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PLC with integrated touch screen HMI - 400 MHz | XV-102

The Eaton XV-102 is a high-performance, touch display, micropanel HMI/PLC that offers a fully equipped graphics display with maximum power at a competitive...

compact PLC - EC4P

Eaton introduces a new line of technology called easyControl. Its 256 kByte program memory and an instruction processing speed of 0.3 µs per instruction made this the top of the line....

compact PLC - XC-152

The XC-152 is a modular and powerful PLC that is incorporated with SmartWire-Dt. The ethernet interface or the integrated WEB server can enable the users to apply automation solutions....

PLC with integrated touch screen HMI - 400 MHz | XV-152

The XV-152 is one of the most efficient and effective devices that you can ever get. It is also affordable and very convenient to use....

PLC with integrated touch screen HMI - 400 MHz | XV400 series

The XV400 series enables up to 8 parallel communications interfaces, with optional communication...

compact PLC - PFC200

The PCF 200 for the WAGO I/O SYSTEM 750/ 753 meets the growing need for space-saving controllers, having communication with lower and higher level systems in addition...

PLC - MODBUS TCP/-RTU, 32 bit | 750-872

The PLC delivers a full range of protocols for I/O data control or
system management and diagnostics. It includes library functions
for e-mail, SOAP, ASP, IP configuration,...

compact PLC - PSScompact series

Anyone can use one of many PSScompact safety systems for plant or machine operation needs. Choose the 3047 SC with 47 inputs/outputs or the...

modular PLC - PSSmodular series

The modular safety and control systems PSS 3000 and PSS 3100 monitor safety-related functions and perform standard control functions at the same time :

- Centralised - on independent stand-alone machines, or
- Decentralised -...

compact PLC - 12 - 240 V | CD12 / CD20 series

The product has visible blue LCD, 4 lines of 18 characters and configurable back-lighting...

PLC with expandable I/O card - 12 - 240 V | XD10 / XD26 series

Millenium 3 logic controller has blue LCD screen enhanced with backlighting and four lines of eighteen characters....

PLC - 24 V | CD12RBT / XD26RBT

Designed to cater to the needs of commercial, industrial, paramedical and medical needs, quick maintenance process enhances the machine's availability...

compact PLC - 12 - 240 V | CB12 / CB20 series

This logic controller is an efficient and economical version without any display...

PLC with expandable I/O card - 12 - 240 V | XB10 / XB26 series

The Crouzet micro control Millenium 3 smart is an economical model with no display or key setting but is still...

compact PLC - Atom  N450, 55.2 x 115.0 x 98.0mm  | PPC-100 series

This controller supports Windows operating systems and can work together with the general controller CPU from Mitsubishi (MELSEC-Q Series). One benefit of using this...

compact PLC / with integrated HMI - 320 x 240 px | OCS XL series

The impeccable OCSXL Series - Programmable Logic Controller and Operater Interface provides quality...

compact PLC - CP1H series

The Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) feature Base Models with 10 to 14 I/O, Expandable...


High reliability is essential for the systems that control your critical processes. The dual redundant capability of the field control node (FCN) autonomous...


The FCN-RTU is revolutionary model and comes with several features to include power efficiency, three expansion slots and 1 RS422/485, 3 RS232...


All-in-one Controller with Network Redundancy Reduces Your TCO

The field control junction...


Stable control features and super fast processing speeds come together on the top performing programmable logic controller (PLC), the FA-M3...

graphic display PLC - UP35A

Presenting the UTAdvanced UP35A by YOKOGAWA. It is a one of a kind component built with the state of the art parts. It features Advanced Control, Ladder sequence...

PLC with integrated touch screen HMI - LT3000 series

The LT3000 operator interface family is a compilation of PLC functionality incorporated...

