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Polishing machines
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The panther 3 is specially designed to high polish ceramics and titan.



The PRO 80P is a high speed spherical lens polisher for workpieces up to 80 mm in diameter. The PRO 80P is designed with a vibration isolated "rock-solid" granite core...

OptiPro's ePX 200 CNC spherical high-speed lens polishers allow users to have multi-step...


Machine for polishing and electrolytic etching with plugs.

• Efficiency
Polishing machinesMINITECH are robust, powerful and reliable, incorporating the most advanced technologies for an easy use and simple maintenance.
• Convenience
Thanks to the LCD touch screen which can be positioned on the left or right side of the polishing...

The MECAPOL P320 is recommended for the metallographic preparation of many materials using a variety of preparation surfaces...


The ultimate in flexible polishing technology

Q-flex is the next generation polishing system from QED Technologies...

The Q22-XE is specifically designed to polish small optics (up to 100mm in diameter.) With its compact footprint and user friendly interface,...

The Q22-750 machine family is configurable to meet your specific applications and the machines are available with many different platform options including 1-2 wheels and up to 5 axes of...

Polish aperture sizes up to 900 mm x 1100 mm:
* Large, lightweighted optics with very thin face sheet;
* Extra-large telescope (ELT) segmented optics;
* Freeform optics, including off-axis aspheres;
* Improved surface...


Robust and long lasting Ultrasonic handheld polishing machine

for polishing, lapping and finishing every sort of mold such as plastic,...


Uncompromising performance and a compact design: BOXER is a coating system for eyeglass lenses. It is ideal for Rx production as well as for stock production. And of course, the system is suitable for clean room use as well.

Optimized Geometry
With BOXER, the electron beam evaporator...


Princetel's PF180 series hand-crank fiber connector polisher is an award winning field polishing machine. It does not require power or battery and therefore is ideal for oil and gas environments...

Unlike the FP180 series hand polisher, Princetel's FP180e series fiber connector polisher relies on a build-in DC motor to power the turn table. The machine is ideal...

Princetel's FPM30 series fiber connector polisher is a full-featured polishing machine with complete electronic control on speed, force, and polishing time. The unique speed-ramping feature ensures minimum...


12-stations rotary table with...


Available in 600mm, 900mm, 1350mm, 1600mm working widths
Single or multiple abrasive belt heads
Wet or dry optional
Centralised operator control panel
Wide belt head with fine adjustment of contact roll, 280mm & 180mm
Brush head with fine adjustment (brush 350mm)


Most efficient polishing station on the market
3-stage filtration captures ALL of your GOLD
Most powerful polishing...

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