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The controlled ends facing machine by DANOBAT was designed for applications that involve working with...

milling drilling center - WINLINE-5000

The Window and door machining center WINLINE-5000 Series is manufactured by Koch Technology GmbH...

milling drilling center - Banc acier CNC 6500 M

CNC Machining focus M arrangement has 800 kg limit table with 3 T spaces or clips of 470 x 6.500 mm size. The axle velocity ranges from 8000 RPM to...

milling drilling center - max. ø 60 mm | BW series

Designed with the assistance of the FE-method, our standard...

milling drilling center / vertical - 180

Tarus' new Gantry Tube Sheet and Baffle Machining Center.


milling drilling center - max. 450 x 260 x 110 mm | PICOMAX® 20, PICOMAX® 20-M

The PICOMAX 20 and PICOMAX 20-M (with feed table) fulfills even the highest requirements for maximum precision and handiness of state-of-the-art...

milling drilling center / vertical - 430 x 350 x 465 mm | MAC-V1E

X-Axis Travel (Saddle Longitudinal) 430mm

milling drilling center / vertical - max. 2 000 Χ 1 000 Χ 800 mm | VZ Quick series

The VZ quick series is a vertical machining center that is characterized by its optimum reliability and optimum quality....

milling drilling center / vertical - max. 600 Χ 400 Χ 500 mm | BZ series

The latest generation of the vertical drilling and milling centres of production series WEMAS BA and BZ is a complete line of highly dynamic and productive machining centres. The main fields of application of these machines are...

milling drilling center / vertical - max. 600 Χ 400 Χ 500 mm | BZ series

Series product, developed and produced by ROMAI for a prestigious German...

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