Noise sources

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Noise sources
noise source - 10 MHz - 55 GHz | NC346 Series

Noisecom's NC346 Series is designed for precision noise figure measurement applications. Each module's low...

noise source - 0.01 - 55 55 GHz | NC346 Series

Noisecom's NC346 Series waveguide is designed for narrow-band high ENR noise figure measurement applications....

noise source - 0.4 - 18 GHz | NC3000 Series

Noisecom's NC 3000 Series calibrated coaxial noise sources are well suited for receiver testing, noise figure measurements, or applications that require broadband noise and fast switching times. Several models...

noise source - 10 kHz - 18 GHz | NC3200 Series

Noisecoms NC3200 Series offers a high ENR output over a wide frequency range. These calibrated noise sources have excellent stability with temperature and voltage for tough environments. The compact package is designed for severe environments...

noise source - 2 - 18 GHz | NC3400 Series

The NC3400 Series coaxial noise sources are an excellent choice for applications requiring high ENR and immunity to large incident RF power, such as ATE, radiometer, and radar systems. The calibration...

noise source - 1 - 18 GHz

This calibrated RF noise source is constructed with diode-based microwave parts that produces white noise for system performance evaluation such as noise...

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