Microwave detectors

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This intruder detector is a compact instrument that compresses microwave and PIR (Passive Infrared Sensor) features...


- Digital PIR and microwave
- 10m@110° detection range
-4 operating modes:...


Wide angle lens
Only for RSC control panels
Connection via RS 485 serial bus
Microwave frequency 9,35 Ghz
Adjustable range max. 18 metres
108° cover
29 beams on 4 levels

Microwave barrier (TX + RX)
Outdoor microwave barrier
Range 60 metres
Microwave frequency : 10.525GHz
Impulse : 50%
Anti-opening and anti-detachment tamper

Infrared + Microwave
Wide angle lens
AND functioning mode
Built in protection against light interferences
Can be...

Microwave barrier
Maximum range : 45 metres
Opening angle 141°

Outdoor microwave barrier
Range 60 metres
Operating frequency : 9.9GHZ


PrimeMotion C is an easy to use microwave motion detector that is packaged in an elegant and compact casing. This device is practical and versatile,...

Bircher's Herkules 2 microwave motion detector is developed for detection in industrial doors. To continue, the product can differentiate...


FAAC BFR 1 microwave radar is an innovative digital movement detector which...

The MONODIRECTIONAL BFRM is a microwave radar that is characterized as the...


Tough mod dual technology based on OPTEX gold-plated microwave module
Active IR anti-masking for detecting covering...

RC-CORE series succeed an established reputation...

Integrating PIR and microwave technology into stylish units, the OML-DT provide stable and reliable detection in the most hostile...

Integrating PIR and microwave technology into stylish units, the OML-DAM provide stable and reliable detection in the most hostile of environments.

The PIR element incorporates Quad Zone Logic to detect the...


Suitable for swing door application

The OM-106C has the uni-directional and bi-directional mode. And as OM-106C ignores swing door movement, this is an ideal sensor for swing door activation.


Highly protective housing (airtight) housing preventing Insects, dust, and water drops into the sensor. And prevent damages caused by static electricity. The...


- PIR, Microwave and AIR Technology
- Dual-Element PIR sensor


» Dual technology
» No dead zone at the foot of the detector

KAPIRIS is designed to protect sensitive...


MW Series
The MW Series are point-to-point microwaves designed to compliment the intelligent quad beam series. With 2 frequencies available, multiple units can be used on long perimeters without problems. Microwave is especially adept...

Dual Technology
Combining Intelligent Quad Beams and K-Band Microwave provides the ultimate solution for...

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