water hose / high-pressure / thermoplastic
water hose

Inner diameter: 3 mm - 19 mm
Pressure: 210 bar
Temperature: -40 °C - 95 °C

... RYCO RT7 Series Hose has lighter weight and more compact outside diameter than wire braided rubber SAE 100R1AT hose. Smooth inner tube for high flow rate; and smooth, easily cleaned cover. The ...

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RYCO Hydraulics
air hose / low-temperature / fabric / polyester
air hose
Flex-Lok 300W

Inner diameter: 3 in - 20 in
Temperature: -65 °F - 300 °F

... Extremely flexible & compressible Flame retardant to UL 94V-0 Ideal for low temperature fume control applications Non-marking thermoplastic rubber clip cover protects the helix & the equipment that is ...

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oil hose / plastic
oil hose

Under Floor Central Heating Systems Polyplumb offers three configurations of under floor central heating suitable for new build, retrofit, or any type of construction. All are compatible with standard central heating boilers and are ...

high-temperature hose / PTFE
high-temperature hose

Inner diameter: 6 mm - 38 mm
Pressure: 30 bar - 172 bar
Temperature: -70 °C - 260 °C

The ANFRAY's PTFE CH (Helix Convoluted) hoses are very flexible, and are available in 4 different versions, depending on the specific process and quality demands. They can be used in various industrial applications, because ...

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stainless steel hose / PTFE
stainless steel hose

... you can find PTFE flexible pipes with stainless steel external sheath, PTFE pipes with thin walls, rubber and pure silicone multi-layer pipes and stainless steel flexible pipes. You can install any type ...

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oil hose / protection / for electrical cables / PVC
oil hose
GF series

PVC hose with high degree of flexibility. Long aging resistance, excellent against oils, salt, air. Working temperature from - 15°C to + 70°C. The product contains no cadmium or lead based additives. PVC material self-extinguishing ...

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PVC hose / for water / foodstuffs / for compressed air
PVC hose

Inner diameter: 10 mm
Outer diameter: 16 mm
Pressure: 15 bar

... high tensile polyester fibres used at the optimum braid angle of 54° 44′(54.73°) creates an effective and balanced pressure hose • EC compliant for food contact applications • RoHS compliant • Manufactured from cadmium ...

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air hose / heavy-duty / for compressors / polyurethane
air hose

Inner diameter: 8 mm
Outer diameter: 12 mm
Pressure: 15 bar

Blue 10m Polyurethane Air Hose, Application Pneumatic Equipment, Tools & Compressors Auto Return Air Hose Professional polyurethane braid hose on an automatic hose ...

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PVC hose / for water / for fuel / for compressed air
PVC hose

Inner diameter: 12.5 mm
Outer diameter: 17.5 mm
Pressure: 10 bar

An economical, light duty hose ideal for multi-purpose use and is especially popular for industrial air line equipment. It can also be used for food contact applications. Manufactured from transparent, low toxic PVC ...

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air hose / for compressed air / for pumps / spraying
air hose

Inner diameter: 6.35, 9.52 mm
Pressure: 0 bar - 14 bar
Temperature: -20 °C - 60 °C

We offer a wide air hose choice with different material and length to answer to every application SAMES KREMLIN's new air hoses bring unique advantages to the end user because they are exceptionally ...

polyurethane hose / flexible
polyurethane hose

Inner diameter: 8 mm
Outer diameter: 12 mm
Pressure: 10 bar

Polyurethane hoses extremely flexible and light; spark proof, ideal for light devices; color black; working pressure: 10 bar - 145 psi. Suggested for 1/2” impact wrenches. Lenght on demand.

polyolefin hose / rubber / fire-resistant
polyolefin hose

The two-hoses kit for Paoli trolleys includes:*rubber hose Ø 13x23 - 3 m* rubber hose Ø 16x26- 3 m* 2 hose clamps* polyolefin heat-resistant sheath - 0,4 m

compressed air hose / heavy-duty / PVC / lightweight
compressed air hose

Temperature: -15 °C - 60 °C

The Cablair hose is a highly strength and high performance PVC compound made. It weighs about 30-50% less than a conventional PVC hose. It is extremely soft and more flexible to increase ...

air hose / polyurethane
air hose

Inner diameter: 2.5, 4, 6 mm
Outer diameter: 4, 6, 8 mm
Pressure: 0.99 bar - 10 bar

Polyurethane hose for compressed air suitable for use with push-in fittings.

