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The Y- axis stroke from 410 mm (16.14”) up to 650 mm (60.00”) and the maximum...


The simplicity for the turning of prototypes and small series, the technology for the performance

The strengths

• ISO programming, industry standard.

• Allows the main turning operations (trimming, turning grooving, boring, drilling, threading,...


The EMCO MAXXTURN 25 is the ideal solution for comprehensive machining of tiny parts. It is a compact, inexpensive and high accuracy device. It is appropriate...


The LT2000 EX range from Okumas is known for higher adaptability and cost-effective twin spindle turning center in the 6-inch chuck class. It can blend the upper and lower turrets using any one of the spindles for adaptability,...

This highly flexible, horizontal twin spindle turning center by Okuma is part of the eight-inch chuck class and has the ability to combine lower and upper torrents with either spindle.



Made by DMG MORI, this compact two-axis CNC lathe is suitable for turning, milling, center...

The CL-253 is a two-axis CNC lathe machine with a compact build. The system specifications...


●Thanks to the B-axis control, virtually any angle can be indexed and processed by NC programs
- Drilling


The largest three-axis turning centre in the Tornado range, the Tornado T10M has a 600mm swing over bed, 82.5mm bar capacity and maximum turned length of 540mm and maximum turned diameter of 360mm.

The Tornado T10M is packed with advanced features, including a powerful 12- driven tool turret with VDI 40 tooling system. This is suitable for every turning application,...


Based on the Ergo 200 but featuring an even more powerful spindle and an ASA 6" spindle nose, the Ergo 215 offers more torque at lower rpm for heavy machining jobs.


Automatic loading/unloading of workpieces by the pick-up spindle, making every machine autonomous.

Compact and precise, the Ergo 200 is designed to machine mechanical parts sized up to 150mm of all shapes and materials. The pick-up spindle automatically loads workpieces, repeatedly ensuring their exact positioning, while maximizing machining quality and output.


Automatic loading/unloading of workpieces by the pick-up...

The showpiece of the Ergo family, the Ergo 260 is intuitive and easy to use. Designed to machine parts sized up to 200mm, its unbeatable flexibility makes it an ideal choice for both small businesses and major manufacturers. The versatility of the model means it can be used as a stand-alone machine or inserted into a production line, making it the perfect solution for all your machining...

Based on the Ergo 260 but with an even more powerful spindle and ASA 8" spindle nose, the Ergo 315 delivers more torque at low rpm for heavy machining jobs, for parts sized up to 300mm in diameter.


Automatic loading/unloading of workpieces by the pick-up spindle, making every machine autonomous.

The Ergo 400 is designed to machine mechanical parts sized up to 400mm. Micrometric precision is guaranteed by Famar’s patent-protected bedframe. Made of ERW steel with closed-loop stabilization and filled with a special polymer concrete, the bedframe lends extreme rigidity and stability to the machine, while extensively absorbing the vibrations...

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