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drum pump / normal priming / mixing
drum pump
F 426

... adjusting lever, the pump can be easily adjusted to "mixing" or "pumping". The pump is easy to dismantle for rapid cleaning. The pump is available in stainless steel ...

adhesive pump / pneumatic / double-diaphragm / heavy-duty
adhesive pump

Pressure: 0 psi - 125 psi

The AODD is manufactured by Lincoln, and is a twin-inlet, air-operated, twin-diaphragm pump that is ideal for constant usage in intensive vehicle service, and as well as industrial operations. The unit has been specifically ...

water pump / double-diaphragm / mixing
water pump

This 50/50 Mixing of Antifreeze & Water features a one-inch diaphragm pump with two inlets (3/4-inch NPTF) that provides synchronous pumping and blending of antifreeze and water with a 1:1 ratio. It also ...

mixing pump / for concrete / electric / self-priming
mixing pump
SSL 15

Normet SSL 15 pump is a mixing unit mounted onto a rotor-stator pump for the application of TamCrete SSL. The pump is electrical driven, available for different voltage ...

chemical pump / paint / acid / for solvents
chemical pump

Pressure: 10, 30 bar

ViscoTec dispenser 3VMP18, as a volumetric dispensing pump for larger volumes, ensures smooth and reliable product supplying of abrasive, high-filled or shear sensitive material - with a repeatability of +/- 1 %! Absolutely ...

beverage pump / for dairy products / for cream / whey
beverage pump

Flow: 0.03 l/min - 66.4 l/min
Pressure: 1 bar - 20 bar

ViscoTec dosing and filling pump type RD-hygienic for food and cosmetics is a volumetric conveying pump based on the endless piston principle. Suitable for discontinuous or continuous pulsation-free metering ...

adhesive pump / electric / progressive cavity / low-vibration
adhesive pump
NEMO® B.Max®

Flow: 0 m³/h - 70 m³/h
Pressure: 0 bar - 48 bar

... setting new standards with its maximum mixing and conveying capabilities for biosubstrates. It is the result of continued development work on the NETZSCH NEMO® Progressing Cavity Pump with hopper and ...

resin pump / piston / mixing / volumetric dispensing
resin pump

DEMAK Piston pumps are really precise and guarantee the perfect simultaneously arrival of the components to the mixing system. The piston pumps grant the right ratio and can be used ...

resin pump / gear / mixing / volumetric dispensing
resin pump

The Gear pumps are mainly used when we need to decrease the back-pressure of the products (i.e. foam materials). These pumps are suggested for sealing applications requiring a continuous and homogeneous ...

water pump / for chemicals / slurry / for lubricants
water pump

Flow: 650 m³/h
Pressure: 8 bar
Head: 80 m

Series of two-chamber volumetric pumps of traditional design made in size from 1/4″ to 2″ in polypropylene construction. All executions are suitable to operate in explosive atmospheres according to ATEX Zone 2 standards. Capacity: ...

chemical pump / magnetic-drive / centrifugal / for laboratories
chemical pump

Flow: 910, 850 l/min
Pressure: 8 bar
Head: 65, 48 m

This series of thermoplastic or fluorinated polymers pumps is available in both sealless (TMR) or sealed (ZMR) version for pumping various chemical liquids even if laden with impurities and solids. Mainly by the quantity ...

alcohol pump / for adhesives / acid / for solvents
alcohol pump

Flow: 1.28 l/h - 12000 l/h
Pressure: 0 bar - 500 bar

chemical pump / paint / acid / for adhesives
chemical pump

Flow: 1.28 l/h - 12000 l/h
Pressure: 15 bar

Pumps of the CHEM - series are preferably used for dosing and metering tasks. Especially in chemistry these pumps are used for pumping and dosing of various media. These pump are ...

electric pump / compact / mixer
electric pump

Flow: 7 l/min - 40 l/min

The all new SP 11 LMR / TMR is a compact, lightweight worm pump specially designed to achieve outstanding performance, simply operation and easy servicing. It is suitable for use with site-mixes or pre-mixed interior ...

electric pump / worm gear / compact / mixer
electric pump

Flow: 7 l/min - 40 l/min

The all new SP 11 LMR / TMR is a compact, lightweight worm pump specially designed to achieve outstanding performance, simply operation and easy servicing. It is suitable for use with site-mixes or pre-mixed interior ...

