Optical fibers

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Optical fiber is a wave guide that conveys a data-bearing light signal. It is also used as directional lighting in medicine, as flood lighting in interior decoration, and in laser applications.


Optical fiber is used to create long-distance, high-speed communications and computer networks of the LAN Ethernet type. It provides broadband connection for television, telephony and videoconferencing. It also is used for optical laser amplification and pumping, as well as in medicine and in interior decoration.


The fiber features a core and both optical and protective cladding. Light travels within the silica or plastic core via reflection from the core-cladding interface..

The fiber itself is characterized by its attenuation and its chromatic dispersion. Section geometry determines the numerical aperture and normalized fiber index (two parameters which determine the conditions of its use). It can be single-mode or multi-mode.

The fiber can be bare or consist of several fibers united within a cable equipped with connectors. In LAN cabling, the connectors are LC/LC, LC/SC or SC/SC and the fiber is multi-mode. An optical fiber cable comprises one or several pairs of fibers. Two fibers are required for a duplex exchange.

How to choose

Consider the fiber's physical characteristics (single-mode or multi-mode). Telecommunications applications require determination of the number of connectors and, therefore, the number of fibers.


- Immune to electromagnetic interference
- High-speed communications
- Long-distance communications

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LEONI Fiber Optics 850, 1300 nm | j-BendAble OM series
Multimode bendable 850, 1300 nm | j-BendAble OM series LEONI Fiber Optics

With the j-BendAble OMx brand, we offer bend-insensitive 50 μm multimode fibers, which have been optimized particularly for 850 nm laser transmission. They are in compliance with the valid OM2, OM3...

LEONI Fiber Optics 850, 1300 nm | OptiGrade series
Gradient index multimode 850, 1300 nm | OptiGrade series LEONI Fiber Optics

OptiGrade is an enhanced 50/125 multimode fiber series, specially suited for high-speed network protocols and high data transmission rates. To achieve this the standard compliant OM3 and OM4 as well as...

LEONI Fiber Optics 850, 1300 nm | GigaGrade series
Multimode 850, 1300 nm | GigaGrade series LEONI Fiber Optics

The GigaGrade Series laser optimized multimode fiber solutions has a wide-ranging performance for flexible transmission of huge amounts of data...

LEONI Fiber Optics 1310 - 1625 nm | G series
Singlemode 1310 - 1625 nm | G series LEONI Fiber Optics

To connect bigger and longer distances in LAN cabling along with FTTX applications, we proudly bring you high-performance single-mode fibers. The G.657.A1 compliant fibers are well-matched...

LEONI Fiber Optics 450 - 1550 nm
Singlemode silica 450 - 1550 nm LEONI Fiber Optics

As part of Select-Cut-Off and polarization maintaining singlemode fibers, these offer a wide wavelength range from UV to IR, and are widely used in current and future applications like data transmission,...

LEONI Fiber Optics 405 - 1620 nm
Polarizationmaintaining 405 - 1620 nm LEONI Fiber Optics

Polarization-maintaining fibers are special singlemode fibers that maintain the polarization of the light...

MICRO-CONTROLE / Spectra-Physics 1 310 / 1 550 nm | F-CIR Series
Fiber optic circulator 1 310 / 1 550 nm | F-CIR Series MICRO-CONTROLE / Spectra-Physics

Newport’s F-CIR Series Polarization Insensitive Fiber Optic Circulators feature low insertion loss,...

MICRO-CONTROLE / Spectra-Physics ø 50 - 1 000 μm
Multimode ø 50 - 1 000 μm MICRO-CONTROLE / Spectra-Physics

Multimode Fibers, Graded Index The following volume discount schedule is automatically applied when ordering bare optical fiber: 6 - 50 m with 15 %, 51- 1,000 m with 22 %, >1,000 m with 25 %PGraded-index...

