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Measuring systems
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thickness measuring system / X-ray - 21Plus

Thermo Scientific™ 21Plus! dimension and power system for constructing materials presents resolutions for fiberglass rug blacktop roofing, fiberglass insulation,...

thickness measuring system / X-ray - IPlus

Thermo Scientific™ IPlus serves as a robust and reliable total basis weight or thickness...

thickness measuring system / X-ray - RM 100 EM, RM 110 EM

Thermo Scientific™ RM 100 EM/RM 110 EM strip thickness gauge delivers dependable and precise measurement of flat sheet...

thickness measuring system / gamma ray - 5 - 120 mm | RM 200 EG

Thermo Scientific™ RM 200 EG plate width gauge assists to make the crush process efficient by dipping plate thickness deviation...

thickness measuring system / X-ray - 0.01 - 0.5 mm | RM 210 AF

This RM 210 AF aluminum foil thickness gauge by Thermo Scientific provides non-contact that is extremely reliable, as well as...

position measuring system / elevator shaft - max. 30 m | USP 30 series

The schmersall USP 30 is an elevator positioning system that uses a non-contact operating...

position measuring system / elevator shaft - max. 130 m | USP 100 series

USP 100 is an elevator positioning system that is most suitable for 100m-130m...

surface measuring system / profile - SV-M3000 CNC

This CNC surface roughness tester is known for being able to handle the measurement of heavy and large workpieces, including crankshafts and engine blocks. In addition to this, the item can be combined with surface roughness...

surface measuring system / profile - SV-3100

This is a high-accuracy digimatic micrometer with 0.0001 mm resolution. This micrometer is perfectly suited for users who require highly accurate measurements using a handheld tool. It can accommodate three dimensional analysis...

surface measuring system / profile - HOMMEL-ETAMIC T8000 R

The systems in the HOMMEL-ETAMIC T8000 R product series are suitable for roughness measurement, being designed to tackle the most demanding tasks when it comes to professional roughness metrology. These devices are...

laser measuring system / tool / non-contact - ø 0.03 - 37 mm, ±0.2 nm | TL nano

The HEIDENHAIN TL Nano is designed and developed to provide accurate tool measurement...

laser measuring system / tool / non-contact - ø 0.03 - 180 mm, ±0.2 - 1 nm | TL micro series

The Micro and TL Nano laser systems are utilized to measure tools at the rated speed without making contact. By using the incorporated measuring styles, tool lengths and diameters can be measured,...

volume measuring system / laser - 0.5 - 20 m | Bulkscan® LMS511 series

The Bulkscan® LMS511 uses time-of-flight technology for non-contact measurement of volume flow on conveyor belts. This product can provide precise error...

outdoor laser measuring system - 25 - 100 m | LMS1xx series

LMS120 laser measurement sensor is a device utilized as a monitoring system for building management and automation. It features a high angle resolution enabling the system...

outdoor laser measuring system - max. 100 m | LD-MRS series

The compact LD-MRS multi layer scanner from SICK offers operations even in rough sensor operations. It can work in temperatures ranging from -40° to +70° C. Also,...

surface measuring system / profile - MarSurf M 400

Mahr MarSurf M 400 represents the latest advancements by Mahr in surface measurement. The quick, simple, and innovative device features skidless tracing and automatic setting of zero. The device can be used as a compact...

critical dimension measuring system / shape / critical dimension / integrated circuit - SpectraShape™ series

The SpectraShapeTM 9000 dimensional metrology system is used to fully characterize and monitor the critical dimensions (CD) and three dimensional shapes of finFETs, vertically stacked NANDs and other complex features on integrated circuits...

critical dimension measuring system / shape / critical dimension / integrated circuit - SpectraCD 200

The SpectraCD™ 200 is a top-notch inline optical CD and profile metrology system that completely meets the requirements of 90nm and 65nm nodes with a precision, accuracy, high throughput...

acoustic measuring system / for building diagnostics / smart - 01dB Smart Buliding Acoustics Solution

01dB Smart Building Acoustics Solution enables building acoustics technicians to enhance their productivity in the field...

thickness measuring system / laser / for metal bands / non-contact - i!mensio Base

Non-Contact Thickness Gauging System for metal stripes with two triangulation lasers. Laser based function principle.
Up to 5 measuring tracks representable via controller.


