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gasoline tank / polyethylene / mobile / distribution
gasoline tank

Capacity: 60 l - 95 l

polyethylene tank / for food products / mobile / cleaning
polyethylene tank

Capacity: 135 l

The rotoXF135 is a heavy duty, industrial quality, food grade, plastic trough with a stainless steel mobile frame. Ideal for handling food produce and for the cleaning of utensils and apparatus this plastic trough unit ...

cooling tank / for milk / polyurethane foam / stainless steel
cooling tank
FV series

Capacity: 100 l - 1,050 l

The portable tanks (FV) is entirely made of stainless steel W.Nr.1.4301 and is insulated with an environmentally safe polyurethane foam without CFC. Types of tanks FV and suitable trolleys

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Plevnik D.O.O. Engineering and production
fuel tank / metal / mobile / truck-mounted
fuel tank

low-viscosity material tank / metal / pressure / mobile
low-viscosity material tank

Capacity: 16, 24 l
Pressure: 8 bar

... 2 pressure reducers with pressure gauges for adjusting the material and working pressure Spritzboy 24: with galvanised vessel Large wheels and stable frame provide a high degree of mobility Different versions ...

semi-trailer tank / metal / mobile / bitumen storage
semi-trailer tank

... are mounted on a semi-trailer for the heating and storing of bitumen. It is equipped with a thermal oil heater and horizontal tank type TH. A gear pump and possible loading arm can be fitted for the filling, draining ...

fuel tank / polyethylene / mobile / transport
fuel tank
TTE series

Capacity: 125, 220, 430, 600 l

... transportable tanks of the "TT Easy" series are light in weight, compact and easy to use. They are made in linear polyethylene and are fully fitted with dispensing system to perform refuelling operations rapidly wherever ...

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AMA S.p.A.
mixing tank / PP / mobile / process
mixing tank

Capacity: 50 l - 450 l

... ship pre-engineered agitated tanks for biopharma use. pre-engineered, included cGMP document package USP VI PP tank resin, polished 316Lss mixer wetted parts 125gal design — good for 50-450liter ...

tank for the food industry / stainless steel / mobile / cooling
tank for the food industry
100.55, 100.56 series

Capacity: 250, 300, 350, 400, 500 l

Cooling basin made of stainless steel, with stand pipe. Reinforced base with 2 guide and 2 fixed rolls 160 mm Ø of polyamide. Wheel casing stainless steel.

paint tank / for food products / stainless steel / mobile
paint tank
CI 150

Capacity: 150 l - 150 l

... several tanks work foreseeable Temperature take-off Vacuum or pressurized tank Double cover tank (helicoids or coil) Triple insulating cover tank Foot, wheel or ...

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VORTEX Agitateurs et Mélangeurs
food product tank / stainless steel / mobile / transport
food product tank
Z 640 300

-4 pivoted wheels. -Botton reinforced with 3 mm stainless steel. -Optional: with dripguard. Meets USDA standars.

cleaner tank / for liquids / plastic / mobile
cleaner tank

Transport Orbio® Multi-Surface Cleaner to remote filling stations with ease Safely move large amounts of ready-to-use 5000-Sc solution using 100-T or 200-T solution transport trolleys. These durable trolleys help you distribute cleaning ...

asphalt tank / metal / mobile / vertical
asphalt tank

... Heated Bitumen (E-Bit) Tanks are simple to install and economical in terms of procurement, operation and maintenance. Depending on customer requirements, Ammann can supply stationary standing tanks or ...

mobile tank / oil / for high-temperature applications / high-pressure
mobile tank

Capacity: 300 l - 10,000 l
Pressure: 16 bar

ATTSU Mobile Tank for Thermal Oil at high temperature and pressure Capacity from 300 liters up to 10,000 liters. - Manufactured according to ASME Standards - Design temperature at 300 ºC - Design ...

mixing tank / glass / mobile / flexible
mixing tank

Capacity: 30 l - 400 l
Pressure: -1 bar - 0.5 bar

... coating according to ATEX is available. Depending on the application, Glass tanks, mixing vessel and reactors vary a lot in their design. A selection of standardised vessels including ...

recovered materials tank / fuel / stainless steel / mobile
recovered materials tank

Capacity: 90 l

The details that make the difference - Fuel retriever (petrol/diesel) with tank with trolley. - Functioning with Venturi system. - Stainless steel tank 90lt. - It drains and discharges the ...

storage tank / for bulk materials / cone-bottom / rectangular
storage tank
MT series

... The conveyors, blowers, spiral conveyors, automatic vacuum loader, centralized system, material inversion feeding, storage tank, dust separator, and etc., are necessary equipments for automatic transporting. We offer ...

carbon steel tank / mobile / pressure / for production
carbon steel tank
MT 700

Capacity: 700 l

They are mobile/fixed and open-top production tanks, made of AISI 304 SS or Carbon Steel, having a cylindrical body, 3 or 4 wheels/feet depending on the volume, handles on both sides, straight-domed, ...

mobile tank / shrinkage / vertical
mobile tank
ST 75

Capacity: 70 l

... board - Inlet plates for height adjustment - Plexiglas lid important when packing soups and sauces Options - Roller table - Exhaust hood