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The LIA series, manufactured by Numerik Jena, is a standard system that is based...

The LIK series, manufactured by Numerik Jena, is an electronic offset and amplitude control leads...

The LIK 41 by Numerik Jena is an exposed linear encoder. The unit features small dimensions of scanning head for crowded application...

The Kit L series by Numerik Jena is an Optical incremental linear encoder which is designed to use from application that...

The Kit L4 series feature encoders designed for minimum configuration, best used in applications with limited mounting options. These units offer high degree of flexibility,...


SLIDE optical glass scale model are composed of two elements: the measuring scale and the reader-head. The scale is an extruded aluminium case housing an optical glass. The reader-head, composed of electronic components, is mounted on a microball-bearings guided slider. The ELBO CONTROLLI optical...


The LGH is an array of Laser Hologage device that exhibits high-displacement...

The MITUTUYO AT211A/AT211B Linear Scales are sealed type linear scales that are both high in resolution and accuracy. It is an ideal device for machines that require feedback control in setting a semiconductor...

The Absolute Linear Scale features an E=enhanced vibration resistance and durability with an innovative rubber...


Incremental Probe Millimar carries an output signal of 1 Vss. With approximate 12 mm measurement...


The Linear Encoder, manufactured by Metrology®, can detect and display a precise displacement of the tools for machine and measuring that includes the installed digital readout through the milling...


This product is Designed to make possible installations on limited spaces on both Machine Tools (e.g. diametral axis on...

The GT/GR series functions by installing it on different machine tools, and measurement instruments. The series is offered...

The MX optical scales are made for heavy duties. They can be installed on big machine equipment like vertical lathes, HBMs and more. Their construction...

The GT and GR series have been designed to achieve quality and reliability at competitive prices. They can be installed on...


Read Head – Standard Type

1. Analog or digital signal output
2. Same installation holes as other optical encoders, easy to switch and replace
3. Integrated...

Linear Scale System with LCD Display

1. LCD display (AA battery)
2. Embedded read-head; suitable for various cutting and woodworking machines
3. Custom setting saving function available

1. Resolution: 5μm
2. Accuracy: ±(80μm+15μm/m*L)...


WTA serise slim linear scales
● Response speed: over 60 meters per minute
● No intermediate interface is needed over 100 meters long-distance data...

WTB serise slim linear scales
● Response speed: over 60 meters per minute
● No intermediate interface is needed over 100 meters long-distance data...


Optical Encoder Module is a transmissive device. This module is designed to detect the linear position when used together with a linear strip....

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