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Fully automated separation and cleaning process
Removes particles down to 1 micron in size from liquid streams
Highest possible magnetic...


Overband Magnetic separator of Cogelme effieciently separates ferrous metals from inert materials and non-ferrous metals.

Magnetic Separator is applied in commercial, recycling or industrial processing, for ferrous metal separation from:
E waste, Plastic, Rubber, Glass, Municipal waste, RDF, Construction...

eddy current separator / ECS - SNF

The Eddy Current Separator (ECS), is an advanced separator, that excellent separates non ferrous metals (like aluminium, copper, brass, etc.) from inert materials (glass, stones, plastic, wood, etc.) and...

eddy current separator / ECS - > 2mm

The Eddy current separator (ECS), is a conveyor tape made with a particular magnetic field in the head, which is generated by high frequency polar wheel: when the non-ferrous metals...

eddy current separator / ECS - > 2mm

Cogelme different types of Eddy Current separators engineered exclusively to give higher purity separation in base to the physical characteristics of the materials and minimize your...

eddy current separator / ECS - > 2mm

Magnetic Plates are cost-effective and esy to install at a variety of angles. The can be used in tandem to create a slalom against the flow...

eddy current separator / ECS - > 2mm

The Magnapower Eddy Current Separator is the world leading non-ferrous metal separator. It is designed and manufactured to provide the highest possible recovery rates of nonferrous metal.

eddy current separator / ECS / can - max. 3 t/h

The majority of cans in both Kerbside and Can-Bank collections are steel. It is therefore necessary to use a separator capable of efficiently separating this high proportion of steel without sacrificing any aluminium.

The Magnapower developed a range of Can Sorters which have been...

ECS separator / eddy current - 25 - 150 m³/h | 0428/0-25 series

The reliable concentric full-rotor magnet system provides...

eddy current separator / ECS - 25 - 110 m³/h | 0429-37 series

The standard eddy current unit with excentric rotor system....

eddy current separator / ECS - 25 - 150 m³/h | 0429-49 series

Eddy current separator with big excentric rotor,...

magnetic separator / hanging - DEP

It has a coil inserted in an iron core which, being fed with power supply causes a magnetic force capable of attracting...

magnetic separator / dry - CTL series

CTL Series Dry Magnetic Separators are simple in terms of structures. They can be simply installed...

eddy current separator / ECS - NES series

Non-Ferrous Metal Separator NES

The recovery of non-ferrous metals is the economic basis of all recycling: The patented Steinert Eddy Current Separator NES, featuring an its eccentric pole system, is the ideal tool for the job – for more than 20 years! High yield and long service life are the...

eddy current separator / ECS - NES series

Aluminum is passed over the rotor which contains a rotating series of powerful rare earth magnets causing an eddy current reaction to the aluminum. Our eddy current separator ejects the aluminum with the same force as a magnet pulls steel.
CP’s Eddy Current Separator easily separates aluminum cans from other materials in the material stream....

eddy current separator / ECS - NES series

Durable structure

eddy current separator / ECS - NES series

Using the best quality materials, we produce suspended magnets. Suspended magnets are installed above the open conveyors to clear the ferrous objects and fines found in grains, feedstuffs,...

eddy current separator / ECS - NES series

Separating magnet

magnetic separator / dry - ZCTL

The ZCTL series of dry magnetic separator with permanent magnet is the newly developed processing equipment, which yields high performance and can widely be used in fields like metallurgy, mining and similar industries. With a commotion magnetic...

magnetic separator / sheet - max. 8 400 l/h

The Velo Acciai® offers this magnetic sheet separator constructed in a stainless-steel framework....

magnetic separator / cyclone / fluid / metal - CS series

Product Description

Magnetic separators of the CS range consist of a pressure casing with integrated magnetic rod. Magnetic seprators are used in seal supply...


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A magnetic separator uses permanent or electromagnets to remove ferrous or paramagnetic elements from the stream of material passing through it.


These devices are used to remove metallic contaminants from a process stream. This includes ferrous or magnetically susceptible particles, or stray bolts, screws, nails, staples or similar objects. The flow can consist of loose material, dry matter or sludge. Separators treat granular or raw material in mining, and are also used in the food industry.


Separators handle dry or moist material. In the latter case, the transport liquid is usually water. Some use a suspended magnetic, which might be a superconductor. Others have permanent or electromagnets.

In certain configurations, the device is integrated into a vertical chute, a funnel, a slide or a conveyor belt. Versions include grate and plate separators, and roller or drum models. Contaminants are removed mechanically or must be cleared from the separator on a regular basis. Eriez tube separators provide reliable protection against metal contaminants. Ball crushers in the mining industry are fitted with drum separators.

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