plastic cable gland / IP68 / straight
plastic cable gland

Operating temperature: -20 °C - 65 °C

... quickest and most convenient way of providing strain relief and tightness with cable glands on junction boxes and housings is with the tried-and-trusted V-TEC VM cable glands ...

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OBO Bettermann
polyamide cable gland / IP68 / threaded / metric
polyamide cable gland
1900 M Series

Operating temperature: -20 °C - 90 °C

Cable glands and accessories for control panels and engineering applications.

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plastic conduit gland / IP65
plastic conduit gland

Cable diameter: 12, 16, 20, 25, 32 mm

GENERAL DESCRIPTION • Connection of watertight boxes with flexible Conduits Courflex ® • Water tightness lever: ΙΡ 65 • With fixing nut - Metric thread

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polyamide cable gland / IP68 / straight
polyamide cable gland

We offer a wide variety of cable glands including Metric, PG standard, Glands with reducing insert, Glands with cable guide, Multigum, Plugs (Soft and ...

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polyamide cable gland / UV-resistant / IP68 / strain relief
polyamide cable gland
HSK series

Cable diameter: 12 mm - 72 mm
Operating temperature: -40 °C - 100 °C

... can reach IP68 We can also provide thread: PG, NPT, G. thread lengthened is available. Cable glands are mainly used to clamp, fix, protect the cables from water and dust. They ...

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Shanghai Weyer Electric Co.,Ltd
polyamide cable gland / waterproof / threaded
polyamide cable gland
AG series

Cable diameter: 3 mm - 60 mm
Operating temperature: 140 °C
Thread diameter: 12 mm - 75 mm

The AG series, which is manufactured by RCCN, is a metric cable gland, which is ideal for use in fixing the device wiring, in mechanical control boards or boxes, and in electrical applications. The unit ...

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Shanghai Richeng Electronics
polyamide cable gland / waterproof / straight
polyamide cable gland

Thread diameter: 15 mm - 65 mm

This part is a 100% waterproof cable gland (IP68 - 5 bar). Its design gives the possibility to fit several cable diameters with secure protection and fastening. It can be supplied with ...

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nylon cable gland / threaded / for control panels
nylon cable gland
PG series

Cable diameter: 3.5 mm - 54 mm
Thread diameter: 12.1 mm - 71.4 mm

... Special designation, good strengthsile and none damage to electrical machine. 2.not need to dismetgrate the fix terminal, cable can be inserted throug directly then tighten easy and save time. · Application:used ...

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Changhong Plastics Group Imperial Plastics Co.,Ltd
plastic cable gland / insulated / IP68 / straight
plastic cable gland
UNI series

This is the UNI SERIES product. It is insulated cable glands with the Pg threading IP68 . Complimentary items made available with it are polygonal nuts 145 .

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plastic cable gland / IP68 / hexagonal / threaded
plastic cable gland

Cable diameter: 2.5 mm - 25 mm
Operating temperature: -30 °C - 100 °C
Thread diameter: 15 mm - 42 mm

Short entry thread metric Light grey RAL 7035 One-piece sealing ring

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plastic cable gland / straight
plastic cable gland

Operating temperature: -30 °C - 100 °C

DPPU - All-purpose glands for flat and round cables Material: body: - aluminum gasket: - oil resistant rubber bolts, nuts: - stainlees steel 1.4301 Working temperature: from -30°C ...

polyamide cable gland / IP68 / explosion-proof / for hazardous areas
polyamide cable gland
TRCG series

Cable diameter: 5 mm - 48 mm
Operating temperature: -35 °C - 95 °C
Thread diameter: 16 mm - 63 mm

TRCG series in polyamide cable gland with metric threads for use in Ex e enclosure, with high IP rating.

plastic cable gland / fire-resistant / built-in
plastic cable gland
BKD 150

Cable diameter: 7 mm - 108 mm

... that allows for an installation that is smooth and fast, which completed with a 1/12 turn (= 30°). The BKD 150 bayonet cable bushing is suitable for use in a number of sealing techniques. The standard design comes ...

