Optical fork angle sensors

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Optical fork angle sensors
optical fork angle sensor - 40 - 110 mm | BWL00 series

The Balluff angle light barrier is unmatched when it comes to precise detecting of small parts and details. It has an identical data to the fork light barrier where it originated, but the...

optical fork angle sensor - max. 120 mm, IP67 | OPU series

This product is easy, quick and precise in all aspects and is made of metal housing which reduces distortion. The main features includes a quick set up without having to align the transmitter and the receiver, easy sensitivity setting via potentiometer,...

optical fork angle sensor - 50 - 150 mm, XUV series

XUV series include frames and forks that are accessory products consisting of cable accessories such as pre-wired connectors and connectors. It also has frames that detect static and dynamic passage...

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