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polyester enclosure - IP66 - IP67 | CP

Bernstein Series CP and CPS polyester enclosures are made of high-grade glass fiber-reinforced polyester. The black polyester enclosures conform to the requirements for Ex...

polyester enclosure - IP66 - IP67 | CP

The one of a kind Polyester enclosures are uniquely reinforced with glass fibre...

polyester enclosure - IP66 / NEMA 4, 4X, 12, 13 IK10 / IK07  | UCP/UCPT series

The UCP/UCPT series is a polyester uniplast enclosure manufactured by Eldon. It features a fiber-glass reinforced polyester construction, and a monoblock block molded 3mm thick. It can be directly...

polyester enclosure / modular - IP65, IP54 | UDP/UDPT series

UDP/UDPT, Uniplast Fold Modular type as per IP65, IP54 is made of polyester and is a fiber-glass strengthened structure with a dual-wrapping for highest protection to operators.

The various modular fold...

polyester enclosure - IP 66, max. 800 x 600 x 300 mm

The IP66 cabinet is made up of hot pressed molded polyester and reinforced fiber glass and it is halogen free which provides the series a really high performance level. The GRP has...

polyester enclosure - IP 55, max. 1 000 x 750 x 420 mm

The POLIESTER series from I División Eléctrica is composed of a series of cabinets engineered in a hot pressed Polystyrene reinforced with glass fibre, halogen free,...

polyester enclosure - TIP, TX, min:250 Wx300 Hx140 D mm, max:600 Wx800 Hx300 D mm

The Polyester Enclosure of the TIP Series is made of 30% fiber glass that provides its...

polyester enclosure - 315 x 215 x 170 ... 1 030 x 835 x 300 mm | CAB P series

The CAB P series, manufactured by Fibox®, is utilized for polyester enclosure as well...

polyester enclosure - IP 66 - IP68, - 30 - 80 °C | 17 series

The 17 series of polyester enclosures, manufactured by HUMMEL AG, is built with fiber reinforced polyester,...

polyester enclosure - IP 66 - IP68, - 30 - 80 °C | 17 series

These high quality polyester housings, made of aggressive materials ensure protection even while working in extreme environmental conditions, tough working conditions, humid areas and low/high temperature areas. The housing can be modified on request....

polyester enclosure / modular - max. 404 x 404 x 160 mm, IP66 - IP67 | polyTOP series

Ingress protection
IP 66 / EN 60529
on request IP 67
13 Sizes
Dimensions L x W x H:
from 82 x 82 x 60mm

polyester enclosure - max. 400 x 405 x 120 mm, IP65 | polyKOM series

Ingress protection IP 65 EN 60529
15 Sizes
Dimensions L x W x H:
from 80 x 75 x 55mm

polyester enclosure / modular - 660 V, 1 000 A | SAFYBOX CA

The Safybox is a secluded framework scope of Double Insulation boxes (Ip66-Ik10)...

polyester enclosure - 660 V, 1 000 A | SAFYBOX GL

The Self Ventilated Polyester Enclosure IP43-IK10 is developed by Uriarte Safybox. It is specially built suitable...

polyester enclosure - EC series

c3controls provides Control Stations/Enclosures that can be configured...

polyester enclosure - IP66, IK10 | PLM

WM polyester enclosures & accessories
Body and door made from fiber glass reinforced polyester, moulded by hot compression, RAL7032 colour. Same finish for all surfaces.
8 dimensions from 310x215x160mm up to 1056x852x350mm.

polyester enclosure - IP43 - IP54, IK10 | PLD

FS DIN polyester enclosures & accessories
Parts of the body, rear panels and doors are made from fiber glass reinforced polyester, moulded by hot compression, RAL7032 colour. Same finish for all surfaces.

polyester enclosure - Cubo M

Ensto Cubo M enclosure with plain sides, polyester

polyester enclosure - Cubo M

Aufgrund der vorhandenen Eigenschaften in Konstruktion und Design bieten die MINI-PNT-Gehäuse...

polyester enclosure - IP65 | Cubo X series

Series CUBO X enclosures are an excellent solution...

polyester enclosure - IP66 | MBP series

MBP-Enclosures correspond with the high requirements of the mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, galvanic and petrochemical industry.

Besides good resistance to most solvents and acids, fibre glass reinforced Polyester is inflammable and self-extinguishing.

The enclosures are preferably...

polyester enclosure - IP66

Polyester Standard Enclosures

Material: Polyester
Sealing: Polyurethane
Temperatures: from...

polyester enclosure - IP66

Polyester enclosures

Polyester cabinets and other plastics...

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