Milling drilling centers

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On display in Milan at BIMU 2014!

The new MF1450BB is IMSA's latest concept evolution of the BB-Series, IMSA's new topperforming...

High-tech drilling and milling centers are specially designed and developed for machining of elaborate circuits. They feature straight, single angle (rotary table) and double-inclination (rotary table + tilting headstock) drilling and machining and used for molds...

IMSA's MF1500BB, MF2000BB "BB" series of Moulds and Blocks is known for its high performance. It comes with High-tech drilling and milling centres, for machining of elaborate circuits. It has Orthogonal single drilling inclination (rotary table) and double tilt (tilting rotary table +...

IMSA offers BB series of machines with two independent spindles in the same headstock. One spindle houses a drilling unit capable of drilling holes of diameter 4–32 mm and depth 1100 mm in a single setting; and the...

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