MICRO-CONTROLE / Spectra-Physics 488 - 1 550 nm | F-PMC Series
Fiber optic coupler 488 - 1 550 nm | F-PMC Series MICRO-CONTROLE / Spectra-Physics

These fiber optic couplers are known for utilizing evanescent wave coupling technologies in order to provide a fixed ratio...

MICRO-CONTROLE / Spectra-Physics ø 8.5 µm
Custom fiber optic cable ø 8.5 µm MICRO-CONTROLE / Spectra-Physics

The F-SBG-13/15 is an intrinsically photosensitive fiber, single mode, boron-codoped, for 1310/1500nm, with 125 micrometer cladding. A pulsed excimer laser (10 Hz, 0.5...

MICRO-CONTROLE / Spectra-Physics ø 250 - 900 μm
Fiber optic cable ø 250 - 900 μm MICRO-CONTROLE / Spectra-Physics

Our infrared fibers cover the 2 to 18 µm region. We offer two...

MICRO-CONTROLE / Spectra-Physics 1 290 - 1 570 nm | SPSN Series
Industrial fiber optical switch 1 290 - 1 570 nm | SPSN Series MICRO-CONTROLE / Spectra-Physics

The Component-Style Fiber Optic Prism Switches offered by Newport are switches having high durability —greater than 10 million cycles — and low...

5 products COHERENT
COHERENT YDC-1100 series
YDC-1100 series COHERENT

This item has been manufactured by Coherence, one of the industry leaders, and comes with numerous features and benefits that contribute to the success of applications....

Polarizationmaintaining PMF series COHERENT

From the makers of top quality innovations comes the Polarization Maintaining Fiber by Coherent. Coherent is well known for their products of great reliability, versatility...

Ultrahigh numerical aperture singlemode BIF series COHERENT

The Coherent bend insensitive fibers are specifically made to improve bend tendencies...

Singlemode COHERENT

Select cut-off single-mode fiber products are intended for operation at various visible and near IR wavelengths. Coherent’s select cut-off single-mode fiber...

Erbium Er doped active COHERENT

Erbium Doped Fiber Coherent offers a range of standard erbium-doped fibers for amplifier...

80 products CORNING
CORNING SST-Ribbon™ series
Single-tube fiber optic cable for outdoor applications SST-Ribbon™ series CORNING

SST-Ribbon™ Single-Tube, Gel-Free Cable from Corning Cable Systems is unique in outside plant cable technology. Though compact, design incorporates 216 fibers, and enhanced coupling feature allows...

CORNING SST-UltraRibbon™ series
Single-tube fiber optic cable for outdoor applications SST-UltraRibbon™ series CORNING

The CORNING Cable Systems indtroduces their latest innovation SST-UltraRibbon™ Gel-Free Cables designed primarily to be use in outdoor applications. Providing high-fiber-counts...

CORNING 50 - 62.5 µm | SST-Drop™
Single-tube fiber optic cable for outdoor applications 50 - 62.5 µm | SST-Drop™ CORNING

The SST-Drop™ Toneable Cables by Corning Cable Systems provide easy installation of ALTOS®...

video CORNING ClearCurve®
Multimode ClearCurve® CORNING

The CORNING® ClearCurve® multimode optical fiber are designed mainly for superior bandwidth performance for data centers and other enterprise networks. Created using...

Singlemode ClearCurve® ZBL CORNING

Corning continues to lead the industry in the bend-insensitive category with ClearCurve® ZBL fiber, which sets the standard for bend performance while remaining compliant to the most stringent ITU-T G.652.D...

CORNING 80 μm | ClearCurve® VSDN®
80 μm | ClearCurve® VSDN® CORNING

Corning® ClearCurve® VSDN® optical fiber has been designed to solve optical fiber-related problems for the rapidly-advancing high speed interconnection between computers and other consumer...

