hexagonal nut / metal
hexagonal nut

This high flow female nut has a 1/4 face seal size with 9/16 to 18 inch thread length. It is designed with robust construction of SS 316L Var or Vim/ Var composition. Furthermore, it has a system-specific architecture, ...

hexagonal nut / stainless steel
hexagonal nut
UEM series

Nominal diameter: 8 mm - 52 mm
Height: 11.5 mm - 33 mm

The UEM, union nut features a metric nut thread connection in accordance with DIN 3870 standard. It is manufactured out of steel and features electro galvanized surface protection that offers excellent ...

weld nut / steel
weld nut

Width: 30 mm
Nominal diameter: 6 mm

The SRS 0 SP manufactured by Hansa-Flex is a short welding nut welded on a base plate. The SRS series has a simple, lightweight design is constructed of durable steel with a phosphate treated surface and a DIN 3015-1 ...

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