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2 products BOGE
BOGE 36 - 31 248 m³/h | FP series
Compressed-air / technical-gas micro-filter 36 - 31 248 m³/h | FP series BOGE

BOGE F P series, pre-filters Pre-filters separate out coarse impurities from the compressed...

BOGE 36 - 31 248 m³/h | F M series
Compressed-air micro-filter 36 - 31 248 m³/h | F M series BOGE

BOGE F M series, microfilters Microfilters separate out extremely fine impurities in the compressed...

1 products PREVOST
OMEGA AIR d.o.o. Ljubljana
Compressed-air / technical-gas micro-filter OMEGA AIR d.o.o. Ljubljana

Aluminium condensate separators Efficient removal of condensate from a compressed air system has several advantages: extended life of compressed air tools, improved lubrication of all pneumatic components,...

4 products Airpol
Compressed-air micro-filter SHREE YANTHRA EQUIPMENTS

We are offering microfilters that are extensively used in different sectors such as pharmaceutical, chemical, packaging and...

Compressed-air / technical-gas micro-filter MACHEREY-NAGEL

The filter papers listed below are mainly recommended for technical applications such as...

1 products Pro-Tek
1 products MAHLE Industry
MAHLE Industry
Automatic micro-filtration system MAHLE Industry

This automatic filter system provides optimal pressure pulse...

Evoqua Water Technologies MemPulse™ / Memtek® / Xpress™
Membrane micro-filtration unit for wastewater MemPulse™ / Memtek® / Xpress™ Evoqua Water Technologies

Microfiltration systems from Evoqua offer a cost effective and sustainable solution for water, wastewater...

3 products VELO ACCIAI
Automatic micro-filtration system VELO ACCIAI

It’s an automatic microfiltration plant who work with an easy software through a...

VELO ACCIAI 1 000 - 18 000 L
Micro-filtration unit for wastewater 1 000 - 18 000 L VELO ACCIAI

The innovative microfiltration plants by Velo Acciai are entirely made of stainless steel....

VELO ACCIAI 3 000 - 30 000 l/h
Automatic micro-filtration system 3 000 - 30 000 l/h VELO ACCIAI

Product description It’s an automatic microfiltration plant which works with an easy software through a touch screen display. This system is completely automatic and it’s studied to work...

EnviroChemie GmbH max. 100 m³/h | ENVOPUR® MFI
Membrane micro-filtration unit for wastewater max. 100 m³/h | ENVOPUR® MFI EnviroChemie GmbH

Envopur® microfiltration plants are used in the bypass back to the bath. An integrated feed pump fills the feed tank of the plant. As soon as the tank’s capacity is reached, the circulation pump...

1 products SIMEM ITALIA
SIMEM ITALIA 10 - 630 m³/h
Membrane micro-filtration unit for wastewater 10 - 630 m³/h SIMEM ITALIA

Micro-filtration plants can be constructed by using hollow fiber membranes or spiral wound membranes. In case of special aplications it is possible to use ceramic membranes. These plants work with...

ConcepTech ultrasonic inc.
Automatic micro-filtration system ConcepTech ultrasonic inc.

Our filtering and recirculating system which removes particles as small as 5 microns keep your chemical solution clean and increase it’s life...

Micro-filtration unit for wastewater SCRUFILTER® EKOFINN Wassertechnik GmbH

The very compact filter units of type SCRUFILTER® are designed for small applications of few m3/h. Depending on the type of filter cloth...

EKOFINN Wassertechnik GmbH  WINTEC®
Micro-filtration unit for wastewater WINTEC® EKOFINN Wassertechnik GmbH

The WINTEC® drum filter units are used for small and large applications. Depending on the type of filter cloth these units can remove particles as small as 20 micron. At the same time...

A3 Water Solutions GmbH
Membrane micro-filtration unit for wastewater A3 Water Solutions GmbH

MMF MaxFlow Membran Filtration GmbH manufactures membrane filtration modules for water...

Aqua-Aerobic Systems, Inc. AquaMB Process®
Membrane micro-filtration unit for wastewater AquaMB Process® Aqua-Aerobic Systems, Inc.

The AquaMB Process® is a multiple barrier system that integrates biological treatment and clarification with dual barrier...

ETL Verfahrenstechnik GmbH  TMS
Membrane micro-filtration unit for wastewater TMS ETL Verfahrenstechnik GmbH

With submerged Plummet Membrane Module TMS for nearly maintenance-free sample preparing for example in front of activated sludge of a municipal...

1 products APV
Micro-filtration and heat treatment system for dairy products APV

Microfiltration is based on a membrane with a very open structure allowing most dissolved substances...

OTEC Präzisionsfinish GmbH 15 - 200 L/h | MF series
Micro-filtration unit for wastewater 15 - 200 L/h | MF series OTEC Präzisionsfinish GmbH

The problem with conventional methods: The waste water from the wet finishing processes of vibratory grinding units is often treated with expensive filtration units and centrifuges. Centrifuges...

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