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surface meter / texture
surface meter
Surfcom 130

SURFCOM 130 is a compact tracing driver made for mobile use in production. This free stylus-and-arm system is capable of producing highly precise results. Waviness is measured through its 50 mm tracing driver while the roughness on radii ...

roundness meter
roundness meter
Rondcom 76

The Zeiss RONDCOM 76 is a spindle form testing instrument for bulk work pieces, which ensures "most expansive precision and effectiveness in its classification". It features fully automated control mechanism, complete with 7 axes, minimized ...

beer extract meter / alcohol content / compact / for beer
beer extract meter
Alex 500

Alex 500 is a compact alcohol and extract meter that frees craft brewers from the need for external laboratories. The reliable lab-grade analyzer determines your beers alcohol and extract content, calories, degree of ...

alcohol content meter / for distilled spirits
alcohol content meter
Snap 50

The portable alcohol meter Snap 50 measures distilled spirits in all strengths within seconds: from pure distilled spirits to samples taken during watering down to drinkable strength and ready-to-drink spirits. A few ...

cone meter
cone meter
ø 27 - 205 mm | MGK133

The taper gauge MKG133 is used for measurement of external tapers 1:12 and 1:30 with a 27mm-205mm diameter and generate less than 1 pm measurement results. The gauge has two portable measuring brackets: ...

peak power meter / for photovoltaic systems / with measurement of characteristic I-U curves
peak power meter

... measuring accuracy - Continuous display of momentary irradiation and temperature provides information regarding measuring conditions - Easy touch-screen operation - Highly luminous, high resolution color TFT display ...

power meter / digital / transducer
power meter

SICAM T is an digital measurement transducer that allows the measuring of electrical quantities in electrical networks in a single unit. In industries, power plants and substations, transducers are especially used for measurand (e.g. ...

power meter / multi-function
power meter

... used to collect, display and transmit measured electrical variables such as AC current, AC voltage, power types, harmonics, etc. The communications interfaces can be used to output the measurands to a PC and the control ...

thickness meter / high-precision
thickness meter
0 - 50 mm | Litematic® VL-50 series

The Litematic VL-50A measures easily-deformed workpieces and high-precision parts such as pin gauges, thin-wall bearings, and plastic parts due to a low/constant measuring force of 0.01N. A unique Laser Holoscale is used as the length ...

roundness meter / compact
roundness meter
±1000 μm | RA-10

... maximum of (0.04+6H/10000)?m. This ensures a precision well compared to the other higher-priced models. The huge LCD panel display facilitates easy viewing and gives excellent measurement results. It is a compact ...

temperature meter / digital
temperature meter
-58 °F ... +300 °F | 110

Cold storage rooms, cold storage warehouses, outdoors: the testo 110 digital temperature meter shows what its really made of when temperatures start to drop. Thanks NTC technology, it can measure temperatures in very ...

air quality meter / digital / HVAC
air quality meter
0 - 10 000 ppm, -328 °F ... +2 498 °F | 435-4

Testo 435-4 multi-function measuring instrument has in-built measurement of differential pressure, instrument store and PC software. It is ideal for checking indoor air quality and tuning and testing of VAC systems. Its highly efficient ...

temperature regulator meter / pressure / light-intensity / humidity
temperature regulator meter
-328 °F ... +2 498 °F, 700 - 1 100 inH2O | 480

Testo 480 is an efficient measuring device that is of utmost help to technical consultants, service providers, technicians and experts pertaining to air conditioning and ventilation applications. This innovative measuring device is ...

temperature regulator meter / digital / differential / portable
temperature regulator meter
-58 °F ... +1 832 °F | 922

The Testo 922 differential thermometer can record and simultaneously show temperatures from two thermocouple probes. The reading from the second probe can also be wireless displayed or transmitted via a radio. Testo 922 makes it possible ...

temperature regulator meter / surface / digital / NTC
temperature regulator meter
-58 °F ... +302 °F | 720

The testo 720 digital temperature meter is designed for the special needs of laboratories and the industry and comes with optional connectable sensors for surface, air temperature and immersion measurements. Key Features: ...

pressure meter / digital
pressure meter
CPH62I0-S1, CPH62I0-S2

This digital hand held pressure indicator has interchangeable, plug and play pressure sensors with varying measurement ranges (from 0-100 mbar to 0-1,000 bar) and 0.2% accuracy. This pressure indicator is intrinsically safe, and its ...

pressure meter / digital
pressure meter

... from 0 ... 100 mbar up to 0 ... 1,000 bar (0 ... 1,5 psi up to 0 ... 14,500 psi) Pressure type: positive and negative gauge pressure, absolute pressure and differential pressure Accuracy: 0.2 %, optional ...

roundness meter
roundness meter
MMQ 200

The MMQ 200 is a measuring station that provides a total solution for controlling deviations of form and positioning which increase the quality of your products. The MMQ development is a compact style and design that provides superior ...

constraint meter / for spindle growth measurement
constraint meter
eddyNCDT SGS 4701

Measuring spindle growth in high speed milling machines In order to minimise positioning errors in machine tools, the eddy current sensor SGS 4701 measures the thermal extension of high-frequency spindles. The spindle is at the heart ...

