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Optical glass
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Corning Willow Glass features extremely thin finish with unbiased strength and flexibility that allows to wrap the displays around a device or structure. The slim-displays provide light and cost-efficient applications for today and smart surfaces of the future....

The Corning Lotus™ XT Glass offers a breakthrough technology that gives superb performance from start to finish. Its cutting-edge formula is designed to display outstanding...


Lenses: Plano, Concave, Convex & Diffractive (Diamond Turned) Optical Elements Sizes:...


Infrared glasses (IRG) offer excellent transmission in the SWIR (shortwave IR), MWIR (midwave IR), and LWIR (longwave IR) range. Physical properties such as low dn/dT and low dispersion enable optical designers...

As part of its extensive portfolio of optical glass types, SCHOTT has been offering special glass variants that are known for their superior transmittance. These special glass types with significantly...

i-Line glasses are optical glass types named after the i-wavelength, which...

Our current available glass portfolio is represented in the Abbe-Diagram, as one of our main optical glass tools.
Here you will be led to an interactive Abbe-Diagram, which gives an overview of all of our optical glass types. Please click on the symbol to the left to get detailed information on properties or download datasheets.
For more than 125 years, SCHOTT Advanced Optics has been offering...

SCHOTT Advanced Optics offers a variety of radiation resistant glass types with different dispersion properties:
BK7G18, LF5G19, LF5G15, K5G20, LAK9G15, F2G12 and SF6G05. These glass-types are suitable for use in surroundings with high radioactivity.



Coloured Optical Glass

Glass Name Glass Type
Ultraviolet Glass WB260 WB280 WB300 WB360 WB380 ZWB1 ZWB2 ZWB3
Golden(Yellow)Glass ...

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