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milling drilling center / deep hole - MF1450BB

On display in Milan at BIMU 2014!

The new MF1450BB is IMSA's latest concept evolution of the BB-Series, IMSA's new topperforming...

milling drilling center / CNC / with automatic bit changer / deep hole - MF1500BB/6P

The MF1500BB/6P is equipped with a 6-station gun drill changer which is used for high tech gun drilling and as milling center. The mould build lead time and the project completion is speeded due to possible long automatic operation....

milling drilling center / CNC / 4-axis - 1000 mm, ø 4-25 mm | MF1000AF

The MF1000AF Model is an exclusive spindle switch-over system developed by IMSA. It is mainly used for milling operations. The unit comes with fast drilling, simple utilization, economical operation, and straight...

milling drilling center / CNC / 9-axis - 1200 mm, ø 4 - 40 mm | BB series

High-tech drilling and milling centers are specially designed and developed for machining of elaborate circuits. They feature straight, single angle (rotary table) and double-inclination (rotary table + tilting headstock) drilling and machining and used for molds...

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