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visual inspection micro camera - In-Sight® Micro series

Cognex has designed the small, smart and easy next-generation In-Sight Micro vision system. Even more, it has made it more colorful. Measuring just 30 mm x 30 mm x 60 mm the In-Sight Micro is an incredibly small package just the size...

visual inspection micro camera - 795 x 596 pix | inspec.x cam

This camera offers quick and convenient portable video inspection of objects
from inches to infinity. Its fully integrated single-handed operation, its bundled-in...

visual inspection micro camera - CobraCam™ 2

The Triplett CobraCam™ 2 is a portable self contained inspection camera that utilizes a 2.4 inch...

remote visual inspection micro camera / for remote visual inspection - C911 Dotcam

When budget constraints and size are of the utmost concern, the Dotcam provides you with an inspection tool at a very low cost. Rugged and reliable, the Dotcam can be used in a wide range of applications. The system incorporates a state...

endoscope micro camera / medical - 1.2 mm OD

New! Single-use 1.2mm diameter camera!
For further details about this camera or to request a quote, please send an e-mail to: camera@medigus.com

The outer diameter size of this revolutionary camera is only 1.2mm x 5mm long and is by far the smallest video camera in the world. The medical micro...

NDT micro camera - 1.2 mm OD, 1.8x1.8 mm, 3x3 mm

The CCD video camera system includes a camera and video processor. The camera measures only 3.0mm X 3.0mm and is one of the
smallest CCD video cameras in the world. The camera is suitable for accessing confined or hard-to-access areas in medical, industrial and security applications.

The camera offers excellent image quality...

visual inspection micro camera - C12 IC

Milwaukee makes this product for better picture quality in sites where this quality may not be possible....

visual inspection micro camera - C12 IC

This is a micro camera manufactured by J.P Selecta which is known for its small size. It features...

visual inspection micro camera - DCT411S1

Removable wireless screen for ease of viewing when in tight areas

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