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magnetic filter / high-pressure / condensate / high-intensity - HGMF

HGMF, a high gradient magnetic filter by Metso is used to recover para- and ferro-magnetic materials that come from waste waters and slurries. These filters use a one-of-a-kind magnetic system which emits magnetic fields that reach to 2T or 20000 Gauss.


magnetic filter / for liquids - FMP series

The permanent magnetic filters FMP are used for de-ironizing of enamels and...

magnetic filter / for liquids - DLR series

"DLR magnetic separators are employed in the treatment of liquids which contain ferrous parts and for the cleansing of integral cutting oils.

The deferrization takes place through a radial polarity magnetic roller immersed...

magnetic filter / for liquids / easy cleaning - N style

The specially designed magnetic liquid filters or magnetic liquid traps used for liquid or semi-liquid flow systems, effectively removes ferrous contamination from liquids of various viscosity level. Even the minutest contaminant is removed...

magnetic filter / coolant - MCS series

The MCS series is manufactured by Ningbo Souwest Magnet Development, and is a magnetic coolant separator that is suitable for use in extracting ferrous objects from the coolant...

magnetic filter / coolant - MCS series

Filter units have always seen common equipment like return pumps and pre-filters. We offer such standardized products and ensure that they get delivered...

magnetic filter / high-intensity - 12 bar | Micromag series

The Micromag Magnetic Filter is designed to eradicate ferrous and para-magnetic contamination found it coolants, lubricants, cleaners and other fluids used in industrial applications....

magnetic filter / high-intensity - 50 - 80 bar | Micromag HP series

The filters of the HP series are designed for high pressures of up to 80 bar g and incorporate all the advantages of standard Micromag magnetic filters. These include: highly efficient sub-micron...

magnetic filter / high-intensity - 300 l/min | Filtramag

The Eclipse Magnetics FiltraMag integrates a high-performance and rare earth magnetic material with proven pole-concentrator technology that makes...

magnetic filter / high-intensity - Automag

Thw Automag magnetic filtration system is engineered with an automated and self-cleaning function, enabling efficient removal of ferrous, para-magnetic substances and even sub-micron components....

magnetic filter / high-intensity - Automag Compact

The Automag Compact, self-cleaning magnetic filter represents a small and reliable unit, for non-stop, sub-micron, filtration of coolants and...

magnetic filter / for liquids - PZT 306/306 PLUS - PZP 200

PZT 306/PZP 200/PZT 306 PLUS features an iron remover designed for liquid applications....

magnetic filter / coolant - 30 - 500 l/min, 10 - 60 µ | KALAMIT series

Micronfilter's Kalamit Series is part of the company's magnetic cleaner product line. Models...

magnetic filter / coolant - MFK series

Magnetic candle filters are used to filter out ferritic particles from cooling lubricants.

Functional characteristics:
The arrangement of magnetic candle filters in the main cooling lubricant flow causes the suspended ferrite particles to be drawn by the greatest possible attraction force generated...

magnetic filter / coolant - MFW 40-520

Magnetic filter rolls are designed for the automatic cleaning of cooling lubricants. They are used in honing, grinding, and deep drilling machines as well as lathes, tempering and washing plants and so on, wherever suspended ferritic particles have to be filtered out of the coolant....

magnetic filter / coolant - MD series

Rugged constructionTwin magnetic systemHigh holding powerLonger lifeMotorisedPermanent duty cycleUniversal

magnetic filter / coolant - MD series

Dropsa presents Magnom™ PumpMate magnetic filter or magnetic suction strainer. Within the tank or reservoir, it provides protection to the suction side of hydraulic pumps. This is made possible by its patented design. Standard devices, which are claimed as suction strainers,...

magnetic filter / for liquids - Magnom

Magnom magnetic submicron filters are manufactured to remove ferrous particles with the help of a magnet. Filters can remove ferrous particles smaller than 0.07um and eradicate the main cause of wear in the fluid system....

magnetic filter / for liquids - Magnom CP

The Magnom CP bidirectional in-line magnetic filter is designed for liquid, gas and grease systems in a variety of industrial and hydraulic applications (smaller transmissions, hydraulic lines and 'on vehicle'...

magnetic filter / high-intensity - HI

The magnetic separator is an extremely potent and high-grade unit, that works efficiently to rid liquids and slurries of tiny paramagnetic/iron bits. It is packed with useful features. The system is engineered using ultra-high technology. Its radical electromagnetic coil design...

magnetic filter / high-intensity - HI

This coolant magnetic filter is developed by ERIEZ. It is responsible for the life extension of cutting...

magnetic filter / strainer / Y - 1/2 - 3

The Magnetic Filter from the ZV Series features a housing made of either brass or bronze...

magnetic filter / high-intensity - HI

This high intensity magnetic filter from Eriez is used to capture fine ferrous and paramagnetic particles in liquids and slurries. It has its own electro-magnetic coil...

magnetic filter / high-intensity - HI

Drop-in magnetic separator filters, designed for fluid tanks and reservoirs,...

magnetic filter / for liquids - MAF203 series

Magnetic filters of the MAF203 range are inline filters for installation inside pipelines. The combination of magnetic rod and filter element guarantees a high level of efficiency. Magnetic filters are used in seal supply systems and any other such systems in which...

magnetic filter / for liquids - MAF2001 series

Magnetic filters of the MAF2001 range are inline filters for installation inside pipelines. The combination of magnetic rod and filter element guarantees a high level of efficiency. Magnetic filters are used in seal supply systems and any other such systems in which a...

magnetic filter / for liquids - 1 000 - 8 500 l/min | BM 20 series

These magnet filters are used to filter ferrous particles from liquids and they are frequently used in hydraulic circuits and cooling systems. The magnet system is constructed from ceramic magnets and the unit is built into a stainless steel (AISI 304) casing. For cleaning, the magnet system...

magnetic filter / strainer / Y - 16 bar, max. 30 m3/h, DN 16 | ZV

Magnetic Filters consist of a housing, a filter cartridge and a

magnetic filter / strainer / T - 5 - 300 µm

Magnetic filter with microstrainer...

magnetic filter / coolant - 30 - 40 µ

Magnadrum simple an dautomatic magnetic coolant filter
The Magnadrum magnetic coolant filter continuously removes magnetic particles from the flow of liquid and deposits them into a bin. The system is ideal for production machine tools cutting and grinding ferrous materials and will cope with high rates of swarf production. The Magnadrum is suitable for use with...

magnetic filter / coolant - 35 - 50 gal

Rugged, heavy-duty Bed Filter/Coolant Tank combination is available in 35 and 50 gallon tank sizes. Make the right decision for your shop floor - choose the high performance Bed Filter/Coolant Tank/Magnetic Separator from Graymills.


magnetic filter / for liquids - 30 - 150 mesh | Superflo®

Permanent magnet and reusable stainless steel cartridge trap ferrous particles, scale and contaminants...

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