corrugated hose / protection / for electrical cables / polyamide
corrugated hose
BraceCONDUIT series

... V2 (in accordance with UL 94, self-extinguishing, free from halogen and cadmium), UV-resistant and weatherproof. Different profile types, sizes (nominal diameters), material strengths and colours on request.

foodstuffs hose / PTFE / PFA / FEP
foodstuffs hose

Inner diameter: 0.063 in - 1 in
Outer diameter: 0.125 in - 1.125 in

iPolymer offers three types of High Purity Tubing. All three are classified as High Purity solutions for ultra-clean applications and are excellent with corrosive media. The tubing choices are UL 94 VO Flammability Rated. They resist ...

gas hose / PTFE / PFA / stainless steel
gas hose
HX3B series

Temperature: 35 °C - 120 °C

The self-limiting analytical heating hoses is designed for use in Ex areas. The heating hoses are above all characterised by their compact construction with internal connection configuration. The HX series ...

chemical product hose / for oil / for solvents / for heating
chemical product hose
HE 90/200 Series

Inner diameter: 20 mm - 200 mm
Temperature: 200, 90 °C

HE heating hose has been especially developed by Hillesheim and its special structure makes it suitable for maintaining the temperature of the most diverse types of media, such as chemicals, solvents, oils, greases, and ...

compressed air hose / for vacuum / PVC / polyurethane
compressed air hose
VSL series

Inner diameter: 2 mm - 75 mm
Outer diameter: 4 mm - 85 mm
Pressure: 0 bar - 10 bar

- Hose connections in vacuum systems - Polyurethane (PU) hoses for energy distribution systems

pneumatic hose / rubber / polyester / lightweight
pneumatic hose

Inner diameter: 6 mm
Outer diameter: 13 mm
Pressure: 60 bar

Elcometer’s tough 1/4” (6mm) ID Twinline Control Hose prevents tangles and trip hazards compared to using single lines with the blast hose. Durable, reliable and lightweight the Elcometer Twinline Control ...

hydraulic hose / PVC / reinforced / PTFE inner liner
hydraulic hose

PTFE hose
PTFE hose

EDM connecting tube PTFE coated connecting tube for Schmidt + Haensch EDM 4000 and 5000.

adhesive hose / high-pressure / dispensing / vinyl
adhesive hose

... with JIC tube fittings and a Teflon core inside. An alternative, low cost cold glue hose is available and features reinforced vinyl tubing. Hoses are also cut-to-length ...

steam hose / for gas / stainless steel / PVC
steam hose

Inner diameter: 62 mm
Outer diameter: 74.5 mm
Temperature: 0 °C - 80 °C

grease hose / high-pressure / for heating / rubber
grease hose

Pressure: 300 bar

The right hose for the right fluid, we manufacture with the desidered lenght and complete with fittings.

construction hose / PVC
construction hose

Inner diameter: 6, 10 mm
Outer diameter: 13, 16 mm

VPRESS Injection hose consisting of a slightly-foamed PVC (PVC = polyvinyl chloride) with ribbed surface for better locking into concrete, for sealing construction joints in reinforced concrete structures suitable ...

construction hose / PVC
construction hose

Inner diameter: 6 mm
Outer diameter: 13 mm

Injection hose consisting of a slightly-foamed PVC (PVC = polyvinyl chloride) with ribbed surface for better locking into concrete, for sealing construction joints in reinforced concrete structures suitable for ...

compressed air hose / polyamide
compressed air hose
TU1, TU2, TU3 series

Outer diameter: 4 mm - 22 mm
Pressure: 9 bar - 26 bar
Temperature: -40 °C - 80 °C

... calibration The right material for every application from our TU1/TU2/TU3 series AVENTICS has a high-quality range of polymer tubing in different materials and qualities that satisfy every demand and can be chosen ...

water hose / thermoplastic
water hose

... proudly provides quality Thermoplastic Waterblast Delivery Hoses rated from 10,300 to 40,000 PSI, with your choice of a wide variety of pressure-appropriate end-fittings. These thermoplastic hoses are ...

hydraulic hose / for chemical products / for gas / ultra high-pressure
hydraulic hose

Inner diameter: 2 mm - 20 mm
Outer diameter: 4.9 mm - 30 mm
Pressure: 185 bar - 6,250 bar

MCS® High-Pressure tubing were created due to the need of offering high pressure industry with a product characterised by high mechanical characteristics. They are made with cold worked AISI 316L and are available in versions from 1/4" ...