Oil-filled capacitors

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Oil-filled capacitor / high-voltage / circuit breaker

In Air-Insulated Switchgears (AIS), TRV capacitors, installed phase...

Oil-filled capacitor / cylindrical / high-voltage / power

Grading capacitors used in live tank circuit breakers...

Oil-filled capacitor / cylindrical / power

276 MKP(D) oil filled The low-cost option for small installations The...

Oil-filled capacitor / cylindrical / power

MKP Ultra Heavy Duty Using selected low-loss, self-healing polypropylene films and sophisticated...

Oil-filled capacitor / cylindrical / DC-link

The dedicated retrofit for MP-traction-capacitors The capacitors of our SR17™...

Oil-filled capacitor / cylindrical / AC

AC Capacitors for Series Compensation A magnetic ballast can...

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