polyamide cable gland
polyamide cable gland
Progress® GFK series

Cable diameter: 2.5 mm - 52 mm
Operating temperature: -20 °C - 100 °C
Thread diameter: 12 mm - 75 mm

These synthetic cable glands are made from polyamide reinforced by high quality glass. They are also made form polyamide PA 6. It also offers variation for the user to choose from. These include Synthec® ...

polyamide cable gland / IP68 / straight
polyamide cable gland

Cable diameter: 3 mm - 7 mm

Kit gland. Compound gland sealing gasket + + nut. IP68 M12x1, 5. Stud length 15. Cable Ø 3-7 KIT Ref PL12G Material Thermoplastic Degree of Protection IP IP68 Compound sealing ...

plastic cable gland / IP68 / straight
plastic cable gland
GR23 series

Operating temperature: -40 °C - 120 °C

Cable gland metric type IP68 63x1,5 Quantity per packaging: 25 Quantity per carton: 100 Minimum order quantity: 100

polyamide cable gland / IP67 / straight
polyamide cable gland
PTE series

Operating temperature: -40 °C - 135 °C

POLYAMIDE cable glands Economic Line - PTE Economic line cable glands including locknut made of polyamide. Degree of protection IP67 Temperature range: -40°C +135°C Colour: - ...

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polyamide cable gland / brass / explosion-proof / IP68
polyamide cable gland

Cable diameter: 3 mm - 32 mm
Operating temperature: -55 °C - 110 °C

... accessories suitable for all BOPLA enclosures Pressure compensation elements Polyamide or brass cable glands EMC and EX cable glands Handles ...

plastic cable gland / explosion-proof / IP68 / straight
plastic cable gland
8161/x series

Cable diameter: 1 mm - 48 mm
Operating temperature: -60 °C - 75 °C

... protection IP68, Explosion protection type "increased safety". It features a single or multi-cable entry, Integrated plug (accessory) for closing unused cable entries,Cable diameter ranges ...

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plastic cable gland / nickel-plated brass / stainless steel / IP69K
plastic cable gland

Operating temperature: -60 °C - 180 °C

... the matching accessories of lock Knuts, sealing and earthing rings as an added bonus to cable glands made of brass, plastic, and stainless steel. The cable glands ...

plastic cable gland / explosion-proof
plastic cable gland
GW52xx series

Cable diameter: 3 mm - 50 mm
Thread diameter: 12 mm - 63 mm

You are looking at polymer cable glands of type ATEX, which will surely be fitted to your application, regardless of its nature or industry. Even though fixing nuts will not be supplied ...

nylon cable gland / IP68 / straight
nylon cable gland
159 series

Cable diameter: 13 mm - 33 mm

... waterproof (IP68 - 5 bar) VDE tested and certificated according to DIN EN50262 May be combined with series 126 Dimension E is the panel hole size