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CO2 detector / gas / infrared / portable
CO2 detector
AQ 110

The AQ 100 is an air quality analyser. The AQ 100 is designed to take accurate measurements of CO2 levels and temperatures. The unit features measuring range of 0 to 5000 ppm for CO2 and -20 to 80°C for temperature. The AQ 100 includes ...

carbon monoxide detector / gas / electrochemical / hand-held
carbon monoxide detector
CO 110

The CO meter is a measuring device manufactured by Kimo. It features a wired probe, hold-min-max controls, and an IP54 ABS compliant housing. Additionally, it comes with an adjustment certificate and a transport container. The device ...

carbon monoxide detector / gas / electrochemical / hand-held
carbon monoxide detector
CO 50

The COmeter is a measuring device manufactured by Kimo. It features a built-in probe, a hold control, and an IP54 ABS compliant housing. Additionally, it comes with an adjustment certificate and a transport container. The device has ...

monitoring monitor / carbon monoxide / infrared / with digital display
monitoring monitor
9100 series

... cross-stack, infrared carbon monoxide (CO) monitor suitable for use in a wide range of industrial combustion efficiency applications. Developed based on AMETEK Land’s decades of experience in carbon ...

carbon monoxide detector / fire / for industrial applications / process
carbon monoxide detector

... monoxide detector designed to provide early warning of spontaneous combustion in pulverisers for coal and biomass. Specifically designed for early detection of potential fire risk in pulverizing mills ...

conductivity detector / monitoring
conductivity detector

Reliable, Accurate Corrosion Monitoring The DCC1000e is a degassed cation conductivity system that provides ASTM D4519-compliant conductivity measurements for cycle chemistry monitoring. It ensures water ...

carbon monoxide detector / TDL / probe / monitoring
carbon monoxide detector
GPro 500

... efficient combustion control applications. By allowing trim control operation mode, the excess air limit can be lowered and adapted to changing conditions without jeopardizing safety. Fast CO monitoring ...

presence detector / fiber optic / beam / monitoring
presence detector
E32 series

Area monitoring fiber sensor headsThe area monitoring fibers allow the detection of objects passing anywhere through the detection range and can be used for height comparisons of different objects.Area ...

presence detector / UWB Doppler radar / hand-held / wireless
presence detector
Oleavision- human presence detector

... intelligent sensors and analytic software for sensor network-based systems, announced the OleaVisionTM in-Vehicle Life Presence Detector, a platform for developing an in-cabin device to prevent hot car deaths of kids ...

carbon dioxide detector / NDIR / gas / indoor
carbon dioxide detector
CO2 Monitor - CM2

The CM2 model is manufactured by Grillo-Messgeraete, and is a carbon dioxide (CO2) detector that is utilized to monitor the air quality in rooms. It has an indoor air quality with dual wavelength NDIR ...

particle detector / for filter monitoring
particle detector

... and environmental monitoring. This particulate monitoring includes a control unit, a sensor and a coaxial cable. It works continuously for emission monitoring, bag house filter leak ...

gamma detector / radiation / portable / monitoring
gamma detector

... installation in a number of OEM, customer and integrator applications. These self-contained detectors are ready made for portal monitoring and other radiation monitoring applications.

irradiance detector / radiation / thermal / monitoring
irradiance detector

... ) without the requirement of a sun-tracker. It features a rotating mirror, which only reflects the sunbeam onto a thermal detector. The pulsed analog output can work with dataloggers with a pulsed analog input or peak ...

flammable gas detector / gas / flame ionization / monitoring
flammable gas detector

LEL MONITORING, DETECTION OF FLAMMABLE GASES IN EXPLOSIVE ATMOSPHERES Analyzer model Sagittarius2000, the highest analytical quality for the LEL concentration monitoring in dryers, ovens and ducts, developed ...

toxic gas detector / portable / with digital display / monitoring
toxic gas detector
Multitec 560

