubricant, Winter Grade, 4 oz. (12 Pk) Packaging Fliptop Bottle UPC ID 2929228887

lubricant oil
lubricant oil

... forging process requirements, from the most conventional to the most recent techniques, CONDAT created a line of forging lubricants capable of covering all techniques: - open die forging, - aerospace, - non-ferrous ...

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synthetic oil / for chain
synthetic oil

... Rolling Products - specialty lubricants designed for the cold reduction of steel sheet sold to the container, automotive, and appliance industries; contain full synthetics, semi-synthetics and fully natural products with ...

anti-seize grease
anti-seize grease

A heavy duty blend of aluminum, copper and graphite lubricants in a petroleum base. Use during assembly to prevent galling, corrosion and seizing and to assure easier disassembly. Inert, will not evaporate or harden in ...

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ITW Devcon
mineral oil / for compressors / for pumps
mineral oil

Operating temperature: 0 °C - 150 °C

Mineral oil, with special additive made for rotary compressors (with screw or vane). Inhibited mineral oil for alternative compressor with piston. Highly refined mineral fluid. Poor in vapour tension for the vacuum pumps use. Mineral ...

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mineral oil / for the food industry
mineral oil

... applications BECHEM offers a wide range of lubricating greases for roller and plain bearings. It covers high-performance high temperature and low temperature lubricating greases, heavy-duty greases and ...

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cutting oil / mineral / for metals
cutting oil

REMS Spezial – high-alloyed mineral based thread-cutting oil, can be washed out with water. High lubricating and cooling effect. High-alloyed mineral based thread-cutting oil. For all materials: steel, stainless steel, ...

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cutting oil / mineral / aerosol
cutting oil

Use: great for sawing, milling, drilling, turning, grinding and tapping. Benefits: with lubrication-improving additives â?? free of mineral oil shares;contains corrosion-protective additive â?? aging-stable. Usage note: Apply right ...

lubricant oil / synthetic / for engines / industrial
lubricant oil

Fully synthetic long-life ECL (Environment Considerate Lubricant) for high performance diesel engines with long oil change intervals.

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cutting oil / synthetic
cutting oil
Proficut 106

The Proficut 106 product ranges is excellently suit ed for thread-cutting, also in high-strength steel. Proficut 106 (medium viscosity) and Proficut 106/1 (high viscosity) contains EP additives and polar active ...

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helcotec Chemie u. Technik GmbH
multipurpose grease / contact / food-grade / high-performance
multipurpose grease

Operating temperature: 40 °F - 120 °F

CS-FG EP-2 High Performance, Multi-Purpose, Calcium Sulfonate, Food Grade Grease CS-FG EP-2 is calcium sulfonate thickened incidental food contact grease which offers premium performance properties. All ingredients used to manufactire ...

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mineral oil-based grease / for chain / high-performance / aerosol
mineral oil-based grease

High performance chain grease. High-quality product developed and tested for on-and off-road motorcycle racing that provides guaranteed lubrication for extended periods of intense use. It penetrates links and lubricates pins to ensure ...

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silicone grease / for electrical components
silicone grease

Operating temperature: 0 °F - 570 °F

... electrical insulating. Improves electrical performance by reducing arcing, voltage drop & other conditions. Also ideal for lubrication of plastic & rubber.Applications:Electrical connections, circuit breakers, contacts, ...

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CRC Industries
mineral oil / thermal conductor
mineral oil

Operating temperature: -10 °C - 320 °C

200 ltrs. drum HTF mineral oil for heat transfer that can be used in any type installations with maximum outlet temperature of 305 °C boiler wall and maximum temperature in the boiler of 320 °C Mineral oil with excellent thermal oxidation ...

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B408 3 Ounce Grease Cartridges Use with F104 Mini Pistol Grip Grease Gun 3 cartridges per package

brake oil / for automobiles
brake oil

Delphi brake fluid has one of the highest boiling points of any on the market today. So there's no debate it will always keep cool under pressure, and be there when your customers need it most. - Designed to meet international standards - ...

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Delphi technologies
mineral oil / for compressors
mineral oil
Monolec® 6260

Viscosity: 0.000032 m²/s
Operating temperature: -36 °C - 222 °C

A high quality compressor oil designed specifically for use in centrifugal air compressors. Formulated with highly refined select paraffinic base stocks synergistically blended with additives that offer excellent corrosion protection, ...

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Lubrication Engineers
lubricant grease / anti-seize / for the automotive industry / industrial
lubricant grease

Detail/Description PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Hernon Copper Based Anti-Seize 367 is a low- Property Value friction, anti-seize lubricant manufactured from a combination of micro-size copper flakes and graphite dispersed in ...

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Hernon Manufacturing
cutting oil / aerosol
cutting oil

Drilling and cutting oil aerosolArt.No.: WS-70-400WS 70 consists of a combination of natural oils that provide optimum results in drilling, cutting, milling and turning.This product is also suitable for drinking water pipelines and other ...

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synthetic grease / for plastics / high-temperature / anti-corrosion
synthetic grease

Duzzit 3310 High Temperature Synthetic Grease is a high-purity, high-quality, colorless, odorless, NLGI Grade 2 synthetic grease that provides superior lubrication and durability under extreme conditions.

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Siddhi Industries
multipurpose grease / synthetic / for gears / for the food industry
multipurpose grease

Operating temperature: -12 °C - 243 °C

FOOD MACHINERY GREASE is a white multi-purpose specialty lubricant designed for equipment used in the Food Processing Industry. It offers superior water and chemical resistance against fruit juices, carbonated beverages, ...

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Anti-Seize Technology
PTFE grease / for metals / aerosol
PTFE grease
PF 300

High performances grease that offers several advantages. Totally oxidation resistant. Non sensitive and not damaged by most of the solvents, chemical products, acids and bases, water, saline water, vapour, even under pressure. Anticorrosion, ...

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silicone oil / for pumps
silicone oil
FT series

We supply FT704, FT702, and FT705 silicone fluids which are the functionally equivalents to the discontinued DC704 and Dow Corning fluids. Our silicones oils are drop in replacements to their DC counterparts and are offered at significant ...

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Filtech Co., Ltd.
anti-seize grease
anti-seize grease

Anti-seizing for iron, stainless steel, cast iron, titanium, copper and brass.The copper particles form a protective coating which prevents fusing of metallic surfaces under heavy pressure. Apply to mechanical parts prior to assembly ...

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