overband magnetic separator / metal / for in-line monitoring / suspended
overband magnetic separator

... WALMAG MAGNETICS overband magnetic separator can be fitted with special pusher in order to remove the metallic parts more quickly, easily and effectively. Another possibility is to place the overband ...

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magnetic separator / metal / for ore / dry
magnetic separator
CTDG series

... increase mineral resource utilization. Steelworks: steel scrap disposal, recycling iron. Waste disposal: separating magnetic metal, improving environment. Advantage of dry permanent magnetic separator High ...

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Anhui Tianyuan Technology Co.,Ltd
magnetic separator / metal / for the food industry / for the chemical industry
magnetic separator

... powders and granulates. The devices are available to produce all contact parts which are constructed with 316 grade stainless steel design and fully sealed. The Magnetic performance is guaranteed, ensures efficiency ...

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belt separator / magnetic / metal / for the recycling industry
belt separator
SM series

... magnets at high Hc it can be obtained megnetic field nearly as strong as the ones obtained by corresponding electromagnet separators offering at the same time the following advantages: no consumption of energy constant ...

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Magnetica Torri s.r.l.
magnetic plate separator / metal / for the recycling industry
magnetic plate separator

... ventilation. The TED separator must be mounted on a special structure calculated and sized so as to sustain the weight of the magnet and the ferrous bodies attracted by it, ensuring that there are no high permeability ...

magnetic roller separator / metal
magnetic roller separator

... change-out costs. The Magnetic Separator may be added to the Bed Filter Tank System for multi-layer protection or used alone where there is ferrous metal contamination. The Magnetic Separator ...

magnetic separator / metal / self-cleaning
magnetic separator
MAGGIE series

Filtration size: 1 µm - 5 µm
Flow rate: 12 us gal/min - 250 us gal/min

... ferrous contaminants are present/introduced. The fully automatic, in-line, high intensity, self-cleaning, patented magnetic separator is the best available technology for separating magnetic contaminants from process ...

high-gradient magnetic separator / metal / for ore
high-gradient magnetic separator

Width: 1,360 mm - 5,300 mm
Flow rate: 0.25 m³/h - 650 m³/h

... technical problems in the world. The magnetic media found between the flat ring strong magnetic separator and flat ring high gradient magnetic separator is prone to clogging. The unit has a large ...

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Shanghai Joyal Machinery Co., Ltd.
magnetic separator / metal / for solids / for the recycling industry
magnetic separator

Width: 30 in - 60 in

... eddy current separator ejects the aluminum with the same force as a magnet pulls steel. CP’s Eddy Current Separator easily separates aluminum cans from other materials in the material stream. As aluminum ...

overband separator / electro-magnetic / metal / for the recycling industry
overband separator

... Magnetic Separator delivers precise and efficient sorting of ferrous metals from inert materials (glass, coal, plastic, paper, wood, garbage, fertilizers, etc.) and non-ferrous metals ...

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air separator / metal / for the recycling industry
air separator
C series

... machines in Cable and Metal Recycling Systems. The Separation Tables will by well balanced combinations of air flow and oscillating movements produce an effective separation of metal and insulation. Main ...

metal separator / for the plastics industry
metal separator
Metal seperator

Metal separators from motan can be installed at various locations in a production and for multiple applications. The metal separators prevent damage to your processing ...

electromagnetic separator / metal / self-cleaning
electromagnetic separator

USED FOR - Extraction and removal of tramp metal from base material BEST SUITED FOR - Belt conveyor FEATURES & BENEFITS - easy maintenance - doesn’t require additional cooling - energy efficient design

cyclone separator / liquid / particle / metal
cyclone separator
FA 7

... to prevent them from going into a stationary piping system. The FA7 pre-separator is idealic in vehicle repair shops, metal fabrication industries and wherever scraps of glass, metal ...