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The optional kit provides enlargement or reduction of the working range, in the SuperCombinata. The unit...

variable-angle machining head - ø 400 - 800 mm

The Variable-angle machining head is manufactured by ELSA S.R.L. The kit enables...

5-axis machining head - 5 - 30 kW

HSD provides 5-axis machining head that is especially designed for working wood, plastic, aluminium, marble and metals....

machining unit - BEX4

BEX 4 is a machining spindle machine that is designed for applications requiring high demands when it comes to cutting velocities, surface finish and precision. The 3 speed ranges extend up to 40,000 RPM, while the double ceramic bearing configuration contributes towards...

machining unit - BEX15

The Model BEX 15 is a machining unit developed by Somex. It is built with high precision turning spindle suitable for speeds up to 18000 RPM. The unit is built with adapter flange for the...

machining unit - MAX40B

The MAX40B is one of the Somex's machining spindles....

machining unit - MAX45B

The Machining Spindle Model MAX45B is manufacture...

machining unit - MAX100B

The MAX100B by Somex is a Machining unit which comes with a spindle device....

variable-angle machining head - MFH

The MFH is specifically designed to provide a good quality performance and functionality....

variable-angle machining head - KEW

The KEW from Sir Meccanica is a unit used for the machining of pins and cylindrical projecting bodies. The construction with several degrees of freedom, framed onto the body to be machined, enables the set...

variable-angle machining head - ø 200 mm | SKU 200

The SKU 200 is manufactured by PEISELER. This variable-angle machining...

variable-angle machining head - ø 520 mm | SKU 520

Peiseler's SKU 520 is a NC swivel head designed to combine the machining...

variable-angle machining head - ø 355 mm | SKD 355

The SKD 35 provides 50 revolutions each minute. The unit offers a unit weight of 310 kg, and content capacity...

milling head - 4000 rpm / 37 kW / 1200 Nm

Designed as technological accessory for Tos Varnsdorf machines, the milling head comes with 2 axes...

milling head - 3000 rpm / 32 kW / 1000 Nm

The Milling head is manufactured by TOS VARNSDORF. The product has machining of surfaces that...

milling head - 3500 rpm / 22 kW / 300 Nm

The HV/V is utilized in the universal machining and positioning to the general angle in...

machining unit - LD 650

The LD 650 model is a machining unit developed by TOS VARNSDORF. It is a facing...

milling head - max. 16 000 rpm

The electrohead is designed with a HSK-A100 tool clamping, and an automatic tool...

machining unit - HSK series

The HSK series by Hstec is a tool holder which is designed for automation of production processes such as multi turret heads, machining...

machining unit - max. ø 25 mm | BEM 25 H

The BEM 25 H is a machining unit which is a combination of a quill feed design and a hydraulic feed control system. It also includes an integrated four-point clamping set for manual...

machining unit - max. ø 28 mm | BEM 28

The BEM 28 series is manufactured by Suhner Automation, and is a machining tool that comes with a three-phase AC motor. The unit...

CNC machining unit / 1-axis - max. ø 16 mm | BEA 16 CNC

The BEA 16 CNC is a machining unit that is an autonomous and programmable. It allows to work all types of machining functions such as drilling, reaming, tapping and countersinking. The working cycles can be programmed...

CNC machining unit / 1-axis - max. ø 25 mm | BEA 25 CNC

These quill feed units are made by SUHNER for over half a century that lead to the standardization of 4 basic types of machining units based on a modular component concept with common spindle housing, drive elements, quill and spindle, etc. All types of spindle motion...

machining unit - max. ø 15 mm | BEX 15

The BEX 15 is a unit manufactured by Suhner company. It is a machining spindle...

double milling head - ø 14 mm, M12 | CMX 33

The CMX 33 Accuracy, gainfulness and intensity. The product has palletised...

variable-angle machining head - max. ø 300 mm, max. 50 rpm | MD-M series

The MD-M series from LCM is a range of tilting heads used for milling. The unit...

variable-angle machining head - max. 90 rpm | MD-T series

The MD-T from LCM is a line of tilting heads...

CNC machining unit / 3-axis - 300 - 400 mm

Special machining center modules are 3 axes modules for various machining applications. These high accuracy...

CNC machining head / 5-axis / universal - 40 - 120 m/min | XT 300 S

XT 300S is the most compact version of the T-Arm series,...

CNC machining head / 5-axis / universal - 25 - 75 m/min | XT 500 S

XT 500S is a medium size parallel kinematic solution...

CNC machining head / 5-axis / universal - 35 - 100 m/min | XT 700 S

With it's 2 m. working envelope and 35 kW spindle, XT700 S is the answer to many...

CNC machining head / 5-axis / universal - 35 - 100 m/min | XT 1100 S

XT 1100S is the biggest version of T-Arm series, with a 3 m. working...

CNC machining head / 5-axis / universal - 35 - 100 m/min | XT 1100 S

These high-performance single and twin-axis roughing and finishing heads are available in various models....

milling head - Duo-Lock™

A variety of the newest milling geometries have become available with the new HAIMER Duo-Lock™....

machining unit - SUMO

360 ° integral dust hood directs chips straight up        

right-angle machining head - 25 Nm | MOULDER

Application: For heavy duty moulding or profiling...

universal milling head - 30 Kw, 4.000 rpm | U-22

The U-22 universal head is engineered with a 30 Kw power head, and a cone that is...

milling head - 1 500 Nm, 40 kW | UAG

The head is a head orthogonal UAG automatic indexing positions 2.5 ° for the body B (intermediate body) and 2.5 ° C for the body (head).
Summary table of technical characteristics:


universal milling head - 1500 Nm | UDG

Hypatia's automatic head UDG features a rotation resistance torque of 350Nm to the body. Its maximum torque is 1.500Nm. The standard power head of...

universal milling head - 40 kW | A UA 360

Taper ISO 50 - Big Plus
Max. Speed RPM 5.000
Max. Power kW...

variable-angle machining head - 40 kW | A UA 360.000

Taper ISO 50 - Big Plus
Max. Speed RPM 5.000
Max. Clamping Torque...

right-angle machining head - 40 kW | A VA 360

Taper ISO 50 - Big Plus
Max. Speed RPM 5.000

right-angle machining head - 15 kW | VLA 360 ISO50

Taper ISO 50
Max. Speed RPM...

right-angle machining head - 10 kW | VLA 360 ISO40

Taper ISO 40
Max. Speed RPM...

indexing milling head - max. 3 000 - 5 000 rpm

UC-O40 UC-U40 UC-V45
Swiveling axes 2 2 1
Indexing 1 degree, by Hirth ring (360 cogs) 1 degree, by Hirth ring (360 cogs) 1 degree, by Hirth ring (360 cogs)


How to choose this product


Milling heads hold and rotate the cutting tool on special or custom-built machining centers. Multiple movement options may allow for four- or five-axis machining.


These devices are suitable for all types of milling operations, whether they are horizontally or vertically mounted.


Such accessories can be either continuous or indexing types. They offer two to five rotational axes for complex milling operations. The continuous type is capable of uninterrupted machining as the head axis changes. The index type first positions the milling cutter on the correct axis, then starts the milling operation. They can handle the machining of aluminum, steel, plastic, wood and stone.

How to choose

Be sure to determine the number of rotational axes, spindle speed, torque and the type of material being machined when selecting a milling head.

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