66 products Nufern
Nufern 1060 – 1115 nm | LMA-YDF-20/400-M
Ytterbium Yb doped active 1060 – 1115 nm | LMA-YDF-20/400-M Nufern

20/400 NuMATCH LMA Double Clad Fibers Nufern’s paralleled series of Large Mode Area double clad fibers are best for intense power monolithic fiber lasers and amplifiers. Overall...

Nufern 1060 – 1115 nm | LMA-YDF-10/130-VIII
Ytterbium Yb doped active 1060 – 1115 nm | LMA-YDF-10/130-VIII Nufern

The Nufern Large Mode Area LMA and PM-LMA Ytterbium-doped double-clad fibers are made for...

Nufern 1060 – 1115 nm | PLMA-YDF-20/400-VIII
Ytterbium Yb doped doubleclad active 1060 – 1115 nm | PLMA-YDF-20/400-VIII Nufern

Nufern’s Large Mode Area (LMA) Ytterbium-doped double clad fiber is ideal for high power fiber lasers and amplifiers used in military, industrial,...

Nufern 1060 – 1115 nm | PM-YDF-5/130-VIII
Ytterbium Yb doped doubleclad active 1060 – 1115 nm | PM-YDF-5/130-VIII Nufern

The NUFERN PM-YDF-5 / 130-VIII 5 / 130 Ytterbium - Doped PM Double Clad Fiber are designed mainly for CW applications around 1-15 W. Created to withstand even the most...

Nufern 1 060 - 1 115 nm | PM-YSF-HI
Ytterbium Yb doped active 1 060 - 1 115 nm | PM-YSF-HI Nufern

Nufern single-mode Yb-doped fibers are designed to support low power fiber lasers and amplifiers based on singlemode diode pump technology, rather than the multimode pumps used in...

Nufern 1060 – 1115 nm | PM-YSF-LO
Ytterbium Yb doped active 1060 – 1115 nm | PM-YSF-LO Nufern

This product known as Nufern single-mode YB-doped fibers are designed to support low power fiber lasers and amplifiers based on single mode diode pump technology. This fiber...

12 products Ericsson
Fiber optic patch cable Ericsson

Our fiber optic patch cords, pigtails...

Fiber optic cable with flexible protective conduit Ericsson

Ericsson produces a huge selection of cables primarily used for duct installation. These cables are created based on five basic designs: concentric core, slotted...

Ericsson Micronet series
Fiber optic cable Micronet series Ericsson

The phenomenal Micronet Air Blown Micro Cable System created by Ericsson ensures remarkably swift and effortless gradual installations for any and all types of cables....

Halogen-free flame retardant fiber optic cable Ericsson

Our Flame-retardant Fiber Optic Cables are both suitable for indoor and outdoor installations. Come in halogen-free and have burning resist capability thus giving an advantage of zeroing formation...

Ericsson TOL series
Self-supporting overhead fiber optic cable TOL series Ericsson

Our range of fiber optic cables for aerial installation includes self-supporting cables, All Dielectric Self Support (ADSS), and figure-8...

Direct burial fiber optic cable Ericsson

Direct-Buried-Fiber-Optic-Cables are slim loose tube cable with concentric core design plus corrugated...

19 products Nexans
Nexans 250 um | LANmark-OF series
Central tube fiber optic cable for outdoor applications 250 um | LANmark-OF series Nexans

The LANmark-OF Micro-Bundle Universal optical fibre cable is designed for splicing with pigtails and it’s fully waterproof and rodent retardant. It allows to manufacture...

Nexans 0.3 dB | LANmark-OF OM1
Fiber optic patch cable 0.3 dB | LANmark-OF OM1 Nexans

The Nexans LANmark-OF optical fiber patch cords are specifically created for indoor use to support...

Nexans 0.1 - 0.3 dB | LANmark-OF series
Fiber optic pigtail 0.1 - 0.3 dB | LANmark-OF series Nexans

LaNmark-OF Pigtails Maxistrip assists in convenient fiber formation to warp up cable by fusion splicing....

new Nexans LANmark-OF series
Single-mode fiber optic cable assembly LANmark-OF series Nexans

The solution consist of indoor cable assembled in factory with connectors at each end. Any type of connectors can be used for the assembly: ST, SC or LC. Fibre types...

