dispensing gun / manual / brazing paste
dispensing gun

These FE 71 applicator guns may be used with a pistol grip gun attachment, and is designed with a grip handle that comes with a switch. Due to these features, it allows operators to easily apply paste ...

spray gun / dispensing / glue / manual
spray gun

The spray application needs a flexible component system which allows combining the necessary properties. Very important for a correct application temperature is the preheating of the spray air.

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shrinkage gun / hot air / manual
shrinkage gun
Ripack® 3000 series

... Series is a shrink gun used in packing a one meter Euro pallet in less than a minute. This gun has a heating power that is adjustable from 45 to 76 KW. Moreover, it functions saving time, while providing ...

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spray gun / hot-melt adhesive / manual
spray gun

Pressure: 0.5 Pa - 20 Pa

The EasyStar is manufactured by ROBATECH. This handy glue applicator is ideally suited for applying thermoplastic hot melt adhesives in bead, spiral and spray patterns. The unit is characterized by its light touch and easy operation, ...

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ultrasonic welding gun / manual
ultrasonic welding gun

... produce quality welds accurately and in very little time. The tool consists of a generator that supplies power to the ultrasonic gun or pencil and a sonotrode for the type of welding required. Its light weight makes ...

coating gun / for gelcoat / manual / external mixing
coating gun

Gel coat spraying gun This HD-AM gel coat spraying gun has an extremely low weight of just 880 g and is easier to handle than a paint spray gun. The external mixing system guarantees ...

dispensing gun / glue / manual
dispensing gun
2000 series

2000 series Applicator for two component epoxy resin.

dispensing gun / glue / manual
dispensing gun
Mark 5™

This handheld applicator gun is a manual gun, suitable for applying and dispensing the 35, 47 or 50 ml dispensing systems by Devcon, for metacrylates and epoxies. In ...

finishing gun / for paint / manual / low-pressure
finishing gun

Pressure: 1,500, 1,000, 700, 350 psi

Bobcat Air Assist Airless C.A.Technologies introduces the latest addition to the CAT gun line - the Bobcat Air Assist Airless gun designed for production wood and metal finishing. Features include lightweight ...

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welding gun / manual
welding gun

... welding gun Application For securing heat consumption meters to panel radiators Mobility Maximum mobility through: special carry strap, weighs less - now 15 % lighter than previously! Comfort Maximum ...

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HBS Bolzenschweiß-Systeme
welding gun / air / manual
welding gun
DW 3000

The revolutionary Hot-Air Tool The most advanced yet user-friendly product ever made by Sievert. The revolutionary DW 3000 represents the modern day hot-air tool. The innovative and modern design of the DW 3000 is breaking the classic ...

lubricating gun / grease / manual / pneumatic
lubricating gun

Pressure: 1,600 psi - 4,000 psi

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Tranmax Machinery Co., Ltd.
spray gun / for paint / manual / compact
spray gun
FSP-Mini-Vario 2

Pressure: 1 bar - 4 bar

With flow cup and 2 suction cups with adapter Common features • Compact gun design and 0.25 l flow cup for smaller surfaces • Infinitely variable adjustment of the material quantity for efficient working • Flexible ...

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Schneider Druckluft GmbH
cleaning gun / for water / manual / high-pressure
cleaning gun

Mosmatic offers a wide variety of high pressure trigger guns. From our relax action guns that offer 90% reduced holding and 40% less trigger force to models with built in live swivels. Standard and Weep ...

dispensing gun / hot air / manual
dispensing gun
NEG - HG-3A series

spray gun / finishing / for paint / manual
spray gun
Star 3001

... applications of water based paints, our Revolutionary electrostatic system Star 3001 does not need ATEX Cerification - The STAR 3001 gun allows you to paint both water-based and solvent-based removing and replacing ...

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stud welding gun / manual
stud welding gun

The patented PS-0K stud welding gun is the smallest gun available on the world market (Pat. No. EP 89104362.2). It has been especially designed for use in extremely narrow locations and areas of difficult access.

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coating gun / manual / plasma thermal
coating gun

Pressure: 10 bar - 15 bar

... versionF4 Plasma Guns Gun cooling jets and a wide variety of powder injectors and injector holders are available. Specifications F4 plasma gun Plasma Gases: Ar/H2, ...

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spray gun / for paint / manual / low-pressure
spray gun
Trophy Series

... spray guns provide the technology and confidence needed for most jobs and coatings. Binks Trophy Series Equipment provides all the utility and versatility you need to develop your production plan and execute it with complete ...

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dispensing gun / glue / manual
dispensing gun

It applies fluids without drip or ooze. This tool simplifies fluid application in assembly, maintenance and field repair. The most important is to be easy to mix different fluids with exact proportion

dispensing gun / manual
dispensing gun

... are applied dispensing guns Sulzer and Mixpack, which allow the operator to dispense and mix two-component materials accurately. Manual mixing guns can be equipped with a mechanical ...

greasing gun / grease / manual / lightweight
greasing gun
500 series

Pressure: 0 psi - 10,000 psi

FEATURES: Develops up to 10,000 psi pressure Rugged and light weight die cast aluminum head Vinyl cover for a comfortable and sure grip 3 way loading (14 ounce cartridge, suction, or fast refill from Alemite Loader ...

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spray gun / for paint / for water / manual
spray gun
EcoGun series

The manual and automatic spray guns have a large range of possible uses – water- or solventborne paints, as well as adhesives, glazes and other materials. Manual spray guns ...

sandblasting gun / for paint / manual / low-pressure
sandblasting gun

... function includes deseaming, deburring, removing rust, paint, oxide scale and surface dirt in concrete and stone. SSCE-A2 manual blast gun can be used to blast either dry or wet sands. It is ideal for ...

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Shanghai Shengchang Industry Equipment
powder coating gun / for paint / manual
powder coating gun

Mobile Device Robust bag design Microprocessor based controller card High stability, adjustable current and voltage, RS485 modbus communication, memory definition Coating transition points of porcelain Stable coating with various head groups.

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