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stepper motor controller - 24 - 80 VDC | Nstep®

The AEROTECH's Nstep is a stepper controller with 2 or 4 axes that is compatible with any standard stepper drive. Contoured motion is made possible through motion...

servo motor controller / stepper - 15 - 30 V | C-663 Mercury™

The C-663 Mercury Step Controller from PIEZO provides services with multi-axis control through 16 mercury class controllers...

stepper motor controller - CANOpen, USB, RS-232C

The CM10 is a controller module that can be added onto a driver. This will create a special integrated controller on the driver. It may be added to serial ports and only takes a moment to install as it can be placed directly onto...

stepper motor controller - DIN, 24 VDC

SG8030JY-D are ORIENTAL MOTOR'S highly durable and very efficient step motor controllers...

stepper motor controller - Network Converter, EtherCAT

The NETC01 Network Converter is a hig- efficiency device that is very simple to connect and straightforward...

stepper motor controller - Network Converter, EtherCAT

The SCX11 Series Universal Controller is a simple device that offers unparalleled efficiency...

stepper motor controller - 24 - 64 VDC, 10 A | ACOPOSmicro

The ACOPOSmicro drive system can handle a broad range of drives using...

stepper motor controller - CANOpen, USB, RS-232C | CM10 series

The CM10 represents a simple "snap-on" solution for adding integrated controller to any standard pulse-input driver. This unit covers a range of serial ports and features two...

stepper motor controller - CANopen, USB, RS-232C, E/A | SCX11 series

The SCX11 from Oriental Motor is very functional and is a sophisticated controller incorporating program editing...

stepper motor controller - DIN, 24 VDC | SG8030 series

The SG8030 Series controllers are step motor controller units that were designed to...

stepper motor controller - USB, RS-232C, CANopen | SCX11

The SCX11 Universal Controller has sophisticated program editing and execution functions....

stepper motor controller - RS-232C | EMP400 series

The EMP400 Series controllers feature 6 programmable outputs and 8 programmable inputs. The controllers can be configured through a regular RS-232C port or from a computer...

stepper motor controller - SG8030 series

The SG8030 Series has three main features. First is the "Jerk Limiting Control" function, which decreases vibrations during motor drive and stop. This suitable for driving a belt pulley,...

stepper motor controller - max. 6.8 A | Lexium SD3 Series

The SD3, which is a universally applicable stepper drive from Schneider Electric, has a very compact and high performance drive system made in combination with the three phase stepper motors by Schneider...

motor controller with integrated tandem drive-controller / universal / with flexible input configuration for sensors / with adaptive interface structure - MC800

The Multi-Axes-Motion-Controller MC800, is convincing by its high bandwidth and a very flexible bus architecture. In addition to the standardized onboard interfaces such any other on the automation market available interface and field bus can be connected via an optional expansion module. Miscellaneous Motion-Control-applications can be realized quickly and reliably by loading its optimized firmware....

compact motor controller / medium-voltage - 6 - 48 VDC | SFRG 05

The SFRG 05 Series of Intelligent Motor Controller, is designed for brushed DC motors applications....

stepper motor controller / multi-axis - USB / RS-485 | PMX-4EX-SA

The PMX-4EX-SA model is manufactured by Arcus Technology, and is a 4-axis controller which has a USB 2.0 and RS-485 communication. It has a 6M maximum pulse...

stepper motor controller / multi-axis - USB / RS-485 | PMX-4CX-SA

Stand-alone 4-axis Controller with USB 2.0 and RS-485 Communication

4 Axis Basic Motion Controller

stepper motor controller / dual axis - USB / RS-485 | PMX-2EX-SA

The PMX-2EX-SA is a two-axis stepper motor controller that employs USB 2.0 and RS-485 for communications and possesses...

stepper motor controller - USB 2.0 / RS-485 | ACE-SXE

The ACE-SXE is an instrument manufactured by Arcus company. It is an axis controller with USB 2.0/RS-485....

stepper motor controller - USB 2.0 | ACE-SXC

The ACE-SXC Series, manufactured by Arcus, is a single axis controller equipped with...

stepper motor controller - 115 - 230 VAC, max. 4.2 A | IT 116 Mini / IT 116 Flash

The IT 116 is a flas step controller has a 32-bit RISC processor with Flash memory for user program. It has an final output stages first is step resolution and motor current adjustable via variable DIP switch...

stepper motor controller - 230 VAC, max. 6 A | iMC-P

The step controller iMC-P is a freely programmable compact controller with 4 final stages for 2-phase step motors. The device consists of interfaces, motor controllers, voltage supplies and output stages. It also features...

stepper motor controller / multi-axis - 100 - 250 VAC, 2.8 - 7.8 A | iMC-S8

The iMC-S8 is a freely programmable compact controller from Isel that is ideal for near or circular axes with 2-phase step motors. The device combines the essential units including power supply,...

stepper motor controller / multi-axis - USB 2.0, max.12 MHz | UMX series

The UMX series, manufactured by Pro-Dex®, is a motion controller for flash...

stepper motor controller - T-MCA series

The T-MCA series is manufactured by Zaber, and is a stepper motor controller which has a micro-step driver providing micro-stepping down to 128 micro-steps per step....

stepper motor controller - RS-232 | A-MCA series

The A-MCA Series Stepper Motor Controllers is range of microstep drivers offering microstepping down to 256 microsteps per step. It allows microstepping down to 51,200 microsteps per revolution through...

stepper motor controller / dual axis - A-MCB2 Series

The A-MCB2 controller is designed from the ground up with powerful yet easy-to-use features. It can drive two axes of...