Nexans 10 - 100 Gbps | LANmark-OF series
Fiber optic cable for local area networks (LAN) 10 - 100 Gbps | LANmark-OF series Nexans

LANmark-OF OM3 and OM4 offer a standard compliant multi-mode fibers. The product ensures highest bandwidth performance for Premises Local Area Network (LAN) and Storage...

Nexans 900 um | LANmark-OF series
Tight buffered fiber optic cable for indoor applications 900 um | LANmark-OF series Nexans

The LANmark-OF Tight buffer Indoor has 900 um buffered fibres. This second coating till 900 um provides additional protection of the fibres and facilitates the handling when terminating...

9 products NKT Photonics
NKT Photonics
Ytterbium Yb doped doubleclad active NKT Photonics

Our ytterbium doped double clad fibers offers the largest single-mode cores in the world enabling amplification to unpresedented power levels while keeping mode quality and stability. Double clad ytterbium...

NKT Photonics
Nonlinear NKT Photonics

The possibility of very small core sizes (diameters down to 1 µm) combined with a very large core/cladding index contrast (up to 0.4) enables us to create fibers with extremely small effective areas...

video NKT Photonics aeroGAIN-ROD
Rod aeroGAIN-ROD NKT Photonics

Gain fibers for ultra fast lasers The aeroGAIN-ROD is a new generation of ytterbium gain fibers designed specifically for the ultra-fast fiber laser market. The output power of ultra-fast fiber lasers...

NKT Photonics
NKT Photonics

The large design flexibility offered by the photonic crystal fiber technology enables a range of fibers tailored for individual applications. Our fiber design team is available to support your idea or...

NKT Photonics
Polarizationmaintaining NKT Photonics

Our large core PM photonic crystal fibers add polarization maintaining capability to our range of large mode area fibers. The PM performance is achieved via stress rod applied birefringence and enables...

NKT Photonics
Singlemode NKT Photonics

The selection of Crystal Fibre Large Mode Area fibers covers a range of fibers for diffraction limited high power delivery. The very large mode area...

Fiberhome Fujikura Optic Technology (LL)1310 - 1625 nm | ITU-UG652
Lowloss singlemode (LL)1310 - 1625 nm | ITU-UG652 Fiberhome Fujikura Optic Technology

FiberHome® LL optical fiber is an ITU-UG652.D compliant optical fiber. The optical fiber which builds on FiberHomes...

Fiberhome Fujikura Optic Technology
Central tube fiber optic cable for outdoor applications Fiberhome Fujikura Optic Technology

Central loose tube or stranded structure Non-metallic strength elements PE outer sheath * Performance Application FTTx network Installation Duct Air-blown *...

Fiberhome Fujikura Optic Technology GJBFJH series
Break-out fiber optic cable GJBFJH series Fiberhome Fujikura Optic Technology

4~48 single-core cable, stranded structure, high modulus aramid yarn strength member, and high-performance sheath materials. * Application Used in indoor cabling,...

Fiberhome Fujikura Optic Technology (ULL)1310 - 1625 nm | ITU-UG652D
Lowloss singlemode (ULL)1310 - 1625 nm | ITU-UG652D Fiberhome Fujikura Optic Technology

Another in FiberHomes long line of innovative optical fiber products, FiberHome®ULL optical fiber has the lowest loss of any terrestrial grade single-mode fiber with maximum attenuation available...

Fiberhome Fujikura Optic Technology 1260 - 1625 nm | G.652D
Singlemode 1260 - 1625 nm | G.652D Fiberhome Fujikura Optic Technology

FiberHome® low water peak dispersion unshifted single-mode fiber is designed especially for optical transmission systems operating over the entire wavelength window from 1260nm to 1625nm. By suppressing...

