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Transfer shuttles
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The BT Radioshuttle is a cost effective solution designed and develop by BT for easy storage and retrieval of products and goods. It is powered electronically...


Traditionally pallets are stored in pallet racks, pallet flow racks or block stacking and picked by forklift trucks. Automated pallet picking...


This orbiter system is manufactured by SSI Schafer. It utilizes special steel construction...


The Pallet Transfer Shuttle comes with 2 or more stations for rapid change of pallets,...

The Pallet Transfer Shuttle is an automatic tilting unit for exchange and transfer of pallets from...


The Horizontal Load Shuttle is manufactured by Winkel, and has a cargo limit that...


Automatic shuttle for baskets with single way and moving on rails

The shuttle cars MT 530 are models for the automatic loading and unloading operations for baskets.The structure is composed by two sections: a hot galvanized bottom frame and an upper stainless steel frame.The rails are flushed into the floor or positioned onto the...

This model is particularly suggested for the installations where several positions for loading/unloading the empty/loaded pallets are foreseen. An automatic upper pressor for the loaded pallet is installed on board of the shuttle...


The Muli, manufactured by TGW, is designed as a satellite vehicle. It is mainly used for the crosswise...

Transfer cars have a maximum system throughput on short distances. The machine is designed to distribute pallets in high bay rack aisles, workstations, dispatch areas, etc. The cars combine several load...


To pick-up and deliver full pallets and dunnage materials

Designed to :

- Pick-up full pallets from each palletizing line and deliver them to strapping and/or shrink-wrapping line....


Several possible applications include delivering empty pallets from a pallet magazine to several pallet loaders and collecting full pallets and transferring these for onward central conveyance.

The transfer trolley can be fitted with:

- Driven roller...


Mechanical welded frame : Steel (painted), stainless or galvanized
Load by pallet : 2 tonnes...


The standard configuration is ideal for handling loads up to 600 kg. The single-rail solution and the particularly lightweight shuttle structure allows for routes...


This pallet transfer shuttle consists of cross-lifting trucks that transport the shuttering pallets traversely...


Movitec offers a wide range of mobility solutions for palletized loads, improving productivity...


- Conveying systems for hollow glass containers.

- Elevators, lowerators, accumulators.



Transfer pallets over long distances, or connect multiple conveyor lines.
Suitable for roller or chain conveyor.

Sandblasted, anticorrosion painted and powder-coated frame made for heavy duty load up to 2500kg.
All covers...


Shuttle-cars are used to transport pallets or containers between mechanised transport systems as chain or roller conveyors or to...

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