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pneumatic relay / snap-action - 0.010

The Clippard Low Pressure Piloted Valves are specifically created ideally for small industrial...

pneumatic relay - M14

The M14, which is manufactured by Fairchild, is a biasing pneumatic relay unit. This device is suitable to use in precision applications...

pneumatic relay - 1/4

Version 15 Positive Bias Relay is specifically engineered for operation needing a high output pressure as a result of combined regulated input indicator and permanent bias. This pneumatic transmission offers an output...

pneumatic relay - M1500A

Version 1500 Positive Bias Relay is specifically engineered for operations needing a high output pressure as a result of combined regulated input indicator and permanent...

pneumatic relay / reverse - max. 17 bar, max. 68 m³/h | M25

The Reversing Relay (M25) is created for various applications that requires an output that equals...

pneumatic relay / reverse - max. 250 psig | M2500A

Version 2500A Bias Reversing Relay specifically offers an exit pressure which reduces proportionally with the input indicator.

The arithmetical...

pneumatic relay - max. 10.3 bar | Type 72, Type 72HR

Type 72 & Type 72HR Positive Bias Booster Pneumatic (Air) Relays are highly reliable whenever high flow capacity is mandatory. The product comes in four adjustable ranges and offers the highest flow capacity of 50 SCFM and minimal...

pneumatic relay - Type 20

The Marsh Bellofram Type 20 is a compact, two-stage, pilot operated 1:1 air relay with positive and negative bias adjustment capability. It accepts a signal pressure and, when combined...

pneumatic relay - max. 10.3 bar | Type 75, Type 75HR

The Marsh Bellofram Type 75 pneumatic (air) relays has multiple output ratios which has a wide range of flow and supply with the use of an aspirator tube, which is responsible for the adjustment...

pneumatic relay - max. 200 scfm | Type 79, Type 79HR

Marsh Bellofram Type 79 consist of 1 on 1 value increased flow accurate pneumatic (air) relays are ideal for application that require accurate flow regulation. The Type 79 series is capable of accomplishing flow values...

pneumatic relay - 14 scfm (396 Nl/min), max. 150 psig (10 Bar) | 200 series

The Type 200 is a pneumatic and multi-stage air relay that possess a positive and negative bias adjustment...

pneumatic relay - max. 125 psig (8.35 bar) | 250 series

This is a lockup air relay that has been built to enhance reliability when it comes to enhancing...

pneumatic relay - 50 scfm (1415 Nl/min), max. 250 psig (17.5 bar) | 650 series

The Type 650 is a positive bias relay which is capable of delivering a flow capacity of 50 SCFM under a minimal pressure drop of 100...

pneumatic relay / snap-action - max. 100 psig (7 bar) | Super Mite 71 series

The Super Mite 71 made from aluminum, plated steel, neoprene, brass and stainless steel and capable in selecting automatically the higher or lower of two pneumatic inputs and pass...

pneumatic relay / snap-action - max. 100 psig (7 bar) | Super Mite 74, Mite 70 series

The Super Mite 74 is a snap-acting control relay with integral 3-way valve is combined with the Mite 70 control relay with a rigor 2-way or 3-way...

pneumatic relay - 125 psi, 93 °C | 2400M, 4400M

The 2400M and 4400M Space Saving Indicating Relays are used in failsafe pneumatic or hydro mechanical control systems. The indicating relays are used in panel systems and sequencing systems and are used to indicate the status...

pneumatic relay / snap-action - max. 1.3 bar | RAP 80 F901

Areas of application
As a pressure switching relay with variable change-over point for setting up pneumatic control systems.

On reaching the setpoint,...

pneumatic relay - PO series

The PNEUMATIC RELAY is a pilot operated valve designed to provide the higher air or gas flow rates necessary for PNEUMATIC...

pneumatic relay / snap-action - max. 150 psi, 0.06 m³/min | GVB, GVB12 series

Designed for pneumatic systems, Conoflow Series GVB...

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