Fiberhome Fujikura Optic Technology 1260 - 1625 nm | G.657A1
Singlemode 1260 - 1625 nm | G.657A1 Fiberhome Fujikura Optic Technology

FiberHome® bending insensitive single-mode fiber encompasses all the features of low water peak dispersion unshifted single-mode fiber and provides good resistance to macro-bending. It has low macro-bending...

LTB Lasertechnik Berlin GmbH
Multimode LTB Lasertechnik Berlin GmbH

Fiber couplings and fibers Multimode...

Shenzhen Comark Technology Co., Ltd. ControlNet Ci-cf110/120 series
Modular fiber optic modem for PLC communications ControlNet Ci-cf110/120 series Shenzhen Comark Technology Co., Ltd.

ControlNet fiber optic repeater (Optical multiplexer, Optical Fiber Modem/Redundant/Self-Healing, ControlNet fiber ring repeater, ControlNet modular repeater, FO converters for ControlNet, ControlNet...

Shenzhen Comark Technology Co., Ltd. DH&DH+|Ci-hf110/120 series
Multidrop industrial fiber optic modem DH&DH+|Ci-hf110/120 series Shenzhen Comark Technology Co., Ltd.

DH&DH+ fiber optic repeater (Optical DH + Field Bus Network, Fiber multiplexer, Fiber networks, Fiber media converters, Fiber Repeater Module, Fiber Optic Communication Modules, Fiber Optic Communication,...

Shenzhen Comark Technology Co., Ltd. Profibus DP, max. 12 Mb | Ci-pf110/120 series
Point-to-point fiber optic modem for PROFIBUS networks Profibus DP, max. 12 Mb | Ci-pf110/120 series Shenzhen Comark Technology Co., Ltd.

Profibus-DP fiber optic repeater The Ci-pf110/120 series is designed for use in optical Profibus-DP fieldbus networks....

Shenzhen Comark Technology Co., Ltd. Modbus, max. 230.4 K, 5 000 V | Ci-uf110/120 series
Industrial network fiber optic repeater Modbus, max. 230.4 K, 5 000 V | Ci-uf110/120 series Shenzhen Comark Technology Co., Ltd.

Modbus fiber optic repeater (Multidrop Fiber Optic Connectivity for Modbus, Modbus converter, Fiber optic repeater, Fiber optic modem, Fiber modem, Fiber optical multiplexer,...

Shenzhen Comark Technology Co., Ltd. CANBUS/DeviceNet/CANOpen, max. 1 Mb
Serial-fiber optic converter CANBUS/DeviceNet/CANOpen, max. 1 Mb Shenzhen Comark Technology Co., Ltd.

CAN BUS/DeviceNet/CAN Open Fiber Optic Repeater (CAN bus Fiber-Optic, CAN bus Optical fiber Modem, CANbus to fiber optic repeaters, Fiber optic repeater for CAN bus, Fiber-Optic CAN bus, CANOpen to Optic...

Brevetti Stendalto LSZH
Fiber optic cable with flexible protective conduit LSZH Brevetti Stendalto

Brevetti Stendalto, offers the flexible and extra-flexible cables range, built following the most recent knowledge,...

24 products DIAMOND SA
Fiber optic cable for local area network (LAN) FTTX DIAMOND SA

Today, a vast and ever-increasing number of households enjoy access to broadband television and internet. Also Local Area Networks and even triple-play connections for domestic use require increasingly...

Fiber optic cable for wide area network (WAN) and carrier solutions DIAMOND SA

Optical couplers are used for splitting or combining optical signals. They are used in public and private optical fiber networks to serve as passive distribution...

PC-APC fiber optic connector DIAMOND SA

Polarisation Maintaining fiber optic connectors and their termination process are particularly designed to meet the most challenging optical prformance requirements. Diamond provides high performance...

