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color analyzer / solids / optical
color analyzer

... of Konica Minolta’s CA Series Display Color Analyzers has become the standard within the display industry. Our customers have come to expect value and superior technology found in Konica Minolta’s analyzers. The ...

CO2/02 analyzer / beverage / concentration / monitoring
CO2/02 analyzer
Carbo 520

Anton Paar’s patented* innovations offer you true values: on any beverage – at any time.With the new Carbo 520 Optical inline sensor you always know the actual CO₂ concentration of all beverages in your process. In addition ...

liquid analyzer / pH / turbidity / color
liquid analyzer
Modulyzer Unlimited Class

... extend your compact measuring solution from Anton Paar at any time later with several available measuring parameters: Optical rotation: MCP 200/300/500 Turbidity: HazeQC ME Viscosity: Lovis ME pH: ...

electrical network analyzer / spectrum / wavelength / benchtop
electrical network analyzer

The AQ6370D is the latest iteration of the most popular Telecom class OSA from Yokogawa. It offers a versatile wavelength range of 600 nm to 1700 nm ideally suited for both Telecommunications and general purpose applications. The unique ...

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nitrogen analyzer / carbon / hydrocarbon gas / spectrum
nitrogen analyzer

MWIR WAVELENGTH with internal gas purge and cut filter The AQ6376 is the latest version of our bench-top optical spectrum analyzer extending the wavelength coverage well beyond the NIR range of our previous ...

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gas analyzer / spectrum / wavelength / benchtop
gas analyzer

The AQ6375B is a bench-top optical spectrum analyzer covering the long wavelengths, 1200 to 2400 nm, with the added benefits of gas purging input ports / output ports, a built-in cut filter for high order ...

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particle analyzer / particle size distribution / particle shape / benchtop
particle analyzer
CAMSIZER X2® | 0.8 µm - 8 mm

... and raw materials. The design of the CAMSIZER X2 is optimized for finer samples from 0.8 µm to 8 mm. Not only the improved optical resolution but also new options for material feeding allow for an extended application ...

particle analyzer / for particle size analysis / particle size distribution / particle shape
particle analyzer
CAMSIZER P4 | 20 µm - 30 mm

The CAMSIZER P4 uses the unique dual camera technology to provide accurate and rapid measurement of pourable solids in the range from 20 µm to 30 mm. It simultaneously measures particle size distribution, particle shape and additional ...

oxygen analyzer / permeability / portable / headspace
oxygen analyzer
Dansensor OpTech-O₂ Model P

... Platinum. It measures oxygen permeation, headspace, dissolved oxygen and package leak. It is the ideal multi-application oxygen analyzer for food, beverage, pharmaceutical and medical applications where measuring oxygen ...

gas analyzer / concentration / benchtop / monitoring
gas analyzer

If you need to measure the concentrations of oxygen and carbon dioxide, then the MAT1200 will be the appropriate model. In addition to an electrochemical oxygen cell, it features a non-dispersive infrared sensor (NDIR) for the CO2 measurement ...

gas analyzer / concentration / benchtop / continuous
gas analyzer

The zirconium dioxide sensor (ZrO2) of the MAT1400 measures the oxygen concentration over the entire measurement range between 0 and 100 volume per cent. Especially in case of a very low concentration, it will achieve an excellent accuracy ...

gas analyzer / concentration / benchtop / for monitoring gas emissions
gas analyzer

The MAT1100 is the right choice whenever you only need to be concerned with the oxygen concentration or whenever only nitrogen is used. Its electrochemical oxygen cell (EC) measures within the range of 0.5 and 35 volume per cent and with ...

particle analyzer / concentration / combustion / emissions
particle analyzer
QAL 182 WS

The PCME STACK 182 WS is suitable for measuring particulate emissions from wet scrubbers and other processes where the flue gas falls below dew point (cold stack conditions) or water droplets are present. The extractive instrument takes ...

food analyzer / particle / metal / coal
food analyzer

The development of the HAVER CPA 2-1 HR meets your expectations for efficient measurement of even finest powder in laboratories and guarenteed a measuring range from 10 µm to 4 mm. Combinated with a dispersion technology for a uniform ...

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HAVER & BOECKER OHG, Particle Analysis
food analyzer / particle / metal / cereal
food analyzer

The HAVER CPA 2-1 is a laboratory unit for photo-optical size and shape analysis of dry and non-agglomerating particles of bulk material in the measuring range from 20 µm up to 30 mm. It is a base model with best cost-performance ...

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HAVER & BOECKER OHG, Particle Analysis
particle analyzer / form / for particle size analysis / portable
particle analyzer

The HAVER CPA 2 CONVEYOR can be used in the laboratoy or pilot plant and has been designed with a conveyor. In particular longish particles in the measuring range up to 45 mm are separated to avoid incorrect results of size and shape ...

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HAVER & BOECKER OHG, Particle Analysis
total organic carbon analyzer / continuous / monitoring / manual
total organic carbon analyzer

... calibration or manual configuration of the correlation parameters Dynamic measurement principle insensitive to fouling of the optical components Optional turbidity correction at 550 nm according to DIN EN 38404-3 Certified ...

hydrogen sulfide analyzer / natural gas / concentration / for integration
hydrogen sulfide analyzer

... combined with propietary high resolution mutli-wavelength UV optical bench. This makes for a superb low level H2S analyzer that is designed to operate unattended for six months or more. The analyzer ...

particle size distribution analyzer / fuel / food / coal
particle size distribution analyzer

... instrument for particle size distribution and particle shape analysis. The instrument combines well-designed professional-grade optical microscope and camera to obtain particles information, using a computer image analysis ...