PLC - T 5571

This HVAC control setup unit can program...

compact PLC - Alpha

Advanced Tiny Giants

The integrated products of the ALPHA family replace many of the discrete components used in conventional systems,...

compact PLC - FX series

This PLC unit is small but effective for managing many functions. The FX3U is great for tailored needs and is easy to install. It has an integrated automation setup and uses 16 to 384...

modular PLC / rack-free - L series

The L series features a powerful modular and compact controller,
designed with a CPU that includes a large number of integrated
features. It is intended for use with mid-sized control applications...

modular PLC - System Q

Mitsubishi Electric makes high-end PLC systems in small bodies. These keep automation and IT controls in check. The iQ Platform MELSEC System Q is particularly useful for today's modern functions...

compact PLC - KV series

Visual KV series is the first PLC with integrated data window facilitating real time monitoring and...

networked PLC - GuardPLC™

GuardPLC is an advanced family of controllers, which impresses through the delivery of speed and advancements in network functionality....

high-speed programmable logic controller - FPOR

Our mission is to maximize customer benefits...

panel-mounted programmable logic controller - FP-e

New Born! Advanced PLC! Timer, Counter, Hour meter, Temperature Controller and PLC in a Unit

1.5-character, 2-line, 3-color Display
Simple characters and numerical values can be displayed.
Simple error messages as well as operation instructions...


Super-high Processing Speed
Super-high speed of 80 ns/step for 0 to 3000 steps (ST command). 580 ns/step
processing speed for...



High Performance, Multiple Functions, and Strengthened Lineup to Support a Wider Variety of Applications

High-speed Operation
The 32-bit...

high-speed programmable logic controller - FP2SH

Scanning time of 1 ms for 20k steps. A high-performance model for high-speed operation.


1.Scanning time of 1 ms for 20k steps.
With an operating speed at the top of its class, super high-speed...

panel-mounted programmable logic controller - 24 V, 2 A | FPe

The very first panel mount and cutting-edge PLC called the FP-e, produced and developed by the trusted Panasonic Electric Works is a small (DIN 1/16 case) PLC...

high-speed programmable logic controller - max. 250 V, 2 A | FP0R

Ultra-high speed processing enhances productivity

Advanced functionality and performance - superior to basic...


The FP-X PLC comes with a wide range of features suitable for most applications and is designed to save development...

impulse heat controller PLC - FP

Introducing the first compact Impulse Heat Controller PLC from Panasonic Electric Works Corporation. The Impulse Heat Controller is an ideal solution for a small...

compact PLC - CJ1

The Versatile Machine Control with super-compact design delivers superior performance standard. Even a narrow space in the machine serves as a control panel with highest standards...

modular PLC - RS-232C | CJ2

As a modern machine manufacturer you need to continuously increase the intelligence and flexibility of your product to remain competitive. But you also need to be absolutely...

PLC - 40 I/O | CJ2M

Five variations in program capacity from 5K steps to 60K steps; scale the CPU to your application needs.
Faster processors; LD instruction execution time is reduced to 40 ns, floating point trigonometrics in less than 1 μs.
Optional Pulse I/O Modules can be mounted to enable positioning...

PLC with integrated touch screen HMI - 5 - 15 in | NS series

The NS-Series offers a human-machine interface (HMI) that you can depend on. The...

graphic display PLC - 10.4 in | NT631/NT631C

The OMRON NT20, NT631C-V3 are programmable terminals that showcase excellent compatibility and convenience in their...

panel-mounted programmable logic controller - 0.5 - 2 A | FP-e

The new FP-e has a unique combination of features that enable it to function properly and adequately. This new multi-purpose PLC can...

compact PLC - FP0R series

The latest F-type FP0R control units are perfect for positioning and process automation applications. FP0R is capable of reading up to a maximum...

compact PLC - 100 - 240 V | FP-X0

The entry level, compact, multi-functional PLC comes with functionality that is necessary in the simple automation of applications. Additional features include program capacity...

compact PLC - max. 2 A | FP-Sigma

The FP-Sigma features the very latest control technology and a compact structural design. It is able to communicate with all major factory automation products. Of course you can program the FP-Sigma using...