FC-APC fiber optic connector DIAMOND SA

FC Standard fiber optic connectors for telecommunications, CATV, LAN,...

Fiber optic connector DIAMOND SA

Standard F-SMA (SMA 905) fiber optic connector (Ø=3.175 mm) for LAN, MAN, WAN,...

Fiber optic Ethernet connector DIAMOND SA

The DIAMOND MT-RJ connector is our special solution for 10-100 Mbit Ethernet up to applications in Gigabit Ethernet. It...

Fujikura Europe Limited
Polarizationmaintaining Fujikura Europe Limited

Fujikura is the world leader for Polarisation Maintaining...

Fujikura Europe Limited FutureGuide®-LWP
Singlemode FutureGuide®-LWP Fujikura Europe Limited

ITU-T G.652.D is the standard optical fiber and occupies more than 80% of world optical fiber demand. Fujikura’s FutureGuide®-LWP has proved its reliability and performance...

Fujikura Europe Limited FutureGuide®-SR15E, FutureGuide®-BIS-B
Singlemode FutureGuide®-SR15E, FutureGuide®-BIS-B Fujikura Europe Limited

Just like FutureGuide®-SR15E, FutureGuide®-BIS-B is also designed for compact storage...

Fujikura Europe Limited FutureGuide®-SM
Singlemode FutureGuide®-SM Fujikura Europe Limited

In 1976, Fujikura achieved the world’s lowest attenuation record, 0.47dB/km....

Fujikura Europe Limited FutureGuide®-LA
Singlemode FutureGuide®-LA Fujikura Europe Limited

As the number of channels increases with DWDM, the higher intensity of light in a fiber induces various non-linear...

Fujikura Europe Limited FutureGuide®-SS
Singlemode FutureGuide®-SS Fujikura Europe Limited

FutureGuide®-SS is designed with small-dispersion slope, optimizing...

17 products fibertronix ab
fibertronix ab FX-SM-01-01-01-01
Singlemode polyimide coated FX-SM-01-01-01-01 fibertronix ab

In contrast with standard acrylate fiber coatings, the polyimide coating is rated to high temperature and the coating only needs to be very thin. The...

fibertronix ab FX-SM-01-01-02-01
Singlemode FX-SM-01-01-02-01 fibertronix ab

High temperature acrylate coated fiber has all the benefits of standard acrylate coated types, while providing an extended temperature rating. It is easily stripped with standard...

fibertronix ab FX-SM-01-02-01-01
Singlemode FX-SM-01-02-01-01 fibertronix ab

Fibertronix line of carbon coated fibers offer excellent protection against indiffusion of hydrogen and the formation of hydroxyles. In combination with...

fibertronix ab FX-PC-SM-01-01-01-01
Singlemode silica FX-PC-SM-01-01-01-01 fibertronix ab

This germanium-free fiber has excellent performance in high temperature, hydrogen rich or radiation environments....

fibertronix ab FX-HNA-SM-AB-CD-EF-GH
Ultrahigh numerical aperture singlemode FX-HNA-SM-AB-CD-EF-GH fibertronix ab

High numerical aperture fiber are used in sensing, avionics and bend sensitive applications. Fibertronix line of high...

fibertronix ab FX-HNA-SM-AB-02-EF-GH
Ultrahigh numerical aperture singlemode FX-HNA-SM-AB-02-EF-GH fibertronix ab

Hermetic carbon protects the fiber from hydrogen and moisture. These hermetic fibers are used in fiber optic...

Optec Technology Limited Val-max™ Series
Fiber optic patch cable Val-max™ Series Optec Technology Limited

The MPO / MTP patchcords are multi-fiber patchcords using the MPO / MTP connector in fiber counts of 8, 12 or 24. They are available...

Optec Technology Limited ø 1.25 mm
Fiber optic patch cable ø 1.25 mm Optec Technology Limited

Benefits: Low insertion loss, ensure highest network connection performance 100% tested on optical performance (Insertion Loss & Return Loss) End-face geometry...

