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piezoelectric pressure sensor - max. 250 bar, 80 pC/bar | 7061B

The ThermoComp® Quartz belongs to a family of innovative pressure sensors and can be water cooled up to M14x1,25, 350 °C, 250 bar. It is embedded with polystable quartz...

reference pressure sensor / piezoelectric - max. 250 bar, 80 pC/bar | 6961A250

The reference pressure sensor for pressure generator Type 6906 comprises Type 7061BK pressure sensor which provides security and safety against mechanical injury. Moreover, the Type 7061BK...

piezoelectric pressure sensor - 250 bar, 80 pC/bar | 701A

Piezoelectric Pressure Sensor is a high sensitivity pressure sensor which can be used...

reference pressure sensor / piezoelectric - max. 2 000 bar, -2,5 pC/bar | 6962B2000

Reference pressure sensor of the 6906 series is a standard part of calibration laboratories. It offers accuracy of 0.3%. The design is highly robust and compact, due to the...

reference pressure sensor / piezoelectric - max. 8 000 bar, -1,2 | 6963A8000

Consists of a pressure sensor (Type 6229AK... / 6213BK...), which is permanently fitted and sealed in a particularly rugged calibration adapter. The adapter...

piezoelectric pressure sensor / inherent safety - max. 10 000 psi | 44 series

The ASCO VALVES from EMERSON is Class 1 Div 1, Groups C&D Intrinsically Safe pressure...

piezoelectric pressure sensor - 0.7 - 100 MPa | MPM283 series

The MPM283 Series manufactured by CELMI is a type of a pressure sensor that is made up from stainless steel material and has...

piezoelectric pressure sensor - 0.1 - 2 MPa | MPM150 series

The MPM150 is a peizzo-repelling pressure detector for applications in sectors like home appliance, automotive electronics and meteorology. The basis is a pressure sensitive die processed by MEMS mechanics. The die comprises of a springy diaphragm and four resistors...

piezoelectric pressure sensor - 7 - 100 kPa | MPM262 series

The lowest range to 7kPa
Gauge & absolute
Constant current
power supply
Isolated construction, possible...

piezoelectric pressure sensor - 101B(c)

The 101B(c) is a multi-purpose pressure sensor which can be used in applications in need of measuring dilute pressure media. It is using a BCM piezoresistive semiconductor sensor die enclosed with an oil...

piezoelectric pressure sensor - 700 °C

The Pressure Transducer is made especially to provide a good quality performance and functionality for several purposes and applications. Meggitt has manufactured...

piezoelectric pressure sensor - 100 psi, 50 mV/psi | 2006V2

The Dytran model 2006V2 is an IEPE pressure sensor that is designed to measure the dynamic pressure phenomenon of up to 100 psi at frequencies of up to 50 KHZ. It has a sensitivity...

piezoelectric pressure sensor - 2 000 mV/psi, 2.5 psi | 2013D

The Dytran model 2013D is an IEPE microphone with an ultra high sensitivity of 2,000 mV/psi, designed to measure high intensity sound...

piezoelectric pressure sensor -  0.5 mV/psi, 10 000 psi | 2300V6

The model 2300V6 series from Dyran is a high-quality IEPE probe-style pressure sensor that is engineered to deliver constantly reliable operations in temperatures that can reach up to +121°C....

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