The Multitec® 560 is manufactured by Sewerin, and is a combined gas warning and measuring device that is suitable for the preventative inspection of the atmosphere in work areas like engine pits, silage tanks and shaft constructions. ...

dust monitor / gas / optical / laser
dust monitor

... Temperature: <250℃ Human-machine Interaction:OLCD display Applications Apply to dust monitoring in low temperature and high humidity conditions, the workshop dust monitoring

hydrogen detector / gas / wall-mounted / with audible alarm
hydrogen detector

SBS-H2 Hydrogen Detector comes with precise hydrogen sensor,visual and audible alarms to accurately monitor the hydrogen levels in a given periphery.It features relays for remote connection monitoring ...

tritium detector / for ambient air
tritium detector

For controlled combustion a new device has been developed by ERALY and Associes to use in the mineralization of gaseous, solid, and liquid samples. Tritium 3H, Carbon 14C, Iodine 1291, Chlorine 36CL are what the device ...

hole detector / infrared / scanning / compact
hole detector

he GLSL system consists of the two components light transmitters and light receiver. The light-transmitter emitts ray an invisible, modulated infra-red light screen out. The receiver consists of a lining up of receiver modules. Sensitivity ...

oxygen detector / gas / fail-safe / industrial
oxygen detector

The Teledynes 3350 is an Oxygen (O2) monitor developed by TAI. It is specifically designed for control room purposes. This monitor provides accurate measurements of oxygen concentrations in control rooms, ...

iodine monitor / fixed / for ambient air
iodine monitor
FHT 1702 series

... Scientific™ FHT 1702 Iodine Monitor. Designed for various air contamination monitoring applications as well as for immission and emission measurements, the FHT device monitors gaseous iodine activity ...

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Thermo Scientific - Environmental Monitoring
motion detector / radar / monitoring / automatic
motion detector
GC 304 SF

Radar movement detector GC 304 SF with individual setting options and integrated self-monitoring for emergency exits The GEZE GC 304 SF is used on internal and external automatic doors. Due to individual ...

dust detector / automatic / for ambient air
dust detector

Overview For monitoring quality control of manufactured high-purity gases at air separation and semiconductor plants GA-370 provides constant, ultrahigh-sensitivity and high-precision monitoring ...

tritium detector / gas / digital / stand-alone
tritium detector

The TAM100 ion chamber-based Tritium monitor can either be stand-alone or have a separate (optional) ADM600 series digital display and control unit for remote operation. The TAM100D version is calibrated and displays ...

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Canberra Industries
vehicle detector / methane / propane / gas
vehicle detector
GasCar Laser

Laser-Gas detection vehicle for fast and effective pipelinenetwork monitoring of underground pipelines in road areas. The main advantages of the second generation Esders GasCar (EGC) using a Laser sensor system are: Selective ...

gas detector / infrared / monitoring / fixed
gas detector
Statox 501 LC IR / MC IR

... component such as the lamp or the detector fails, the system will recognise this as 100 % absorption (an alarm situation). Most infrared gas detectors are designed as so - called NDIR (Non Dispersive ...

dissolved oxygen detector / optical / monitoring / process
dissolved oxygen detector

Optical Dissolved Oxygen (DO) Meter for Continuous Monitoring and Control 5500D monitors and their optical probes proved to be a valuable tool for the management of super-intensive shrimp culture, ...

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YSI Life Sciences
alpha radiation detector / radiation / monitoring / corona
alpha radiation detector

... -07 POSHUK search dosimeter radiometer and within automated systems of radiation monitoring of ECOTEST trademark developed by our company. BDPA-07 alpha radiation detector is supplied to the customers ...

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Sparing-Vist Center
CO detector / O2 / VOC / multi-gas
CO detector

... powerful hand-held PID gas monitor is capable of simultaneously monitoring up to 6 gases. 6 Gas Monitor, PID gas monitor with simultaneous detection and display. Dual VOC display ...

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RKI Instruments