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Polishing machines
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CNC polishing machine / rotating table - MRI NC Series

The MRI-NC machines have been created from the experience and success of the PULIPROM NC machines, which is based on the concept of polishing by electronic numerical control programming.

The development of the MRI-NC machines represents a leading worldwide innovation with the integration...

polishing machine - EPS 1C ES

Basic polishing machines for mush polishing various types of regular and irregular-shaped parts with outstanding...

rotating table polishing machine - MRI 2086 24MP

Programmable electronic indexed rotary machines for polishing and brightening circular parts in general.

Possibility to combine the following processes in one single cycle:

● Polishing and brightening.
● Grinding, polishing and brightening.

marble polishing machine / granite - 210 cm | LCA 200

The "LCA 200" series - Automated polishing Machine for Marble - was born from an innovative project in which all the components which contribute essentially to machine featuring were brought together. Components such as:
Extremely stiff...

granite polishing machine / for marble / sheet / square - ø 650 mm |  LCO 70

With the conventional belt type polishing machines either featuring fixed or movable or oscillating spindles some "acceptable"...

granite polishing machine / for marble / sheet / square - ø 750 - 1 050 mm | LCA 70/100

The polishing machines LCA 70 and LCA 100 are designed for working marble pieces of a respectively maximum width of 70 cm and 100 cm.
They are...

marble polishing machine / granite - 15 - 92 cm | BS series

The result of a whole working cycle for tiles can be spoiled in the final phase when (on each tile) it is time to make peripherical sizing and edge chamfering.
The main requirements for a quality tile are:
a) Perfectly polished...

marble polishing machine / granite - 215 cm | GSE series

Is the result of a wealth of various experiences and polishing system evolution.
The machine is infact the result of an innovative project the various componente all providing specific features of the machine such as:

▪ Extremely...

PCB polishing machine - PS400

The Polishing machine PS400 Series is manufactured by Beijing Torch SMT Co., Ltd. The...

PCB polishing machine - PS600


The machine is single-size polishing treatment machine, is the necessary machine for PCB production process. It is used for polishing, cleaning, and trying treatment, suitable for oil and oxide layer; The machine generated with board input, brushing,...

granite polishing machine / for marble - max. ø 400 mm | MAS

Achilli's MAS machine is suitable for use in cutting, edge profiling, polishing and chamfering of marble and granite....

stone polishing machine - StonePOLISH

The stonePOLISH is manufactured by CEI. It is a CNC bridge polishing machine with vision system that has real-time digital tool pressure...

electrolytic etching devicec polishing machine - 115 - 220 V | ElectroMet® 4

The Electrolytic etching device polishing machine ElectroMet® 4 Series is manufactured...

electrolytic etching devicec polishing machine - 115 - 200 V | ElectroMet® 4

The ElectroMet® 4 is an etching and polishing machine engineered by Buehler. It ensures...

polishing machine - 2900 rpm | Polini

The Polini Series of Polishing Machine, manufactured by Elma-Hans Schmidbauer, is designed...

polishing machine - 1400/2800 rpm | Unispeed


Polishing unit for one polishing brush


polishing machine - 1400/2800 rpm | Multispeed

The Multispeed Series of Polishing Machine, manufactured by Elma-Hans Schmidbauer, is designed...

marble polishing machine / granite - MSM 5.5

The MSM 5.5 offers a wide array of granite polishing machines that are specially...

marble polishing machine / granite - MSM 7.5

The Granite polishing machine MSM 5.5 Series is manufactured by OSTAS MACHINERY. The product is commonly...

optical polishing machine - 5 - 350 rpm | OptiPrep™

The OptiPrep™ System is designed for production polishing of a wide variety of optical components, including: Ferrules,...

optical polishing machine - 5 - 350 rpm | OptiPrep™

Robust and long lasting Ultrasonic handheld polishing machine

for polishing, lapping and finishing every sort of mold such as plastic,...

optical polishing machine - 5 - 350 rpm | OptiPrep™

These Gruber Panel Sanders are a single head sanding machine perfectly suited for use in the cast polymer and solid surface industries, and greatly reduces the labor needed for the...

polishing machine - GPM 150

Heger GPM 150 grain polishing machine Safe and hygienic production of extremely clean food grain

In a gentle brushing process Heger polishing...

polishing machine - SPU series

Most efficient polishing station on the market
3-stage filtration captures ALL of your GOLD
Most powerful polishing...

lens polishing machine - BOXER

Uncompromising performance and a compact design: BOXER is a coating system for eyeglass lenses. It is ideal for Rx production as well as for stock production. And of course, the system is suitable for clean room use as well.

Optimized Geometry
With BOXER, the electron beam evaporator...


How to choose this product


A polishing machine smooths the surfaces of a product. The process can use abrasion or work hardening methods to furnish a surface meeting aesthetic or technical requirements.


These machines are used in gold and silver smithing, iron working, foundries and woodworking, as well as in optical and medical domains.


Various polishing techniques are employed. Machines use vibrations, centrifugal force, abrasive discs and belts and different kinds of polishing compounds.

How to choose

Choice will depend on the shape of the product to be polished and the degree of smoothness required.

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