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magnetostrictive level sensor - Model 7100

The Model 7100 LevelMaster Digital Level Sensor combines hardware and software to address the unique custody-measurement and operational needs of tank level management. The LevelMaster...

magnetostrictive level transmitter - max. 4 000 mm | MagFox® MM G 01

The MagFox® MM G 01 is created as part of AFRISO'S Level indicators, level controllers,...

magnetostrictive level sensor - NAMW-40

Showcasing a 0.1-mm resolution rate, Engler's NAMW-40 Magnetostrictive Level Sensor also sports an extensive...

magnetostrictive level transmitter - EG series

The Magnetostrictive Level Transmitter was developed on the principle of magnetic field strength of two variable directions.

The transmitter...

magnetostrictive level sensor - max. 40 ft | DM330 series

The DM330 is a two-wire loop powered intrinsically safe sensor with a configurable signal output...

magnetostrictive level sensor / sanitary - max. 40 ft | DM330S series

The DM330S Sanitary is manufactured by Drexelbrook, and is a magnetostrictive level measurement that is...

magnetostrictive level sensor / with digital output - DM231

The DM231 is an Explosion Proof sensor with Modbus RTU digital output (optional analog output converter available) for total level,...

magnetostrictive level sensor - 300 - 4000 mm, max. 10 bar | NMT

Kobold presents model NMT magnetostrictive level meter. It is a highly precise float-controlled...

magnetostrictive level transmitter - 4 - 20 mA | Jupiter

The Jupiter™ Magnetostrictive Transmitter is specially designed to promote a good quality functionality and performance. It provides a 4-20 mA output...

magnetostrictive level transmitter / compact - 0.5 - 15 m, max. 25 bar | NIVOTRACK

It is a 2wire compact transmitter which has HART protocol.
Linearity is +/-0.25mm or +/-1mm and resolution is 0.1mm or 1mm.
Rigid/flexible probes of max 15m are available.
Wet parts are made of stainless steel or plastic.
Plug in field indicator...

magnetostrictive level sensor - 300 - 4000 mm, max. 10 bar | NMT

Magnetostrictive Level Meiers Model NMT : Description of the product.


magnetostrictive level sensor - 508 - 7 620 mm | MR series

Level Plus® Model MR level transmitter meets the requirements for analog communication interface which offers unsurpassed liquid level marketplace flexibility to handle most of the process conditions.
It is a 3 in 1 measurement...

magnetostrictive level sensor - 457 - 5 486 mm | MC 420 series

The Level Plus® Model MC420 is an economical analog communication interface which is useful for use in hazardous applications. The instrument offers a single-channel analog 4 to 20 mA output for either a product level or an interface...

magnetostrictive level sensor - 508 - 22 000 mm | MG series

The Level Plus® M-Series Model MG Level Transmitter is mainly designed to provide the highest quality standard and performance for very specific purposes. It aims to meet the growing demands of the users for a digital communication...

magnetostrictive level sensor - 737 - 3 800 mm | USTD II

This sensor from MTS Sensors are made ideally for applications that are concerned with...

magnetostrictive level transmitter - ATEX, max. 350 °C

WEKA VLIs come with magnetic switches which add functionality to VLIs. They are installed at the rear of the float chamber and actuated by the rear field of the bar magnet in...

magnetostrictive level sensor - PCS

PCS transducers are used to measure linear displacements and liquid levels. It is done with a magnetic ring.

It is available in a range of magnetic cursors they...

magnetostrictive level sensor - SMARTANK

S2Tech presents SMARTANK liquid level measuring systems. They comprise of a mod. PCS magnetostrictive transducer, mod. AFC-2S float, mod. MLPS electronics and a mod. FASTSET software.

The mod. PCS transducer features it measuring probe. The mod....

magnetostrictive level transmitter - TORRIX 6

The Torrix 6 Series, manufactured by Fafnir, is a magnetostrictive level sensor equipped with an off-center...

magnetostrictive level transmitter - TORRIX-Flex

The Torrix-Flex is manufactured by Fafnir, and is the flexible version of the Torrix sensor...

magnetostrictive level transmitter / for bypass - Torrix Bypass

The Torrix Bypass by Fafnir is a mounting sensor that can be set up on...

magnetostrictive level transmitter - 90° | TORRIX 90

The Torrix 90 Series, manufactured by Fafnir, is a magnetostrictive level sensor equipped...

magnetostrictive level sensor - FST LH

Solid and firm, fully closed design


magnetostrictive level sensor - IP 67, NEMA 6

Contents measurement for fuel stations, tank-storage facilities , etc. is carried out using the magnetostrictive measuring procedure. Magnetostriction sensors use a combination of magnetism (for contact-free transmission) and ultrasound (for timing).

magnetostrictive level sensor - ø 17.5 - 53 mm | ILMM, ILMP, ILMU, ILUS, ILSP series

Carlo Gavazzi offers a comprehensive range of Magnetic Sensors to be used in proximity of detection applications. They are employed in conjunction with an external magnet: when...

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