Optec Technology Limited
Fiber optic patch cable Optec Technology Limited

Benefits: Low insertion loss, ensure highest network connection performance 100% tested on optical performance (Insertion Loss & Return Loss) End-face...

Optec Technology Limited MK-0032/3-12
Fiber optic patch cable MK-0032/3-12 Optec Technology Limited

Benefits: Higher durability and longer service life fron strong pressure resistance Protects from rodents with strong cable structure Reduce...

Optec Technology Limited
Fiber optic pigtail Optec Technology Limited

Special SUS-Pigtail Assembly for Optical Devices Features: Metal ferrule assemblies, or special pigtail assemblies for welding with optical modules such as CWDM,...

new Optec Technology Limited SwiftTerm™
SC fiber optic connector SwiftTerm™ Optec Technology Limited

This pre-polished, pre-assembled connector is uniquely designed for a quick, easy and reliable field-termination. It eliminates the need for epoxy, hand polishing and crimping at site, thus minimize the...

18 products Prysmian Group
Prysmian Group
Singlemode Prysmian Group

Optical Fiber - Single-Mode Fibers The Optical Fiber segment of Draka Communications has a long history of over 30 years. Draka is continuously serving the Telecom industry with innovative products...

Prysmian Group
Multimode Prysmian Group

Optical Fiber - Multimode Fibers Draka’s multimode optical fibers for the Datacom, enterprises and premises cabling industries are based on our Plasma-activated Chemical Vapor Deposition Process...

Prysmian Group
Erbium Er doped active Prysmian Group

Specialty Fibers - DrakaElite Erbium doped fibers Draka Communications offers a complete family of Erbium Doped Fibers to meet the...

Prysmian Group
Hightemperatureresistant Prysmian Group

Specialty Fibers - DrakaElite High temperature resistant fibers DrakaElite’s High Temperature Resistant Fibers provide optimum transmission performance in their wavelength operating ranges. It can be...

Prysmian Group
Polarizationmaintaining Prysmian Group

Specialty Fibers - DrakaElite Polarization maintaining Fibers DrakaElite’s Elliptical Core Single-Mode Fiber provides optimum...

Prysmian Group
Silica polymerclad Prysmian Group

Specialty Fibers - DrakaElite Polymer clad silica fiber DrakaElite’s Polymer Clad Silica Fiber features a large core diameter for easy handling and high coupling efficiency to LED and laser...

26 products Ocean Optics
Ocean Optics ø 300 - 600 µm
UVresistant ø 300 - 600 µm Ocean Optics

Ultraviolet radiation below 300 nm degrades transmission in silica fibers, resulting in solarization (increased light absorption in the UV fiber that can invalidate data). For applications <300 nm,...

Ocean Optics 230 - 450 µm | Xtreme
UVresistant 230 - 450 µm | Xtreme Ocean Optics

High Transparency and Durability Xtreme Solarization-resistant Optical Fiber and Probe Assemblies for spectroscopy are manufactured using a proprietary process that provides enhanced UV transmission...

Ocean Optics ø 8 - 1 000 µm
Fiber optic patch cable ø 8 - 1 000 µm Ocean Optics

Our Premium-grade Optical Fiber Assemblies are durable, high-quality assemblies that consistently deliver uniform results with minimal signal variance. These 2-meter assemblies are available in a wide...

Ocean Optics 200 - 1 000 nm | USB2000+ Series
Fiber optic laboratory spectrometer 200 - 1 000 nm | USB2000+ Series Ocean Optics

USB2000+UV-VIS and USB2000+VIS-NIR Miniature Fiber Optic Spectrometers The USB2000+ Series of Spectrometers from Ocean Optics feature an amazingly small footprint, plug-and-play capabilities and a...