The i!mensio Base has been designed for fast moving of steel/metal strips, especially for stamping presses or strip processing lines. Due to the high sampling rate up to over 50...

thickness measuring system / laser / for metal bands / non-contact - i!mensio Mono

Non-Contact Thickness Gauging System for metal stripes with two triangulation lasers, laser based function principle (Laser triangulation). Traversing thickness measuring fully automated calibration routine. Resolution of sensors 0,05 µm, measuring frequency up to 50 kHz, wide measuring spot 50 x 2.000 µm, especially for metalic surfaces.Traversing depending on application: 300,...

thickness measuring system / laser / for metal bands / non-contact - i!mensio Smart

The i!mensio Smart Strip Thickness Gauging System is a non-contact traversing system and has been designed for fast moving steel / metal strips, especially in cold rolling mills. In the strip processing lines the system is used to check the thickness of the material before and after the process, in order to provide default values for the process control. Due to the high sampling rate up to over 50...

thickness measuring system / laser / for metal bands / non-contact - i!mensio Compact

The i!mensio model is manufactured by Roland Electronic, and is a compact strip thickness gauging system that has a non-contact traversing system. It is made up of steel or metal strips especially...

alignment measuring system / for countersinks / bearing - ± 0.2 mm | BWS 8202

The BWS 8202 by Micro-Epsilon is an alignment measurement system designed for bearing shells and bores. This system...

surface measuring system / non-contact - TR Scan

Trimos' TR Scan Systems are generally utilized for applications that involve, non-destructive, non-contact measurement of surface texture. The machines exhibit integrated Trimos DHM® (Digital Holographic...

gauge measuring system - METERRING

The METERRING, manufactured by Star Technology S.r.l, is a gauge measurement...

partial discharge measuring system - PDS

The PDS is used for detecting partial discharge on underground cable components for security and maintenance. It is suitable for a high voltage predictive maintenance plan. The device...

partial discharge measuring system - XDP-II

The XDP II displays graphically PD wave form and the built-in speaker allows to listen PD activities. Those information can be recorded in the equipment along with date and time of the reading....

partial discharge measuring system - XDP-II

This is a 3D part measuring system manufactured by SMAC Moving Coil Actuators. It comes with its mini inline XYZ gauging structure that supplies a capability of...

surface measuring system / non-contact - QualiSURF

QualiSurf is the most complete and flexible solution based on Ondulo technology for the measurement of appearance surface quality in reflection mode.

geometric measuring system - Fixturlaser NXA Geometry

The Fixturlaser NXA Geometry package is characterized by its user friendliness and versatility. It contains software for straightness and flatness measurements, such as:

Two-axis straightness with three different measurement methods:
Standard straightness for measurement of e.g. machine beds, guideways or support structures.

Straightness for full and half bore applications...

flatness measuring system / flange - E915

This system aims to see a 3D image immediately after its measurement is recorded. The evaluation of the measurement can be done using calculation systems such as 3 point reference,...

flatness measuring system / flange - E910

The E910 from Damalini is a flange flatness measurement system. The unit features a true 3D image in the display, showing the result directly after measuring.

The device...

laser measuring system / geometry - E980

The Easy-Laser® E980 is a laser-related computation and arrangement mechanism for maximum usage of saw mill equipment. It enables the equipment to work with a greater rate of production and premium quality...

laser measuring system / geometry - E930

The E930 from Easy-Laser® is a measurement system for alignment of extrusion machines. The tool is capable of measuring straightness and pointing directions on extruder pipes and hydraulic pipes. The...

laser measuring system / geometry - E920

The E920 is specifically designed to provide a good quality performance and functionality. It is considered as a reliable measurement unit meant to be used for all types of...

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