BLDC motor controller - 120 W | Tinaxis Plus BL120

High performance and cost effective. Same model as BL125, without box.

Intelligent BLDC and DC controler, 40V/48V-5A (8A peak)
With integrated programable driver

With high speed incremental encoder interface


BLDC motor controller - 48 V, 4 A | Tinaxis Plus BL200

The Tinaxi Plus BL200 is a controller with an integrated programmable driver. It has the incremental...

BLDC motor controller - 48 V, 4 A | Tinaxis Plus BL200 DS

The BLDC motor controller Tinaxis Plus BL200 DS series is manufactured by Dynamic Motion SA. The product has...

BLDC motor controller - 48 V, 3 A | Tinaxis Plus BL57i150

The Tinaxis Plus BL57i150 is a BLDC motor controller, manufactured by Dynamic Motion. This product is equipped with an integrated...

BLDC motor controller - 48 V, 40 A | Tinaxis Plus BL960

The Tinaxis Plus BL960 is a brushless DC motor controller that is equipped with a programmable...

servo motor controller / stepper - 12 - 40 VDC, 0.2 - 2 A | R256

The R256 Series manufactured by LIN ENGINEERING is a single-axis driver or controller instrument. This device is characterized as a stand-alone...

stepper motor controller / servo - 12 - 40 VDC, 0.3 - 3 A | R356

The R356 series, manufactured by Lin Engineering®, is a single axis controller with a driver that is utilized with a +12 to 40 VDC...

stepper motor controller / multi-axis - 0.2 - 1.5 A, 15 - 48 VDC | R364

The PCB is a 3-axis step motor controller complete with driver, and the unit features phase currents of 0.2 to 1.5 Amps/Phase, which is software programmable. Operators can choose from software...

stepper motor controller / multi-axis - max. 9 A, 50 - 70 V | OMC/TMC

- Programmable stepper motor controller for 1 or 2 axes
- Bipolar control of 2-phase stepper motors
- Phase currents up to 9 APEAK
- Supply voltage 50 VAC to 70 VDC
- Step resolution up to 1/20 step
- RS 232 or RS 485 interface

stepper motor controller / multi-axis - 24 - 70 VDC | phyMOTION

The Multi-axis stepper motor controller phyMOTION Series is manufactured by Phytron GmbH. The products housing especially the bench, rail, sub rack or wall mounting is made of stainless steel that makes it durable....

stepper motor controller - 2 X 12 W, 8 - 24 V, 0.5 A, CAN, CANopen | IPS210

The IPS210 series is manufactured by Technosoft Motion, and is an intelligent stepper mini-drive with 0.5 A stepper or 1 A DC brush digital amplifier. It is programmable with high-level software...

servo motor controller / stepper - max. 25 A | iMD10 / iMD20 / iMD40

There are four iMD drive controllers: 10, 20, 30 and 40. The 10 model is an inexpensive final stage for DC motors. The 20 model is ideal for EC servo motors, and the 30 model is intended for use with two-phase step motors. The 40 drive...

stepper motor controller - 4.2 A, 48 VDC | IT116 Flash

Final output stage 48V DC/4.2A peak for 2-phase step motors
max. 25,600 microsteps/turn
Mains voltage:
115V AC/230V AC, 5060 Hz
Automatic current sink at 50% phase current at motor speed < 1 rpm
Motor current/microstep resolution

stepper motor controller / multi-axis - 4.2 A, 48 VDC | IMC-P

It consists of 8 input signals of 24V DC and 8relay outputs of 24V DC, 300mA.
Maximum current is 2A. It consists of 1relay output of 230V AC or 6A and 1analogue output range is 0V-10V.
It has RS232 rear programming interface and 32bit...

stepper motor controller - IDEA™ series

The Idea™ drive stepper motor controller has a motor drive and a programmable control unit. It uses a graphic user interface that is very intuitive...


How to choose this product


A motor controller starts the motor and monitors and regulates its ongoing operation.


These devices are used in mechatronics for motor positioning, in industrial power applications and in the HVAC domain.


Controllers are available for all motor types and power levels, including stepping, DC, brushless, synchronous or asynchronous electric motors. Starting, speed and slowing are common objects of control. They also control single- or multi-axis (several motors) rotor position. Controllers can be boards or in rackable housings, with different communication port possibilities.

How to choose

Choice will depend on motor type, specific use and power levels.

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