Optical fibers

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Optical fibers
optical fiber - FUD-3620

Presenting the PM1550C-80 Optical Fiber by Nufern is a new and upcoming product....

optical fiber - YDC-1100 series

This item has been manufactured by Coherence, one of the industry leaders, and comes with numerous features and benefits that contribute to the success of applications....

optical fiber - 80 μm | ClearCurve® VSDN®

Corning® ClearCurve® VSDN® optical fiber has been designed to solve optical fiber-related problems for the rapidly-advancing high speed interconnection between computers and other consumer electronics...

optical fiber - LEAF®

Leaf fiber is the industry leader in PMD or polarization mode dispersion specifications and has the lowest attenuation of any NZ DSF on the market...

optical fiber - Vascade®

The family of Vascade fiber empower high speed, high capacity solutions, providing the performance and reliability needed in all under...

optical fiber - 980nm

FiberHome offers a complete special fiber production equipment that includes high performance optical fiber preform core equipment, high precision specialty optical fiber drawing tower and a full range...

optical fiber - FIBERHOME® DYDF

Sporting a single-mode feature complete with a minimum NA, Fiberhome's 10/130 Ytterbium-Doped Double...

optical fiber - EDF

Fiberhome high-performance C-band erbium-doped 980 fibers are perfectly suited for usage in single- and multi-channel C-band amplifiers and ASE sources. Both of...

optical fiber - EDF

Optimum fibers can be developed pertaining to the needs of the customer, as a large design flexibility is offered by the photonic crystal fiber technology. This facilitates a number of different variants of fibers for individual...

optical fiber - MOO.QP6002.UVBX

The optical fiber connects the Mini-Integrating Sphere with the spectrometer, but can be...

optical fiber - MOO.QP6002.UVBX

Transmission Fibers
* Premises Fibers
* Metropolitan Network Fibers

optical fiber - OPTRAN® MIR

CeramOptec® is unique in its ability to manufacture fiber optic CO2 laser delivery systems and MIR optical fiber...

optical fiber - OPTRAN® MIR

Fujikura is the world's leading manufacturer of fused silica-based coherent image fibres. Suitable for use in both medical and industrial applications, our Image Fibre range...

optical fiber - ø 2 mm | KTABC04

Due to the variety of applications that require optical fibers, Thorlabs stocks a range of fibers to suit our customers' needs. Our...

optical fiber - ø 2 mm | KTABC04

Step index plastic optical fibre. This fibre...

optical fiber - GF series

Glass Fiber Optics by LEUZE are built to withstand even the harshest of working...

optical fiber - GF series

Flexible optical fibers (made of glass, plastics or quartz) direct light from a source precisely to a distant spot - not only for directed and glare-free illumination of smallest objects in medicine and microscopy, but also for a wide range of applications...

optical fiber - LWL series

Fiber optics (optical fibers) offer solutions for difficult tasks inoptoelectronis and are primarily used wherever compact devices are too big, too...

optical fiber - CasaLight TM

CasaLight™ Fibre

CasaLight™ is fully compliant with ITU-T G.657 class A, the new international recommendation defining the tougher performance requirements for optical fibres in today’s Optical Access Networks. Its optimized design allows CasaLight™ to exhibit excellent macrobending...

optical fiber - CasaLight TM

We have selected the best fiber cores for our Optical Cables. We have included Corning® optical...

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