particle analyzer / benchtop / automatic / optical
particle analyzer

... microscope, digital cameras, electric object stage, controllers, and sample fixing device, which can meet customer’s demand for optical resolution, lighting, and the amount of data.

electrical network analyzer / power / wavelength / multi-channel
electrical network analyzer

... instructment which intergated with DFB light source, optical power meter and IL meter. As a light source it could output 1310nm, 1490nm and 1550nm stably light source; as a optical power meter it could ...

nitrite analyzer / water / wastewater / concentration
nitrite analyzer
SMR28 series

The Nitrite Analyzer is connected directly via RS485 communication interface, providing simple, reliable, cost-saving process data with remote monitoring, calibration, configuration and diagnostics capabilities. The Optical ...

hydrocarbon analyzer / petroleum / BTEX / benzene
hydrocarbon analyzer

Spectral Fuel Analysis in Seconds ERASPEC is eralytics’ industry-proven multi-fuel analyzer with several thousand installations worldwide. It offers measurements of fuel component concentrations and of complex parameters ...

dust analyzer / concentration / in situ / continuous
dust analyzer

... was launched 30 years ago, Pillard OPASTOP is the ultimate solution for low concentration of dust. EASY TO INSTALL The optical measuring by reflection of the paticles is made by a single sensor. Thanks to this configuration, ...

oxygen analyzer / CO / CH4 / flue gas
oxygen analyzer
LaserGas™ iQ2

... replace existing analyzers where explosion risks or high maintenance issues are a huge concern. LaserGas™ iQ2 is developed on a well proven technology platform. With innovative design and extraordinary spectroscopically ...

gas analyzer / concentration / for integration / monitoring
gas analyzer
LaserGas™ II OP

... high performance gas analyser for long distance monitoring in ambient air. Measurement lengths of up to 1000 m. The OP Monitor utilizes a transmitter / reflector configuration to measure the average gas concentration ...

particle analyzer / for integration / in situ / compact
particle analyzer
LaserDust™ MP LP XLP

NEO Monitors LaserDust™ Medium Path (MP), Long Path (LP), and Extra Long Path (XLP) Monitors are compact, optical dust monitors for true continuous in-situ measurement of dust concentration or opacity. The monitors are ...

flue gas analyzer / nitrogen oxide / hydrogen sulfide / process gas
flue gas analyzer

Product description EM-5 flue gas analyzer is a self-developed gas analysis product for domestic and overseas environmental and industrial on-line monitoring online analysis. The analyzer is based on ...

carbon dioxide analyzer / oxygen / carbon monoxide / nitrogen oxide
carbon dioxide analyzer

EM-5 flue gas analyzer is a self-developed gas analysis product of multiple return light path. The gas analyzer is based on DOAS and chemometric algorithms (PLS), able to measure SO2, NO, NO2, O2, NH3, ...

air analyzer / sulfur dioxide / concentration / fluorescence
air analyzer

... reference detector to calibrate the change of UV light intensity. With high-efficiency hydrocarbon remover and unique optical design the analyzer can effectively clear up inexactitude caused by interference. Features 1. ...

mercury analyzer / concentration / benchtop / with data logger
mercury analyzer
LabAnalyzer 254

-Firmly adjusted optical system not requiring any adjustment -Short analysis times -Low reagent consumption -Automatic zero adjustment -For analyses according to DIN 38406-12 / EPA 7470A / EPA 7471A) -Measuring range ...

sampling analyzer / carbon dioxide / dew-point / for integration
sampling analyzer

The XTDL-­‐HR™ is designed with a new proprietary optical sampling system for moisture dew point in your high CO2 gas applications. From beverage&food to plastics applications, the COSA Xentaur XTDL-­‐HR™ was designed ...

oxygen analyzer / carbon dioxide / trace / for integration
oxygen analyzer
BA 6000 IR

Four measuring ranges per channel, programmable, all measuring ranges linear (including with suppressed zero point) Electrically isolated measurement output 0/2/4 to 20 mA for each channel Automatic or manual measuring range switchover ...

oil analyzer / water / temperature / benchtop
oil analyzer

Model 6600 Oil-in-Water Analyzer System Teledyne's Model 660/661 was the industry standard in oil-in-water analysis for 30 years. The microprocessor based 6600 / 6610 improves upon our proven analog circuitry and the ...

water analyzer / oxygen / temperature / portable
water analyzer

The LXT-220-DO8 Optical DO analyzers utilizes the optical sensing technology of fluorescence quenching to provide a low- maintenance, highly reliable and fast-responding dissolved oxygen ...

electrical network analyzer / spectrum / benchtop / optical
electrical network analyzer

This optical spectrum analyzer, MS9740A is suited for measurement of passive optical devices in <0.2s (5nm), reducing total analyzing time. It has dedicated applications for evaluating ...

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electrical network analyzer / benchtop / real-time / optical
electrical network analyzer
IQS25, IQS42,IQS70 series

... Coherent Optical Receivers integrate seamlessly with Teledyne LeCroy’s LabMaster 10Zi-A series of real-time oscilloscopes to provide up to 65 GHz system bandwidth for optical modulation analysis of dual-polarized ...

spectrum analyzer / for electrical networks / power / wavelength
spectrum analyzer

Cover all WDM technologies This compact, entry-level optical spectrum analyzer is ideal for a variety of field applications, including DWDM and CWDM network commissioning and troubleshooting. It features ...

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cloud point analyzer / hydrocarbon / for integration / optical
cloud point analyzer

FeaturesASTM compliant optical measurementSuitable to also measure cloud point temperatureTypically no chiller required for cloud point applicationsNetwork and fieldbus communicationMarkingATEX:Ex II 2 G IIB (or IIC) ...