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JENOPTIK  I  Optical Systems
JENOPTIK I Optical Systems

High-precision components from modeling and sampling through to series production Drawing on conventional and state-of-the-art production processes, we manufacture sophisticated refractive...

JENOPTIK  I  Optical Systems
Planar JENOPTIK I Optical Systems

Jenoptik has the full range of technologies at its disposal that are required...

JENOPTIK  I  Optical Systems
Hybrid JENOPTIK I Optical Systems

The combination of spherical, aspherical or plane refracting surfaces with diffractive structures is ideal...

LEONI Fiber Optics
Fusedsilica LEONI Fiber Optics

SQ Fused Silica Especially for the production of optical and photonic devices in the fiber optic, semiconductor and display technology markets, as well as for optical applications and laser applications....

LEONI Fiber Optics
LEONI Fiber Optics

The Fiber bundle cross-section converter is for converting a circular light beam into...

Knight Optical (UK) Ltd 0.7 - 14 μm
0.7 - 14 μm Knight Optical (UK) Ltd

AMTIR (Amorphous Material Transmitting Infrared Radiation - Ge33As12Se55) is a glass-like, chalcogenide material similar to germanium in its optical properties. AMTIR optical components have a high homogeneity...

Knight Optical (UK) Ltd 0.25 - 55 µm
0.25 - 55 µm Knight Optical (UK) Ltd

Caesium Iodide (Csl) is a water soluble material that transmits from Ultra Violet (0.25µm) to the Far Infrared (55µm). The material is very resistant to shock and rapid changes in temperature,...

Knight Optical (UK) Ltd KRS-5
KRS-5 Knight Optical (UK) Ltd

KRS-5 (Thallium Bromide-Iodide) is used for transmission in the visible and IR spectrums. The material has relatively low absorbance in the Mid-IR range, wide transparency, a low solubility in water and...

Knight Optical (UK) Ltd 0.3 - 20 µm
0.3 - 20 µm Knight Optical (UK) Ltd

Potassium Bromide (KBr) is a crystalline compound of potassium and bromide with a rock-salt type structure. It is used in optical applications in the UV, Visible, MWIR, and LWIR waveband regions. KBr...

Knight Optical (UK) Ltd 0.25 - 16 μm
0.25 - 16 μm Knight Optical (UK) Ltd

Sodium Chloride (NaCl), commonly known as rock salt, is a soft, highly soluble and hydroscopic material. It transmits over a broad wavelength range of about 0.25 to 16μm and is ideal for lenses and...

Knight Optical (UK) Ltd
Knight Optical (UK) Ltd

Our custom range of Graticules consists of eyepiece graticules, stage graticules and graticule sub-assemblies. Knight Optical’s reticules are used for measuring linear dimensions, the radii and...

Nanjing Co-Energy Optical Crystal Co Ltd ø .1-300mm
ø .1-300mm Nanjing Co-Energy Optical Crystal Co Ltd

COE offers a wide variety of UV,infrared, FIR optical windows, such as BK7 windows, Fused Silica windows, Sapphire...

1 products United Lens
United Lens
United Lens

Below is a list of Optical Components commonly produced by United Lens Company. Beamsplitters Centerless...

1 products II-VI INFRARED

II-VI subsidiary HIGHYAG Lasertechnologie manufactures 1 micron optical components, including laser processing heads and fiber optic beam delivery systems. From HIGHYAG’s website: Laser technology...

1 products SCHOTT GLAS
Fusedsilica flat AF 32® eco SCHOTT GLAS

AF 32® eco is an alkali-free flat glass manufactured by SCHOTT using a special down-draw method that the company developed on its own. This makes it possible to manufacture products of between...

LaCroix Optical 3 - 130 mm
3 - 130 mm LaCroix Optical

Achromats are a specialty at LaCroix Optical Co. Consisting of two or more elements (usually crown and flint glass) bonded together to correct optical aberrations, thousands are...

Envin Scientific max. 25 μm
max. 25 μm Envin Scientific

Optical filters are used in a multitude of applications where it is necessary to select certain wavelengths of light whilst rejecting...

1 products Sac Vision
Sac Vision
Sac Vision

Beside complete systems and software we also provide...


Accurate dispersion management is an essential prerequisite in any femtosecond laser application. Broadband, low dispersion optical components are needed...

New Source Technology 20 J/cm², 1 064 nm, 1 ns
20 J/cm², 1 064 nm, 1 ns New Source Technology

High Laser durabiligy 20J/cm2 at 1064 nm, 1 ns Superior...

Exotic Electro-Optics
Exotic Electro-Optics

Windows, Mirrors & Components LightWorks Optical Systems is a leader in providing the aerospace and defense industry with critical infrared, multi-spectral, and visible windows and optical components. Windows...

HB-Laserkomponenten GmbH
HB-Laserkomponenten GmbH

HB-Laser has more than 10,000 single components on stock from the areas of optics, electronics, mechanics, as well as electronic devices and spare parts for the...

Hitachi High-Technologies Europe
Hitachi High-Technologies Europe

Hitachi High-Technologies offer components and devices for optical application. They have different kinds of optical engine units for...

Pasternack Enterprises, Inc.
For fiber optics Pasternack Enterprises, Inc.

Fiber Loopbacks are designed to provide a media of return patch for a fiber optic signal; typically...

Zaber Technologies T-OMG Series
Positioner T-OMG Series Zaber Technologies

T-OMG Series Miniature Motorized Gimbal Optic Mounts with Built-in Controllers * Two-axis gimbal mount with +/- 7 deg range *...

video Zaber Technologies T-MM
Positioner T-MM Zaber Technologies

* Two-axis kinematic mount with +/-5 deg range * Repeatability down to 0.0005 deg * Holds 2" (50 mm) optics; adaptors available for...

5 products Altechna
Altechna 5F21-1
Positioner 5F21-1 Altechna

Fine screw thread M6x0.25 Mounting hole 1" Clear aperture 24 mm Maximum optics thickness 7 mm Repeatability 30 µrad Adjustment range 8° Sensitivity 3arcsec Weight 0.09 kg Use the Flipping...

Altechna 5F23
Positioner 5F23 Altechna

Miniatiure Flipping Mirror/Beamsplitter...

Altechna 6TP116
Tilt platform for alignment 6TP116 Altechna

Tilt Θy ±2° Rotation Θz ±2.5° Load capacity 15 kg Weight 1 kg Multi-Axis Tilt Platform 6TP116 provides angular adjustment about two-axis - tilting and in-plane rotation....

Altechna 2OR02
Rail for mount 2OR02 Altechna

Features Easier sliding and...

Altechna 2OR6
Rail for mount 2OR6 Altechna

The Optical Rails 2OR6 have low profile and are made of hardened steel. Optical Rails have patterns of M6 tapped...

2 products Standa
Positioner Standa

Y-Z Positioner for Lens, Pinholes and Objectives 5ZYP are compact mounts designed to precisely position optical components in the plane orthogonal to the optical axis. Ideal for microscope objectives,...

5axis positioner for Standa

Five-Axis Optical Mounts consist of: - Side regulation two-axis kinematic mirror mount with two screws (thread pitch 250 µm (100TPI)) -...

Optosigma Corporation
Tilt platform for alignment Optosigma Corporation

Tilt Platforms * Two or three axes of tilt * For alignment of prisms or mirrors * Compatible with 65, 40 and 25mm stages * Thumb-screw adjusters * Inch and metric mounting holes Tilt...

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