Oil-filled capacitors

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oil-filled capacitor / power - 0.67 - 12.5 kVar | 276 MKP(D)

276 MKP(D) oil filled

The low-cost option for small installations

The winding elements in our MKP(D) capacitors are surrounded by poison-free vegetable oil. Like our premium ranges of MKPg and MKP, the MKP(D) combines the best possible technical features with eco-friendliness...

oil-filled capacitor / power - 280 MKP UHD

MKP Ultra Heavy Duty

Using selected low-loss, self-healing polypropylene films and sophisticated manufacturing techniques such as high-vacuum drying and special coating patterns, the best of ELECTRONICON™s design expertise and highest care in manufacturing have been spent to prepare these capacitors for your most demanding applications, and toughest...

oil-filled capacitor / power - 240 - 4000 V

We manufacture a full range of DC-rated capacitors...

oil-filled capacitor / power - 236 - 950 Vac

We manufacture a wide range of oil filled DC rated capacitors...

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