linear positioner / XYZ / XY / analog
linear positioner

The XY fibre positioners enable positioning fibres with nanometre precision in X and Y. The variant with fine-thread screws FGS 15 has a pitch of 0.15 mm/rev., the one with micrometres even 0.10 mm/rev. By using these ...

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motorized positioner / linear / 3-axis / line-point-plane base
motorized positioner

Kinematic Magnetic Base Assembly BKA301 offers an efficient platform on which optical components can be mounted. These platforms are removable and exchangeable and are thus very flexible. They offer precise and repeatable placement of ...

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Elliot Scientific
motorized positioner / linear / 1-axis / custom
motorized positioner
ALS50000 series

Payload: 150, 70 kg

Includes air cooling ports for continuous operation Max speed 3 m/s, max acceleration 5 g with 5 kg payload Load capacity 150 kg, moving mass 70 kg Force 8000 N peak, 1400 N continuous 2 m travel, 1.8 m travel ...

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motorized positioner / linear / 1-axis / for lead screw
motorized positioner
XE series

The 404XE ECONOMY SERIES of linear positioners utilize a highly efficient ballscrew drive that enables continuous high performance operations while maintaining cost-efficiency. It is designed with a highly robust aluminum ...

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Parker Electromechanical Division
piezoelectric positioner / linear / vertical / 1-axis
piezoelectric positioner

Payload: 0.01 kg

the smallest stepper positioner for linear, vertical motion The 30-series positioner is the smallest vertical positioner offered by attocube. The ANPz30 provides high resolution z-positioning ...

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attocube systems AG
piezoelectric positioner / rotary / 1-axis / digital
piezoelectric positioner

Description The objective piezo positionner OPP120SM is using the amplified piezo actuator from CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES standard range of actuator and an additional guiding to move vertically and accurately the objective. Available options Strain ...

manual positioner / 1-axis / digital / precision
manual positioner
SMC-II Series

... a Series Growth Stage Positioner (GSP) that is used with Veeco manipulators to provide accurate, repeatable closed-loop motion control of substrate position and rotation using optically encoded position feedback. This ...

manual positioner / linear / 1-axis / worm gear
manual positioner

Use: positioning adjustable with handwheel on one axis with worm screw for frequent adjustments. State of supply 1 column in nickel-plated steel (electrolytic nickel-plating), trapeze screw and lead nut in burnished steel, brass sliding ...

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pneumatic positioner / rotary / multi-axis / for robots
pneumatic positioner

Koike Aronson / Ransome robotic class Welding Positioner features are available for most standard model Welding Positioners. Robotic Welding applications may include use in the Aero Space, Automotive ...

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electromechanical positioner / linear / 1-axis / for robots
electromechanical positioner

Payload: 4 kg

The C-shaped frame positions the robot overhead on a fixed extension arm. This robot position enables a better accessibility to the workpiece and allows welding of bigger workpieces. The C-frame is directly mounted on the floor or a floor-mounted ...

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electric positioner / rotary / 1/2-axis / digital
electric positioner
ZB, JB series

Payload: 34 kg - 450 kg

Benchmaster Welding Positioners & Turning Rolls For bench top welding applications, the Benchmaster line offers a wide choice of system components allowing the creation of cost effective solutions for your welding applications. ...

electropneumatic positioner / pneumatic / 1-axis / digital
electropneumatic positioner
DHC-100 series

The DHC-100 is a high performance digital positioner, providing 450 points of resolution for quarter turn actuators ranging from two seconds to 120 seconds, and is rated for a 25 percent duty cycle, or more. The DHC-100 ...

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Asahi/America, Inc.
electropneumatic positioner / rotary / 2-axis / analog
electropneumatic positioner


hydraulic positioner / 1-axis / digital / hydraulic actuator
hydraulic positioner

MicroPOS 4 is a digital servo unit, suitable for very accurate positioning of two separate electrohydraulic actuators with position transducers. Together with load cells or pressure transducers, microPOS 4 forms a strong unit for accurate ...

motorized positioner / rotary / 1-axis
motorized positioner
RotoSpin A series

Payload: 1,000, 500, 250, 60 kg

... Their advantage is their small dimensions and weight that what enables their using mainly in moving parts of the rotary positioners. RotoSpin A is characterized in a flange shape, which enables its integration directly ...

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motorized positioner / linear / precision
motorized positioner
Macro Press

Macro – the universal tool system Growing customer demands for quicker deliveries and better quality, combined with smaller series sizes and a broader range of products, call for a versatile tool system that offers good profitability. ...

motorized positioner / linear / multi-axis / antenna
motorized positioner

​​​ETS-Lindgren's Model 2175 MiniMast™ Antenna Tower maximizes available space in today's compact chambers, while offering many features found on full-sized ETS-Lindgren antenna towers.

electric positioner / vertical / multi-axis / for robots
electric positioner

Payload: 25,000 kg

The workpiece periphery holds, positions, and moves workpieces. The external axes are fully integrated in the control systems as NC axes and, in addition, feature manual control functionality. External axes may be included in workpiece ...

pan-tilt positioner / electric / 2-axis / digital
pan-tilt positioner

Payload: 15 kg

Outdoor Pan and Tilt Unit for Loads up to 15 kg (33.1 lb) IP66, maximum load of 15 kg (33.1 lb), speed adjustable pan and tilt, aluminum alloy construction

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LonTrend Corporation
pneumatic positioner / rotary / linear / digital
pneumatic positioner

D3 is a Digital positioner where high air delivery capacity is combined with low air consumption. It suits both linear and rotary actuators, single or double acting. Five keys and a large graphic display make D3 simple ...

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manual positioner / linear / 5-axis / analog
manual positioner
5KOM series

Five-Axis Optical Mounts consist of: - Side regulation two-axis kinematic mirror mount with two screws (thread pitch 250 µm (100TPI)) - Two-axis translation stage with 2mm travel range driven by two screws (thread pitch 250 µm (100TPI)) - ...

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hydraulic positioner / hydraulic actuator / smart
hydraulic positioner

Smart Trak is a smart positioner and its controller is used as a positioning system for proportionally-driven hydraulic actuators. Fast stroke and superior resolution allow the unit to be applied on severe service hydraulic ...

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motorized positioner / for robots
motorized positioner
Table Fixe

... complementary equipment: Welding torches, grippers, paint sprayers, etc.; Transfer systems; Column and boom manipulators; Positioners.

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electric positioner / for robots
electric positioner

Payload: 1,200 kg

... manual positioner makes extensive safety precautions superfluous, because the operator himself controls the rotational actions of the positioner. The advantages of this are “short distances”, as the operator ...

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manual positioner / hydraulic / 1-axis
manual positioner

Payload: 150 kg

Material positioners improve workplace ergonomics. They are built entirely of steel, and they are light and mobile thanks to their 4 swivel wheels. Its platform can be adjusted to different heights and tilt angle ranges ...