DC motor / synchronous / permanent magnet / micro
DC motor

Power: 0.5 W - 19 W
Rotational speed: 3,000 rpm - 30,000 rpm
Diameter: 27.7 mm

FORM: ROUND TYPE DIAMETER: 27,7 mm LENGTH: 32,50 mm VOLTAGE: 1,20 - 30,00 V NO LOAD SPEED: 3.000 - 30.000 rpm STALL TORQUE: 50 - 600 gr-cm STALL CURRENT: 0,30 - 33,00 A CUSTOMIZATIONS: shaft, cables, ...

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motor with speed controller / AC / asynchronous / variable-speed
motor with speed controller
YCT series

Torque: 3.6 Nm - 564 Nm
Power: 0.55 kW - 90 kW
Rotational speed: 125 rpm - 1,340 rpm

YCT Series electromagnetism speed regulating motor. One of the main products derived form Y series motor, consists of electromagnetic slip clutch . Speed meter generator and pulling motor ...

DC motor / synchronous / 380 V / permanent magnet
DC motor

Power: 0.05 ch - 75 ch

Boston Gear offers a complete selection of AC motors for use with enclosed gear drives or as stand alone units. Because Boston Gear's AC motors are general purpose, they ...

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Boston Gear
direct current motor / brushless / 230 V / for roller mills
direct current motor

Torque: 1.8 Nm
Power: 750 W

Brushless direct current motor in compact design for flange mounting with integrated incremental encoder. Usable for medium heavy and for heavy sewing machines.

custom motor / AC / universal / industrial
custom motor

Power: 0 W

“High speed motors”, “Test bench motors”, “Smooth bodied motors” are only a few examples of solutions for specific customer requirements.. For many fields of industry and many applications ...

DC motor / synchronous / 250 V / permanent magnet
DC motor
5.5 - 10 kW, 11 000 - 15 000 rpm | TYT083 series

Power: 5.5 kW - 10 kW
Rotational speed: 15,000 rpm

... Products for new energy automobile Application Electric vehicles motor Hybrid cars motor Power generation equipment motor Commun ications equipment motor ...

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DC motor / stepper / high-power / permanent magnet
DC motor
0,3 - 30 Nm

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AEC S.r.l.
DC motor / stepper / permanent magnet / electric
DC motor

... qualitative and high performance brushless motors with a high number of poles, generally known as stepper motors, suitable for all types of use and fully compatible with their drives range. The advantages ...

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Ever Elettronica
AC motor / synchronous / 230 V / permanent magnet
AC motor

Power: 180 W
Rotational speed: 15,000 rpm
Diameter: 43.5 mm

... developed at the beginning of the last century. Permanent magnet electric motors are powered exclusively with direct current: for this reason the name “DC motors” ...

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IME Industria Motori Elettrici
direct current motor / synchronous / 24V / for pumps
direct current motor

Torque: 0.1078 Nm
Power: 23 W
Rotational speed: 2,000 rpm

· Application : Inputting pump of grease · Feature : Water proof type

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DC motor / synchronous / traction / for marine applications
DC motor

... engineering approaches: application motor/generator coaxial with diesel engine and propeller; applications using motor for azimuthal POD. We have also developed an application in which the smallest ...

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ACM engineering
DC motor / synchronous / direct-drive / compact
DC motor
KTY-Q series

Torque: 14 Nm - 816 Nm
Power: 0.73 kW - 7.12 kW
Rotational speed: 400, 500, 250 rpm

... series of housed synchronous torque motors not only sets a new benchmark with regard to maximum drive system torque and stiffness, but they are also extremely compact. The KTY series is a useful alternative ...

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DC motor / brushless / 100 V / for electrical apparatuses
DC motor
B5685M-S0 series

Torque: 0.123 Nm - 0.7 Nm
Power: 30 W - 180 W
Rotational speed: 121 rpm - 700 rpm

B5685M Brushless DC Motor Specifications: CW & CCW, Signal function available, Locked rotor protection, Stepless speed regulation, Low noise, Low EMI, Long life 10000-30000hrs. Brushless DC ...

