spray gun / manual / high-pressure
spray gun

Pressure: 0 bar - 172 bar

... a range of flows and pressures - Various models in different styles - Trigger lock-off for safety - A range of compatible hand lances and accessories are available - Max design pressure : 3500 PSIG (172 Bar) - Max ...

dispensing gun / manual / pneumatic
dispensing gun

Pressure: 0 Pa - 4,500,000 Pa

Widely used in filling nitrogen gas. helium gas. compressed air, refrigerant, etc Connect with plug of KZD.

dispensing gun / grease / manual
dispensing gun
M12 GG

Pressure: 562 bar

Powerful 12 V motor delivers over 562 bar max operating pressure REDLINK™ overload protection electronics in tool and battery pack deliver best in class system durability Best in class run time - dispenses up to 7 cartridges per ...

spray gun / for paint / manual / membrane
spray gun
1/4" - 3/8", 80 psig | SG-1 series

The state-of-the-art SG-1 is designed and developed by Parker for high purity applications. The device is available with either 1/4” FNPT or 3/8” Parflare connections. It's built with a molded high purity PFA frame with accurately machined ...

soldering gun / hydrocarbon / manual / electric
soldering gun

The Model RT-100 Mini Electric Soldering Gun uses electric resistance heating technology to melt solder on copper joints up to 11/2". Simply place the carbon tips on the fitting to begin heating the joint and it can be ...

syringe gun / dispensing / glue / manual
syringe gun

MANUAL SYRINGE GUN Lightweight barrel applicator gun Provides excellent control for meduim/high viscosity products Easy to use, no dripping or mess size 10cc

dispensing gun / manual
dispensing gun

Stainless steel banding tie gun with adjustable bundling pressure function and rubber handle. Fasten and cut ties automatically. For stainless steel ball lock clamps up to 0.3mm thick and 7.9mm wide.

spray gun / hot-melt adhesive / manual
spray gun

Pressure: 0 bar - 100 bar

Hand guns are use for manual glueing SKU:BBHP700 Range of application:Hotmelt adhesives Glue pressure: [bar]max. 100 Viscosity range: [mPas]20.000

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Blasberg GmbH
spray gun / air / manual / pneumatic
spray gun

The Unitor air gun AG-PRO 30 is ideal for quick removal of chips, dust and particulate from any surface.Long lance reach narrow areas with ease

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spray gun / manual / pneumatic / caulking
spray gun


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Flawless Concepts
spray gun / manual
spray gun

One way steam gun for air or steam Steam gun technical features: Interchangeable nozzles (rounded nozzle and flat nozzle)

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Due Effe
cleaning gun / for water / manual
cleaning gun

dispensing gun / manual
dispensing gun