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Fast and high resolution motorvalve for control and
switching of neutral through to highly aggressive media
in process engineering,...

Fast and high resolution motorvalve for control and
switching of neutral through to highly aggressive media

Schubert's & Salzer's Type 8030 Sliding Gate Motor Valve is part of the company's GS1 product series, and is commonly...

The control valve electric actuator eliminates the need of any complicated and expensive compressed...

The sliding gate motor valve uses a sturdy return setup and can go back...


Long service life
Variable flow proportional to the control signal
Ready-to-use valve
High flow due to angled seat design
Anti-waterhammer design (fluid entry under the disc)

Variable valve opening (flow), proportional to the
control signal
Digital controller with two operating buttons and
position indication

The motorized valves in Series 290 have a stainless steel body and threaded ports (3/8-1/2-3/4). They are capable of...


When pipe scale, contaminants from deliquescent dryers or other large particles present in your condensate keep plugging or holding open your common drain valve, its time for the DS4 Motorized Valve Drain...


Our engineers has devised a way on how to change flowserve vogt valves with Limitorque/Valtek...


The GEMÜ 548 motorized 2/2-way valve has a compact electric linear actuator with a motor designed for DC and AC operating voltages. The integrated gear translates the rotary motor movement into a linear movement. The actuator is available as an Open/Close...


T15-B2-A is a motorized valve by Tonhe. It is suitable for HVAC, Solar Project and Water Automatic Control. It is efficient to use...

The T15-B2-C 2 way motorized brass ball valve by Tonhe is certified through ISO9001 and is ideal...

Tonhe T15-S2-A Motorized Valve, a credible valve brand from China;
Suitable for Water Heater,Water Meters,Water Treatment;
NPT/BSP 1/2 stainless...

Tonhe T15-B2-C Motorised Valve credible valve brand from China;
NSF61, CE, ISO9001 certification
Suitable for HVAC,Solar Project,Water Automatic...

T20-B2-B motor operated valve is an ideal solution for heating, ventilation ans air conditioning applications, specifically for water heating,...


Aqualink II is a Monitoring System that offers cost-effective constant-monitoring...

The Switch option has the capability to switch On / Off...

AquaValve is a battery-powered motorized valve...

The AquaLink II Monitoring System comes with the Analog option...


2/2-Way Motorised Control Valves with Electric Actuator...

2/2-Way Motorised Control Valves with Electric Actuator For Thermic Fluid Application(On-Off...

Gland Packing:Carbon filled Teflon for temp. upto 420°C with Cooling Finned...


A heat motor operated valve designed for zoning hydronic heating/cooling systems utilizing...


The motorized ball valve delivers a torque of 150 in-lbs using a non-reversing...


Motor driven ball valve (motor valve)

- 2, 3 port general purpose valve.


Electronicaly controlled electromotive dosing valve is designed for accurate dosing of gas chlorine into the water.

Electronicaly controlled electromotive...


The Mark 37 is a motor-operated control valve that combines a state-of-the-art electronic linear actuator with the exceptional performance of Jordan's sliding gate valve seat...


The TEC-44 is a microprocessor operated ball valve, designed to remove condensate from deliquescent dryers, tanks, vessels and refrigerated...


Stainless Steel 3-Piece Ball Valves
The 36 is a full port, 316 stainless steel, 3 piece ball valve. It is...


Performaces and calibrations are carried out by using hydraulic...

Performaces and calibrations are carried out by using hydraulic...


The Air Saver device, made
up of a motorised ball valve
and a programmable timer,

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