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Displacement sensors
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optical displacement sensor - 22 mm, ±2 mm | PT series

The PT Series is composed of LED optical displacement sensors. The sensors...

optical displacement sensor - 50 - 400 mm | L-GAGE Q50 series

The BANNER L-GAGE Q50 Series with Analogue output requires 15 to 30 Vdc power supply and, banking on the model, it produces a 4 to 20 mA or a 0 to 10 Vdc analogue...

optical displacement sensor - 150 m, ±1.5 mm | DLS-C 15

The DLS-C area analyzing unit measure absolute distances of nearly 150 meters without contact and with a 1.5 millimeter...

optical displacement sensor - 50 - 30 000 mm | VTL

The VTL is a position transducer manufactured by Visel. It is suitable for various...

optical displacement sensor - 50 - 1 250 mm |

The Position transducer model MIDI, manufactured by Visel Elettronica®, is an ideal machine for utilizing space problems and optic refraction on the steel tape...

optical displacement sensor - 50 - 1 250 mm |

ROHM's opetical sensors serve as eyes to monitor changes of any motions, and comply with customers' day-to-day diversifying...

optical displacement sensor - LaserSpeed series

The LaserSpeed encoder by Beta LaserMike measures the length and speed of any moving surface with better than ±0.05% accuracy and without ever contacting...

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