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microcalorimeter DSC - -40 ... 200 °C | microSC

The device offers high precision isothermal scanning options to enable the study of both transitions...

microcalorimeter DSC / high-pressure - max. 1 000 bar | HP Micro

KEP Technologies presents a high pressure version of the μDSC7 evo. It is useful for high pressure DSC measurements and microcalorimetry up to 1000 bars - 14,500 psi. The device was originally conceptualized under a Institut Français du Petrole...

microcalorimeter DSC - -10 ... 130 °C, 0.001 - 2 °C/min | Nano DSC

The Nano DSC is specifically designed to determine
the thermal stability...

microcalorimeter DSC - 3 cells, -40 ... 150 °C | MCDSC

The TA Instruments MC DSC is a versatile, multi-purpose calorimeter with microwatt sensitivity for continuous temperature-scanning, step-scanning and isothermal measurements of thermodynamics...

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