worm gear pump / diesel engine / compact / adjustable
worm gear pump

Flow: 0 m³/h - 15 m³/h
Pressure: 20 bar
Power: 22.7 kW

... anhydrite floor screed and cement floor screed. The pump is loaded with fresh mortar from the truck mixer or other external mixers. Equipment features: Hydraulically driven, reversible worm ...

electric pump / centrifugal / mixing
electric pump

Based on the proven centrifugal pumps of the Fristam FP range, the shear pump has a new, efficient mixing method. A rotor/stator system which operates at tip speeds of up to 38 m/s is ...

water pump / stepper motor-driven / diaphragm / for water treatment
water pump
DDI series

Flow: 75 l/h - 150 l/h

... care of by the pump. The system's power-packed microelectronics and radical speed-regulated drive give accurate and consistent dosing, perfect mixing of materials and optimum performance. The digital ...

wastewater pump / electric / centrifugal / submersible
wastewater pump
SRP series

Flow: 0 m³/h - 5000 m³/h
Head: 0 m - 21 m
Power: 0.8 kW - 24 kW

... SRP is part of Grundfos range of recirculation pumps that is developed to handle large flows with low heads and is ideal for wastewater treatment plants and flood control. The three main variants of this pump ...

quaternary pump / for solvents / for food products / electric
quaternary pump
1260 Infinity II

Flow: 0.01 l/min
Pressure: 200 bar - 600 bar

... selected flow rate. Presenting access to maximum of four solvents, the 1260 Infinity Quaternary Pump offers the maximum suppleness in automatic solvent mixing and is suggested for an extensive array of ...

grout pump / electric / screw / mixer
grout pump
ZP 3 XL series

Flow: 6 l/min - 45 l/min
Pressure: 0 bar - 30 bar
Head: 0 m - 100 m

PFT ZP 3 XL is the right choice if you require an universal suitable conveying pump. The intermediate mortar pump conveys premixed plasters, mortars or floor screeds mixed by a horizontal mixer, batch ...

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Knauf PFT GmbH & Co. KG
remote control pump / grout / electric / screw
remote control pump

Flow: 26 l/min
Pressure: 0 bar - 20 bar
Head: 0 m - 40 m

... need to mix traditional mortar on the job site. The intermediate mortar pump PFT ZP 3 XL MIX pumps plasters masonry mortars or floor screeds mixed by the integrated batch mixer directly ...

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Knauf PFT GmbH & Co. KG
solvent pump / electric / 2-piston / analytical
solvent pump
AZURA P 6.1L series

Flow: 0 l/min - 0.05 l/min
Pressure: 200, 300, 400, 700, 1000 bar

... cost-effective isocratic version for easy routine analyses. An excellent separation with small particle size columns can be achieved with the newly developed pump heads featuring an extended back pressure ...

chemical pump / pneumatic / diaphragm / mixing
chemical pump

... Pamasol diaphragm pump has been developed to fill suspensions with HFA 134a or 227. It is specially appropriated to pump the suspension continuously from the mixing tank to the machine ...

diesel engine pump / screw / liquid-cooled / mixing
diesel engine pump

Flow: 0 l/min - 60 l/min

... The high capacity mixer (180 l) with DUST CONTROL design paddles reduce dust emission while mixing - AQUA CONTROL electronic water meter (optional) for easy and quick adjusting of water quantity to be ...

food product pump / electric / 2-piston / mixing
food product pump
0.001 – 8 mL/min | HPG-3x00RS

... Separation LC Pump HPG-3x00RS operates at ultrahigh backpressures and high flow rates simultaneously. Achieve the highest separation efficiency in combination with long, small bore ≤ 2 μm columns, or ...

food product pump / electric / 2-piston / quaternary
food product pump
0.2 - 10 mL/min | LPG-3400SD

The UltiMate® 3000 Quaternary Analytical Pump LPG-3400SD is the pump of choice for flexibility across a broad range of analytical LC applications, with the highest degree of choice in eluent proportioning ...

paint pump / pneumatic / double-diaphragm / self-priming
paint pump
VA series

Flow: 56 l/min - 60 l/min
Pressure: 0 bar - 7 bar

... diaphragm pump (split manifold) allows the pump chambers to operate as two different pumps. The separation of the chambers allows the pumping of two fluids simultaneously or the mixing ...

acid pump / centrifugal / self-priming / mixing
acid pump
DN 25 - 65 | RSKu

Flow: max 55.0 m³/h

... discharge nozzle, the mixing process carries on continuously until the suction line is completely free of air and the normal delivery of liquid begins. The back pull out unit is identical with that of the standardised ...