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Jungheinrich mobile racking systems have engines allowing the rack to be moved using rail guidance to areas where there is a demand for...

tubular shelving / mobile / archive - max. 1 800 x 1 240 x 1 000 mm | Prospace+

The seven tubular shelves are 1,240 and 970mm wide and 2,200mm high....

mobile shelving / compact / archive - max. 250 mm | Proroll

Proroll system is a storage solution available with...

mobile shelving / desk - max. 362 mm | Transarc

Provost Transarc sliding office shelving 362mm Proroll system is a...

desk shelving / mobile - max. 362 mm | Proroll

Proroll system can be used to increase filing and storage capacities. It is a...

desk shelving / mobile - max. 362 mm | Proroll

SSI Schaefer's pallet mobile racking systems are heavy load systems with a modular design which enables user-defined configurations....

desk shelving / mobile - max. 362 mm | Proroll

The Mobile racking systems is manufactured by SSI SCHAEFER. The product is utilized to store documents, clothing,...

desk shelving / mobile - max. 362 mm | Proroll

The portable shelving system has been designed and manufactured by SSI Schaefer, to deliver flexibility, adaptability and enhanced safety in light cargo storage applications. The electrically controlled shelving system encompasses the ultra-advanced Radio frequency identification-...

mobile shelving / electric - COMPATTA

Compatta mobile shelves on rails,m is a mobile racking is one of the special and perfect useful item to use. It is very much easy to...

mobile shelving / compact - COMPATTA

The COMPATTA is a system comprising of mobile shelves on rails that can be used in decreasing service aisles to a nominal amount. It also enables the use of double the space that needs to be...

mobile shelving / compact - COMPATTA

Kardex Remstar 's Mobile Shelving High Density Office Storage and filing system provides solution to office storage like all types of filing from A4 and foolscap to CD's, lever arch, disks,...

mobile shelving / compact - COMPATTA

The Sliding Shelf Units are manufactured by Lista, and offers double the storage space that are pushed together and opened only where something...

mobile shelving - Movirack

The Movirack system ensures complete space and storage management. The shelving units are made compact and easily accessible without giving up direct and easy...

mobile shelving / archive - Movibloc

Movibloc mobile shelving is an innovatively-designed product, geared to optimize space utilization and provide extremely feasible solutions for creating order and arrangement in warehouses and plants. The shelving units...

mobile shelving / archive - Movibloc

The Mobile Cantilever when placed on mobile bases can enhance the space capacity. It has a wheeled...

mobile shelving / compact - MOBI-CLASS

The Mobile Shelves by Electroclass is highly designed to provide a good quality and functionality for very specific purposes. The shelves are made...

mobile shelving / compact / desk / archive - max. 2 500 x 700 mm | Rollcadd

ALL MECA mobile systems are equipped with latest control systems and provide effective storage solutions for short storage spaces combining safety...

mobile shelving / compact / desk / archive - max. 2 500 x 700 mm | Rollcadd

The Mobile Cantilever Racks are utilized for light loads and it has no aisle within the racks. It has rapid,silent, high exploitation of storing space...

mobile shelving / compact / desk / archive - max. 2 500 x 700 mm | Rollcadd

The OHRA Mobile pallet racks offers 100% more storage capacity compared to standard pallet racks. These racks promise smooth and economic storage facility. They are suited for middle to high storage-volumes. It also promises protection against dirt, moisture...

mobile shelving - Box Mobil

Mobile racks are now proving to be the most efficient and quickest way to increase storage capacity in a warehouse. A single remote control uses electric drive to, set in motion...

mobile shelving - Box Mobil

In contrast to conventional storage in fi xed shelving units, where service gangways between the individual shelves are necessary, usually only one gangway is necessary with sliding shelf units. And the gangway can be opened eff ortlessly wherever it is needed, by moving one or more shelf units on their...

mobile shelving - Box Mobil

ELVEDI mobile system almost double your storage...

mobile shelving - 406 x 1 591 x 1 530 mm | T.UB1600C

weight : 162 lbs. - 74 kg
Size: 16"x62 5/8"x60 1/4" - 406x1591x1530)
Load capacity:...

mobile shelving - 1 380 x 560 x 1 850 mm

4 wire shelves

mobile shelving - 1 380 x 560 x 1 850 mm

The CORNIX mobile shelving systems (1) create more available...

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