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direct current motor / synchronous / 380 V / for machine tools
direct current motor

Power: 5 kW - 180 kW

The utilization of the item, Motors of machine instruments, is in applications, for example, primary drive of machine apparatuses or other such supplies.

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DC motor / synchronous / 24V / 12V
DC motor
63 71 series

Torque: 2.15, 1.12 Nm
Power: 165 W - 950 W
Rotational speed: 1,570 rpm - 12,500 rpm

Selema DC Motors with permanent magnet excitation are fitted with flux concentrators and, therefore, can withstand very high demagnetizing current level. This feature ...

DC motor / brushless / 36V / permanent magnet
DC motor
AM-BL2040 Series

Torque: 0.005 Nm - 0.011 Nm
Power: 3.9 W - 8.9 W
Rotational speed: 9.7 rpm - 10,700 rpm

Assun Motor's AM-BL3660 Serial Brushless Motors are electronically commutated components that feature high levels of torque, power, and extensive speed ranges; they also showcase prolonged service lifespans. ...

DC motor / synchronous / 80 V / permanent magnet
DC motor

Power: 20 W - 257 W

... heavy duty PMDC brush motors are designed for the most demanding applications. Size ranges from 1.57 inch to 7.87 inch. Voltage available is from 12 to 180 volts. Heavy duty Gearheads are available. Features Heavy Duty ...

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DC motor / hybrid stepper / two-phase stepper / 24V
DC motor
PM SPR series

Our many years of comprehensive experience in developing and manufacturing hybrid stepper motors have resulted in an extensive range of standard and specialized models, which are also primarily manufactured at the production ...

DC motor / synchronous / 24V / 12V
DC motor
ME45 series

Torque: 0.13 Nm - 0.37 Nm
Power: 20 W - 75 W
Rotational speed: 3,000, 15,000 rpm

... forms and dimensions; - Waterproof or open motors with different degrees of protection; - EMI suppression filters (standard in many motors); - Position, speed and shifting sensors such as encoders, can ...

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DC motor / synchronous / 12V / 24V
DC motor

Power: 0.1 kW - 0.8 kW
Diameter: 80 mm

APPLICATIONS Pump drive Winches Traction Marine applications FEATURES High specific output power Long brush life High ambient resistance DESIGN Excitation by high quality ferrite 4 or 6 pole permanent ...

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DC motor / brushless / permanent magnet / variable reluctance
DC motor
SR, ASR series

Power: 5 kW - 1,500 kW

... cooling, available on request, allows to minimize the size of the SR motor, increasing even more the density of available torque to the shaft mechanical. The main innovation of the SR motor is constituted ...

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Sicme Motori
direct current motor / synchronous / 260 V / retrofitting
direct current motor
0.5 - 185 kW, IP 23 - IP 65

Power: 1 kW - 185 kW
Rotational speed: 1,000 rpm - 3,000 rpm

... replacement motors for all major motor manufacturers complete with the exact same dimensions and the required electrical parameters. These devices are suitable for use with extruders, turret trucks, ...

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Winkelmann Elektromotoren GmbH & Co. KG
DC motor / synchronous / 24V / 2-pole
DC motor
GP 80

Power: 120 W - 350 W
Rotational speed: 1,500 rpm - 4,000 rpm

AMT electrical motors are DC permanent magnet motors. These motors are characterized by an extremely high degree of efficiency (up to ...

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AMT Schmid GmbH & Co. KG
DC motor / brushless / permanent magnet / electric
DC motor
CS series

Features: Lightweight Low Aperture Blockage Wide Frequency Bandwidth High Efficiency Low Insertion Loss Low Axial Ratio Low Sidelobe Levels Superior Low Angle Tracking Variable Scanning Rates High Reliability

DC motor / stepper / 5V / permanent magnet
DC motor
max. ø 49 mm | M series

... size, lightweight and high-output torque. Superior running quietness. [USES] Feeding of and printing on small printer paper. Drive for all types of small equipment.