Ocean Optics 200 - 850 nm | USB4000-UV-VIS
Fiber optic UV/Vis spectrometer 200 - 850 nm | USB4000-UV-VIS Ocean Optics

He USB4000-UV-VIS is preconfigured for applications from 200-850 nm. The USB4000-UV-VIS features a 3648-element Toshiba linear CCD array for increased signal-to-noise...

Ocean Optics 350 - 1 000 nm | USB4000-VIS-NIR
Fiber optic Vis-NIR spectrometer 350 - 1 000 nm | USB4000-VIS-NIR Ocean Optics

The USB4000-VIS-NIR is preconfigured for applications from 350-1000 nm. The USB4000-VIS-NIR features a 3648-element Toshiba linear CCD array for increased signal-to-noise...

53 products JDSU
Fiber optic circulator JDSU

The JDSU polarization-insensitive fiberoptic circulator is a compact, patented, high-performance lightwave component that routes incoming signals from Port...

JDSU SB, SC series
Industrial fiber optical switch SB, SC series JDSU

Programmable benchtop/rack-mount switches that can be controlled from front panel keys and numeric pad or via GPIB and serial RS232 interface. The JDSU SB and SC Series of Benchtop/Rack-mount Programmable...

Industrial fiber optical switch SKB Series JDSU

JDSU modular 1xN controllable switches are designed to connect a single optical channel to any of N channels. The JDS Uniphase SKB series controllable optical switch is designed to connect a single...

JDSU OLS-34/-35/-36
Optical source for fiber optic network tester OLS-34/-35/-36 JDSU

A family of pocket-sized and low-cost optical light sources for the installation and maintenance of singlemode and multimode fiber optic networks. A family of pocket-sized and low-cost optical light...

OTDR module for fiber optic testing MTS-6000 JDSU

Compact, lightweight test platform for installing and maintaining fiber networks; performs full fiber characterization measurements. Highly integrated field optical test solution for single application...

Rack-mounted multi-test device for fiber optic networks ONT-512 JDSU

Rack-mounted solution that provides multi-channel test and multi-port configuration capabilities for manufacturers development and system verification. Multi-port/multi-channel rack-mount test solution...

6 products Qioptiq
Qioptiq 1 - 3 m, 488 - 640 nm | kineFLEX™
Fiber optic laser beam delivery system 1 - 3 m, 488 - 640 nm | kineFLEX™ Qioptiq

The kineFLEX"’1 is a robust laser beam delivery system for precision measurement applications. Designed around pre-focussed and integrated optical assemblies...

Qioptiq 1 m, 488 - 640 nm | kineFLEX-DUO™
Fiber optic laser beam delivery system 1 m, 488 - 640 nm | kineFLEX-DUO™ Qioptiq

The kineFLEX-duo™ is a robust all fiber beam combiner and laser beam delivery system for two laser sources at visible wavelengths. Designed around the kineFLEX’" laser to fiber coupler design is a...

Qioptiq kineFLEX-HPV™
Fiber optic laser beam delivery system kineFLEX-HPV™ Qioptiq

The kineFLEX-HPV™ and kineFLEX-UV™ are robust laser beam delivery systems from the kineFLEX™ family of products. This fiber delivery technology is designed around pre-focussed and integrated...

Qioptiq 8 - 50 mW | LaserPLATE™
Fiber optic coupler 8 - 50 mW | LaserPLATE™ Qioptiq

Point Source has introduced a series of accessories for the kineFLEX’" range of laser to fiber couplers that now make fiber to laser alignment easier than ever. With the introduction of the laserPLATE™,...

FC fiber optic adapter Qioptiq

Mounting flanges without optics Accept fibers with FC connector / FSMA connector Outer...

Qioptiq iFLEX-Adder
Coupled beam combiner iFLEX-Adder Qioptiq

The iFLEX-Adder™ is fiber coupled beam combiner allowing the wavelength range of your existing laser system or bench to be easily extended. The system is fully compatible with most visible lasers...

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