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microchip GPS - -162 dBm | UBX-G6010-NT

The UBX-G6010-NT is u-blox smallest ever GPS chip featuring the high performance u-blox-6 position...

microchip GPS - -162 dBm | UBX-G6010-ST

The UBX-G6010-ST is a standalone, standard grade GPS chip featuring u-blox 6 technology. It is ideal for cost and space sensitive...

microchip GPS - -162 dBm | UBX-G6010-SA

The UBX-G6010-SA automotive grade GPS chips from u-blox has been designed to address the quality and reliability demands of automotive applications. Its high manufacturing...

microchip GPS - -162 dBm | UBX-G6010-Sx-DR series

Automotive Dead Reckoning (ADR) is u-blox industry proven off-the-shelf Dead Reckoning solution for tier-one automotive customers. u-blox ADR solution combines GPS and sensor digital data using a tightly...

microchip GPS - max. 10 MHz | UBX-G6010-ST-TM

The UBX-G6010-ST-TM provides precision GPS timing for demanding positioning applications such as femto cells and WiMAX basestations....

microchip GPS - BCM series

Broadcom's all-CMOS single-die GPS receivers can receive GPS signals in challenging indoor and urban environments where other...

microchip - 13.56 MHz | TRF7964A

The TRF7964A is an integrated analog front end and data-framing device for a 13.56-MHz RFID system. Built-in programming options make...

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