sprue for multiple injection nozzle / multidrop
sprue for multiple injection nozzle

E.M.P. srl offers sprue multiple injection nozzle, which has dimension of129 mm x 73 mm x 33 mm manifold. It is also equipped with mini tubular heaters. There are also available small nozzles ...

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E.M.P. srl
cleaning nozzle / for liquids / multi-jet / needle valve
cleaning nozzle

The field of application for the E-Nozzle is primarily LSR (Liquid Silicon Rubber). In this nozzle‘s favour are: • Targeted cooling or heating over the whole nozzle, i.e. tempering ...

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Herzog AG
hot runner nozzle / multi-jet
hot runner nozzle

Hot runner nozzles Standard hot runner nozzles for direct gating from 0.0189 to 5 kg per nozzle. If required, the modular nozzle design allows quick ...

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GÜNTHER Heisskanaltechnik
washing nozzle / for liquids / flat spray / stainless steel
washing nozzle
HP series

Constructed from precision machined and hardened stainless steel, the HP is ideal for high pressure cleaning applications, including car wash and rinse. They provide a high impact spray with an efficient and uniform distribution to reduce ...

cooling nozzle / for liquids / multi-jet / for CNC machines
cooling nozzle

... extensions make aiming a breeze and shoot farther Choose larger orifices for maximum flow n Choose smaller orifices when using multiple nozzles

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spraying nozzle / multi-jet
spraying nozzle

Orifice diameter: 0.25 in

This low noise spray nozzle supports installation of multi-channel nozzles through the use of its full thread length and it combines the benefits of a flat jet nozzle ...

cleaning nozzle / air / multi-jet / stainless steel
cleaning nozzle
10 000 - 15 000 psi

... Products include: AP Style nozzles, NPT nozzles, NPT Multi-Groove nozzles, Button Tip Nozzles, Penetrator nozzles, ...

spraying nozzle / hot-melt adhesive / multi-jet / stainless steel
spraying nozzle
BB 116x VA series

Orifice diameter: 0.25 mm - 1.5 mm

Stainless steel nozzles with 7 air orifices left twisting

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Blasberg GmbH
spray nozzle / for liquids / flat spray / modular
spray nozzle

... knows how to spray, but Boschung makes the difference. Each and every one of the vertically arranged flat jet spray nozzles, also known as fan nozzles, guarantees a homogeneous layer ...