Mass flow rate sensors

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Flow rate sensors
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The Honeywell product line of airflow sensors operate on heat transfer - flow and differential pressure, and come in a variety of port styles for flexible application and use. The airflow...


WEIGHTRAC 31is an emission-derived detector for strap or twist conveyor ponder applications. It is a bunch run measurement for accurate mass solids discovery on conveyor...


WEIGHTRAC 31 has a simple setup that provides a precise and accurate determination of the volume of...


In engines, where there is a high probability of contamination, Pitot tubes are very ideal for pressure measurement owing to their simplicity and lean construction. Further, their...

The TFT4 measures pressure, temperature and flow up to 4000 times per second and analyses in real time the condition of the fluid in the pipe by a complex real time algorithm. The...


The VA 420 is very easy and affordable to deploy, and the units are freely selectable through keypad m³/h, m³/min, l/min, l/s, kg/h, kg/min, kg/s, cfm. This apparatus showcases a high-measuring...


・SMD platinum thin film thermal sensors.


Thermal mass flow sensor
Sensors for gases (liquids upon request)
Response time: <10 ms...<2...

nnovative Sensor Technology has developed a new MFS02 micro flow sensor that utilizes thin film...

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