PLC - max. 240 V | FP-X series

The latest FP-X PLC Series from Panasonic replaced the famous FP1. Compared to FP1, it has smaller dimensions with high memory capacitor and has...

PLC - VersaMax I/O

VersaMax CPUs supply a number of features
usually found only in PLCs with larger footprints,
including up to 64k of memory for
application programs, floating point...

PLC - VersaSafe

The VersaSafe distributed safety system
provides a TÜV-certified SIL3 machine safety
solution that focuses on the critical control

PLC - Durus

GE Intelligent Platforms Durus Controller
provides a rugged design and is filled with
state-of-the-art features. It is built to...

modular PLC - VersaMax Micro

The VersaMax Micro and Nano enable users...

PLC - 90-30 series

GE intelligent platform introduces the new Series 90-30, one of the latest of...

modular PLC - MELSEC-Q series

Users can enjoy enhanced performance with MELSEC-Q Series, unique only to this...

modular PLC - 24 I/O, 9.5 - 40 ns | MELSEC L series

The MELSEC-L programmable controller series are easily configurable and will promote innovation in your...

compact PLC - MELSEC F series

The MELSEC-F Series PLC is a compact flexible system with rich features including...

compact PLC - 10 - 24 I/O, 4 - 9 W | Alpha 2

The top of the line ALPHA2 controller is an easily operated entry model controller that...

PLC - 4 096 I/O, Intel® Atom™ Processor N450, 1.66 GHz | WinPC

The inventiveness of iQ Platform lies in the fact that it helps in effective amalgamation of multiple disciplines of key automation. These also include integration of industrial PC and its pertinent environment edified over hardware platform....

sequential PLC - 1.9 ns | QnU

These QnU CPUs are the pioneering CPUs around the globe. Its processor can perform with a speed that is 9.5 ns low for every instruction. The creators...

PLC - max. 1 kHz | Alpha2

This is one of the most advanced controllers, specifically designed to address simple applications, especially those at the lower end of commercial control and...

compact PLC - 14 - 256 I/O | FX3G

The FX3G compact PLC is the latest member of the FX3 family. It is intended for use in simple but performance critical applications.
The FX3G represents a 3rd...

compact PLC - 24 - 256 I/O | FX3GE

If you are looking for a combination of a powerful FX3G CPU module with I/O analog features and a built-in Ethernet communication protocol, this item will...

PLC - 1756 series

GuardLogix® Integrated Safety Systems provide the benefits of standard ControlLogix® systems, plus safety features that support...

compact PLC - 1768 CompactLogix™

Bulletin 1768 CompactLogix™ and Compact GuardLogix® controllers are ideal for small to mid-size applications that require safety, motion,...

compact PLC - 1769 CompactLogix™ 5370

The ROCKWELL CompactLogix 5370 Controllers are highly advance controllers that are ideally used for small to mid-size machines that provides the benefits of Integrated Architecture™...


How to choose this product


A PLC (programmable logic controller) is the heart of an automated industrial system. It executes control functions based on its internal program and data received from sensors.


These devices are common in industry for the control of machinery and assembly line automation, and for building security and heating functions. Compact or modular, these units are DIN rail- or back-panel rack-mounted.


PLCs have analog or digital input and output ports and on-off input or dry contact output. An onboard processor and memory contain the operating program. The program is designed using software based on a functional Grafcet-pattern description. The programming language can be text or graphic. At times, Grafcet, itself, is used.

A PLC has communications ports for initial software loading and parameter modification in operational mode via a portable terminal. Other ports allow the connection of a fieldbus to link to external devices. Several controllers can be joined together using this system.

How to choose

Choice will depend on the necessary number of input and output connections, communications ports and expansion possibilities. Ease of programming and software maintenance are also important factors.

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