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UGA System-Technik
polyamide cable gland / IP68 / straight
polyamide cable gland

Operating temperature: -40 °C - 85 °C
Thread diameter: 12 mm - 63 mm

material: polyamide 6.6, (gland body: PA 6.6, halogen free, seal: TPR, halogen free, washer: PVC), colour: light- grey or black, temperature range: 40°C to + 85°C, vibration protection: integrated anti- twist protection ...

plastic cable gland / stainless steel
plastic cable gland

Cord grip for use with CTC junction boxes, for cable diameters .118" - .256" (3.0 - 6.50 mm)

plastic cable gland / IP68 / strain relief
plastic cable gland

Cable diameter: 3 mm - 32 mm
Operating temperature: -20 °C - 100 °C
Thread diameter: 0.75 in - 14 in

Plastic Cable Glands (PCG) provide superior strain relief for cables and provide IP68 protection against dust and water. Mencom offers a large selection of cables ...

nylon cable gland / waterproof / hexagonal / metric
nylon cable gland
PG series

Cable diameter: 2 mm - 51 mm
Operating temperature: -40 °C - 100 °C
Thread diameter: 12.5 mm - 70 mm

... instantaneous heat resistance upto 100℃. ■ Characteristics: Special design of clamping die andrubber part, large range in clamping cable, ultra-strongstretching resistance, waterproof, dustproof, and high ability to ...

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Wenzhou Yunhe Electric co.,ltd
polyamide cable gland / IP65 / IP68 / halogen-free
polyamide cable gland

Cable diameter: 15.2 mm - 70.8 mm
Operating temperature: -40 °C - 110 °C
Thread diameter: 7.4 mm - 50 mm

One-piece straight conduit connector with plastic male thread. Material: polyamide PA 6, free of halogen, grey RAL 7031, black RAL 9005 Temperature range: -40°C to +110°C Flammability: V0 acc. to UL 94 Ingress protection: ...

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polyamide cable gland / IP67 / straight
polyamide cable gland

Cable diameter: 17 mm - 68 mm
Operating temperature: -40 °C - 105 °C
Thread diameter: 8 mm - 49.8 mm

TNC Type Material : High Quality Polyamide6 Protective : IP 67(EN 60529) Temperature Range : -40℃ + 105℃ Short Term : up to +150℃ Self-Extinguishing : UL94-HB / Free of Halogen Phosphorous and cadmium Color : Black & Gray Application ...

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CPS - Cable Protection Systems
plastic cable gland / waterproof / strain relief
plastic cable gland

Operating temperature: -20 °C - 100 °C

INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH CABLE GLANDS THAT WITHSTAND THE ELEMENTS Whether you need waterproof cable glands, or armored, plastic or strain relief versions, ...

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nylon cable gland / IP68
nylon cable gland
500 series

Cable diameter: 13 mm - 60 mm
Thread diameter: 3 mm - 43 mm

... Protection degree: IP68 (water-tight at submersion). Standard colours: Grey RAL 7035 or Black. Resistance to abnormal heat (Glow Wire Test): up to 750°C. Installation temperature: min. -30°C, max. +90°C. Heat resistance ...

polyamide cable gland / halogen-free / straight
polyamide cable gland

Cable diameter: 25 mm - 75 mm
Operating temperature: -50 °C - 160 °C
Thread diameter: 5.5 mm - 48.5 mm

The KNH series from PMA is a conduit that is specially made with modified polyamide 6 and cross-linked polyester elastomer material to ensure highly durable performance when in use. It extinguishes by itself and is halogen-free and cadmium-free. ...

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plastic cable gland / gas-tight / multi-passage
plastic cable gland
MSH Basic-MB

Cable diameter: 13 mm - 50 mm

... street outside. This provides a platform for retrofitting additional entries for multimedia/communication supplies and other cable-bound power sources, for example, without further excavation work being necessary. Our ...

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polyamide cable gland / IP68
polyamide cable gland
NYPO series

Cable diameter: 3 mm - 44 mm
Operating temperature: -20 °C - 150 °C

The cable glands of the line 124P...B are offered with a coloured protection cap, it shows the different sizes of cable glands and also protects from dusty, if used like ...

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nylon cable gland / waterproof / threaded / straight
nylon cable gland
CGN Series

Operating temperature: -40 °C - 120 °C
Thread diameter: 12 mm - 50 mm

Nylon Cable Glands (CGN Series) * Material: Nylon66 * Color: Black * Material of seal ring: Acrylonitril-butadiene rubber * Protection rating: IP65 * Working temperature: -40℃~120℃(Static) ...