GFM 25

Flow measurement directly on the welding torch Gas type Argon / H2 / CO2 Version Flow display

electrical parameters meter / electrical network / low-voltage / multifunction
electrical parameters meter

The DIRIS A14 is a modular multifunction meter for measuring electrical values in low voltage networks. It allows all electrical parameters to be displayed and utilised for communication and/or output functions.

energy meter / electrical network / multifunction
energy meter
72x72mm | DIRIS A17

Compact and ergonomic, the DIRIS A17 is a multifunction meter specially adapted for monitoring and managing electrical energy. Its communication function allows the analysis of data collected via a PLC or Vertelis energy ...

power meter / three-phase
power meter
ModBUS, Ethernet, Rogowski

Multifunction power meters: The S604 series includes innovative three-phase network analyzers for the measurement and storage of electrical parameters. All versions for TA standard 1/5 A, for direct link up to 80 A or ...

optical meter / compact
optical meter
LumaSpec 800S

The LumaSpec 800 is a compact visible light optical power meter with additional quantitative spectral power data for microscope/optical system illumination systems. Using an illumination target in a 3” x 1” glass slide ...

field-strength meter / remote / autonomous / for outdoor service
field-strength meter

The cMonitEM has two main purposes: 1- Monitoring of an emission source or a sensitive place The aim is to monitor the levels of radiation produced by electromagnetic radiation emitters (telecommunication facilities, mobile telephone ...

electromagnetic field (EMF) meter / hand-held
electromagnetic field (EMF) meter

Applications Site surveys, EMF assessments and validation of places for public use. Certification of telecommunications infrastructure, mobile telephone stations (BTS), power lines, industrial facilities and machinery. Different ...

field-strength meter / remote / for long-term measurement
field-strength meter

1- Monitoring of an emission source or a sensitive place The aim is to monitor the exposure levels produced by electromagnetic radiation emitters (telecommunication facilities, mobile telephone base stations, WiFi modems, power lines, ...

electromagnetic field (EMF) meter / embedded / for vehicles / for electromagnetic fields mapping
electromagnetic field (EMF) meter

Recent years have seen the rapid expansion of mobile telephone services that provide many benefits but also raise concerns relating to: Impact on the electromagnetic environment (RF safety) Drawing up a comprehensive map of ...

power meter / three-phase / multi-function / DIN rail-mounted
power meter
max. 3x495 V AC, max. 80 A | UPM209

UPM209 Three-phase multifunction meter DIN rail-mounted UPM209 is an innovative network analyzer for the measurement and data recording of electrical parameters , particularly compact ( only 4 DIN modules ) and therefore ...

power meter / three-phase / multi-function / DIN 96x96
power meter
max. 600 VAC | UPM307

The UPM307 digital meter has a simple menu structure and is easy to use. It allows quick checking of measured parameters. The unit can measure electrical parameters on three-phase systems and provide accurate measurement ...

power meter / three-phase / with Rogowski inputs / multi-function
power meter

UPM209RGW Three-phase multifunction meter DIN rail mounted with 3 MFC150 Algodue Rogowski coils UPM209RGW is an innovative network analyzer for the measurement and data recording of electrical parameters , particularly ...

power meter / true RMS / compact / multi-function
power meter
max. 600 VAC | UPM215

The Mid Energy Counter by Algodue is ideally designed with a good quality performance and functionality. It is available in a compact 6 DIN module size with a complete bi-directional four quadrant reading capability. ...

power meter / panel-mounted / DIN 96x96
power meter
max. 600 VAC | UPM310

The UPM 310 Series is manufactured by Algodue, and is a LED power meter equipped with a DIN 96 x 96 cut out and MODBUS or A2 ASCII protocol. It has a voltage supply ranging from 65 up to 250 V AC, maximum power consumption ...

optical power meter / photodiode / low-noise / with extended power range
optical power meter

An extremely compact, fully-integrated optical power meter, incorporating both the detector head and power meter under the same enclosure. The widest range of power levels (across 1 nW to 20 W) is measured ...

resistance meter / voltage / temperature
resistance meter

Automation of measurements using the 8500 Low Thermal Scanner allows a completely automated measurement system to be realised. Using the 8500 Scanner together with ProGraph software and the 8000 series multimeter provides a turnkey solution ...

current meter / voltage / digital / DIN rail-mounted
current meter

Voltmeter and ammeter Mechanical characteristics: DIN rail mounting 3 modules Auxiliary supply: 230 Vac 50-60 Hz Voltage inputs: 3 inputs 500 V max Currents inputs: 3 inputs 0,05÷5A rms with external ...

power meter / low-voltage / three-phase / flush-mount
power meter

... communication, visualization and management. Flexible meter polling rules and customizable reading history storage. Integrated reporting and a data querying for reading data. Manual export of readable with EXCEL. Meters ...

resistivity meter / 72-96 integrated channels
resistivity meter

... time; - Scalability (by increasing the number of electrodes, also the number of measuring channels increases); - CPU and display integrated.

earth resistivity meter / for quadrupole measurements
earth resistivity meter

depth meter / thickness
depth meter

Complete with standard testing probe, transport case, cable for download data on PC, batteries and battery charger. 100-240V/50-60Hz/1f - MAIN FEATURES - - Rebar orientation - Depth of cover - Cover thickness reading mm or inches - ...

length meter / digital
length meter

resistivity meter / 48 integrated channels
resistivity meter

X612-EM represents a new conception of geo resistivimeter to measure resistivity, multi electrode tomography, measuring the spontaneous potentials, chargeability, induced polarization (I.P.) or V.E.S. (Vertical Electric Survey). The ...

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