O-ring seal / metal
O-ring seal
2 3/4 - 27 1/8"

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MDC vacuum products
O-ring seal / profiled / rubber / inflatable
O-ring seal

Pneuma-Cel bladder clamps provide a different way to handle common clamping and actuating needs. Constructed of a high quality, durable EPDM rubber, Pneuma-Cel bladder clamps allow for soft, conformal clamping of delicate and/or irregularly ...

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Pawling Engineered Products, Inc.
O-ring seal / PTFE / envelope
O-ring seal

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Eynard Robin Etanchéité
O-ring seal / circular / metal / flange
O-ring seal
max. 2 bar

Metal Textiles all-metal static flange ring gaskets create a secure seal under extremely low and high temperatures and in demanding corrosive environments. Metal Textiles static flange ...

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Metal Textiles Europe
O-ring seal / rubber / rod
O-ring seal

O-ring seal / flexible
O-ring seal
8x series

Pressure limit: 150 psi
Diameter: 1 in - 20 in

The Ashcroft® 80 isolation ring or isolation device is mounted inline with process piping. Used for process protection of measuring instruments, the "ring" design eliminates process accumulation, assuring ...

O-ring seal / circular / PTFE / high-temperature
O-ring seal

O-ring seal / round / copper / rod
O-ring seal
VDA 24C1 T3

Diameter: 29 mm

The VDA 20C1 T3 model of round gaskets are developed and produced by PNR, they are designed to enable correct assembly between various nozzle and nipple models. It is available in only one standard size, which is an optimal ...

O-ring seal / RTV / ethoxy / for automobiles
O-ring seal

Temperature limit: -50 °C - 230 °C

TCER Thermally Conductive Ethoxy RTV 75ml Product code: TCER75S Electrolube TCER is a single component, 100% solids, low odour RTV which cures upon exposure to atmospheric moisture. The product offers a high degree of thermal conductivity ...

O-ring seal / RTV / oxime / one-part
O-ring seal

Temperature limit: -50 °C - 230 °C

... to heat sinks, avoiding any potential overheating and subsequent failures. It can be used as a low bond strength adhesive, sealant or gasketing compound. Key Properties: Single part, low odour RTV Very high thermal ...

flat seal / O-ring / profiled / round
flat seal
ELAPAC series

ELAFLEX supplies several flat and thread seals. Thread seals for female thread with groove: Type GD Round flange seals for all kinds of mineral oil products and many solvents: Type ...

O-ring seal / EPDM
O-ring seal

Diameter: 16 mm - 110 mm

Seal materials EPDM Dimensions d20,84×2,62 – d124,33×5,33

O-ring seal / round / pipe
O-ring seal

Diameter: 90, 108 mm

The connector consist of only three components, thus it enables a quick and simple assembling without any special tool. The fixed insert pipe ensures an optimal form of the PE Pipe and stabilizes the pipe inwards, so the insert pipe holds ...

O-ring seal / circular / plastic / for water
O-ring seal

Diameter: 20 mm - 75 mm

The connector consist of only three components, thus our connector enables a quick and simple assembly without any special tool. The current status of technology enables a connector without insert pipe. Therefore you only need one connector ...

O-ring gasket / circular / for safety doors
O-ring gasket
ART. 036

O-ring seal / fluoroelastomer / chemical-resistant
O-ring seal

... several different way to install FP80V. PF80V FK5 could be extruded, injected and pressed to form the valve shaft seal pieces, such as Oring, gasket or any chemical-resistant parts. PF80V FK5 No roller ...

O-ring seal / fluoroelastomer
O-ring seal

PF80E FEPM Series has different feature with PF80V,also has different applications. Basically the compositive monomer of PF80E is similar with PF80V,however,PF80E has more excellent molecular structure than PF80V,therefore the parts ...

O-ring seal / circular / aluminum
O-ring seal

Temperature limit: 204, 537, 315 °C
Pressure limit: 7 bar
Diameter: 0 in

... Swagelok VCR fittings provide a genuine metal-to-metal seal. It creates a leak-proof seal from vacuum to positive pressure. The seal of the VCR assembly is created through the compression ...

O-ring seal / circular / elastomer / cutting
O-ring seal

Temperature limit: -25 °C - 200 °C
Diameter: 9 mm - 48 mm

The soft seal included in the design of this product was created for a cutting ring, while the FPM (Viton) material ensures durability. In addition, another important aspect users should be aware of is ...

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HANSA FLEX Hydraulik
O-ring seal / circular / EPDM / NBR
O-ring seal

Diameter: 80 mm - 300 mm

Seals for cast-iron-, PVC- and PE-HD pipes used for drinking water and gas. Suitable for use in water distribution applications and, with TYTON seal, also in gas supply systems. Product features and ...

flat seal / O-ring / for cables
flat seal

Brief description: seals for ribbon cable hood Product description Series seals for ribbon cable hood Product type seals for ribbon cable hood Execution a slot for cable sizes ...

O-ring seal / circular / iron / for pipework
O-ring seal

... lot in the way of fire protection seals when passing through fire-rated walls or ceilings. The standard EN 1366-3 "Fire resistance tests for service installations - Part 3: Penetration seals" stipulates ...

O-ring seal / oblique / circular / EPDM
O-ring seal
C4 51 series

Temperature limit: -25 °C - 100 °C
Pressure limit: 10 bar - 40 bar
Diameter: 32 mm - 200 mm

O-ring seal / V-ring / NBR / for hydraulic fluids
O-ring seal

O-ring gasket / profiled / PTFE / high-temperature
O-ring gasket

... Glass, PTFE Lined, and Sanitary Piping. Envelope TFE Style I, II, III Inserts Donuts CRT & CLT Glass Lined Steel Ring Types Solid PTFE Elliptical

toroidal seal / O-ring / for automobiles
toroidal seal

Art. 47.3CR Kit 360 pieces viton o-rings (cars, trucks, machines for agriculture) Art. 47.4CR kit kit special o-rings Kit o-rings 120pcs mixed

O-ring seal / circular / rubber / steel
O-ring seal

S698-2RS Rubber Seal Bearings /SUS420 Steel / for kitchen appliance Bearing Model: S698-2RS Rubber Seal Bearings Size: 8x19x6mm Material: SUS420 Steel Weight: 0.0075g Description S698RS Rubber Seal ...

O-ring gasket / coated foam
O-ring gasket
HBP000, HOBP00 series

Diameter: 0 in - 2 in