DC motor / synchronous / for air compressors / permanent magnet
DC motor

Power: 0.4 kW - 7.5 kW

Hyosungs permanent magnetic (PM) motor is a combination of the induction and permanent magnet motors and it operates like the induction motor ...

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Hyosung Power & Industrial Systems PG - Industrial
DC motor / stepper / 12V / integrated-drive
DC motor

The Integrated-drive electric stepper motor DMX-K-DRV-34 Series is manufactured by Arcus Technology. The product can be either shifted to driver mode or controller mode that is only enabled in NEMA 17/23.The ...

direct current motor / synchronous / 500 V / permanent magnet
direct current motor

Power: 45 W - 1,500 W

... adaptable to an extremely wide variety of specific needs. Feature 45 – 1500Watt power IP54 protection Class F insulation Permanent magnets in ferrite Copper-silver commutator Options: tacho generator, ...

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Motor Power Company
DC motor / synchronous / 220 V / flat
DC motor
UF series

Power: 32 W - 220 W

... with ferrite or NdFeB magnets - 0,13...0,70 Nm (32...220 W) - nominal speed up to 5.000 rpm - zero cogging for smooth operation, even at crawling speed - the cost effective and space saving solution The UF-series ...

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Printed Motors
DC motor / synchronous / 500 V / permanent magnet
DC motor

Power: 23 W - 180 W

... Play 0.025mm @450g Max. Radial Force 75N @ 20mm From The Flange Max. Axial Force 15N Flange Material Aluminum, Black Anodized Magnet Material Sintered Nd-Fe-B

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Fastech Electrical Co., Ltd.
DC motor / brushless / 12V / permanent magnet
DC motor
10 - 60 mNm, 1 200 - 5 400 r/min | DR series

Power: 1 W - 750 W

... manufactured a wide variety of brushless DC motors. The motors available with measurements ranging from 14 mm up to 126 mm in diameter. The motors are also available ...

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DC motor / stepper / 18V / permanent magnet
DC motor
10.6 - 12.7 Ncm | ST2818 series

The smallest stepper motor construction size ST2818... is suitable for applications which require high precision in small construction volumes with a long service life.

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DC motor / synchronous / permanent magnet / electric
DC motor
PTM Series

Ideal for timing applications, NPA's PTM series synchronous motors are constant speed, permanent magnet motors. Design Concepts of Synchronous Motors - ...

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Nippon Pulse
direct current motor / synchronous / permanent magnet / electric
direct current motor
QCC Sincrovert®

Power: 0.2 kW - 480 kW

DC motor / stepper / 24V / high-power
DC motor
Au110 series

Power: 80 W

... innovative motion control products. Includes precision 0.90 degree per half-step stepper motor with integrated controller, 24 volt 80 watt encapsulated power supply with AC power cord, RS232 DB9 cable, ...

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Excitron Corporation
DC motor / synchronous / 80 V / permanent magnet
DC motor

Power: 100 W - 300 W

Features Voltage Range: 12 - 180 VDC Continuous Output Power: 100 - 300 Watts Speed Range: 1500 - 4000 RPM Poles: 4 Brushgear: Cartridge Size Diameter: 90mm Size Length: 135 - 160mm Weight: 4.0Kg Maximum Shaft Diameter: ...

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AC motor / asynchronous / permanent magnet / electric
AC motor

Power: 0.17 kW - 90 kW

The motors included in this series are normally used for spindles, lathes, grinders, milling cutters, conveyors, roller ways, pumps and centrifugal fans, in the textile industry, etc. With optimised operating functions, ...

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direct current motor / synchronous / 100 V / permanent magnet
direct current motor

Power: 10 kW - 19.7 kW

The A100 motors from A series are entirely DC type laminated with square section stator. The device guarantees one of the highest power/dimension ratios in the present market. The A100 motor ...

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HDT srl
DC motor / synchronous / 22 V / for automotive applications
DC motor
0306 series

Motor Diameter : Φ22.6mm Weight : 70 – 90g Commutator Material : Carbon Commutator Shape : Flat Typical Application : Armature of Fuel Pump Moto

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Chiaphua Components
DC motor / synchronous / 250 V / permanent magnet
DC motor

Using the latest permanent magnet motor technology, SEMs experienced Design team are able to optimise the motor performance to suit individual custom requirements. Whether mechanically ...

direct current motor / synchronous / 24V / permanent magnet
direct current motor

Power: 500, 175 W

DC motor / synchronous / permanent magnet / coreless
DC motor
104 series

Power: 0.039 W

These motors are a marvel of modern engineering! They combine rare earth magnets with a coreless design to produce high torque motor with only a 4mm diameter. Originally designed for ...

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Precision Microdrives
DC motor / synchronous / permanent magnet / electric
DC motor

DC motor / brushed / permanent magnet / 10 - 50 W
DC motor

Torque: 80 Nm
Power: 19 W
Rotational speed: 3,800 rpm

Rated Speed 3100 rpm Rated Torque 5.7 Ncm No load speed 3800 rpm Weight 490 g Motor Length 80 mm Output Power 19 W

DC motor / brushless / permanent magnet / frameless
DC motor
DIP Series

Frameless motor part set design allows for the motor to be fully integrated within the customer assembly resulting in the highest ratio of torque to volume. In this configuration the motor’s ...

DC motor / brushless / precision / industrial
DC motor
DIH Series

Torque: 50 Nm
Rotational speed: 0 rpm - 30,000 rpm

Permanent magnet housed brushless DC motor have proven to be the most reliable and cost effective solutions for some of the most demanding medical, industrial, military and aerospace ...

direct-drive motor / DC / synchronous / for pumps
direct-drive motor

Torque: 37,000, 53,000 Nm
Power: 23, 33 kW
Rotational speed: 0 rpm - 6 rpm

... size of motor is torque rather than power. The torque density of general permanent magnet synchronous motor is 20~50kNm/m3, and when in high torque density, need take ...

DC motor / electronically commutated / 50 V / variable-speed
DC motor

Power: 30 W - 750 W

... . These ECM motors support Panasonic’s green philosophy and enable our OEM customers to offer HVAC solutions with a reduced environmental impact. Applications - Motor run applications (Air conditioner ...

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Panasonic Electric Works Corporation of America
stepper motor / DC / 12V / for microscope focus
stepper motor

... required, the ProScan ®III focus motor can be driven at speeds of up to 20 revs/s. The focus motor is designed with a rotating cable system to prevent cable twist. Our coupling system uses a ring ...

DC motor / synchronous / 100 V / self-braking
DC motor
E series

Torque: 0.7 Nm - 70 Nm
Rotational speed: 3,000 rpm - 6,000 rpm

Characteristics E-060-60-007 E-060-60-014 Stall Torque ΔT=100 °C – T Nm 0,7 1,4 Max Velocity - Nmax rpm 6000 6000 Rotor Inertia - JR gm2 0,013 0,023 Weight without brake – M Kg 1,2 1,7 Shaft dimensions mm 23x11 J6 23x11 J6 Key dimensons mm 15x4 15x4